2014 Bibliography: A Judiciary And Electoral Statement To Read Before The End Of 2013 For A Warning About Justice And Democracy.

The year of The French Cop. Vince Sauvan is my name in the Film. FV PS: a first short film is upcoming as a prequel, BRAMSTOCKER: Legal Gang.



Other Intervision Codes:


The year of the Justice. My Screen Actors Guild actor name is Fred Kelly for this issues that are also French related. FV




Mike Fuller is my nickname in America and in France for Political Science and for the publishing of my art on the web and on the screen, books and newsletters like my EVIDENCE.



Other Intervision Codes:


Frederic Vidal is my Legal Name and my director, producer name for movies and politics when it’s time for elections.





Other Intervision Codes:


To be completed.

1. January.

a. Mike Fuller.


b. Fred Kelly.


c. Frederic Vidal


d. Vincent Sauvan



2. February.

a. Mike Fuller.


b. Fred Kelly.


c. Frederic Vidal


d. Vincent Sauvan



3. March.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


4. April.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


5. May.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


6. June.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


7. July.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


8. August.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


9. September.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


10. October.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


11. November.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan


12. December.

a. Mike Fuller.

b. Fred Kelly.

c. Frederic Vidal

d. Vincent Sauvan




With The New Tom Cruise “Knight And Day” And A Trailer Online Beginning Today, April 15, Fred Vidal PhD Builds Step By Step His Spring House That Begins With Some Great LA Events And More Press Releases About Politics And Career Achievement Of The Founder Of TiMeFrAmEs!

Breaking News (April 16):
Airports Close for Second Day as Ash Spreads Over Europe

A Crisis In The European Sky That Means There Is Something Wrong With The Planet Coordination For Humans and Technology! We Gonna Fix It!! "As a giant plume of volcanic ash continued across the continent, European authorities said flights would not return to normal until Saturday at the earliest." IHT

The Trailer Of My CRUISE, A Tom’s Story:

Knight And Day, Night And Day, Everyday and Even All Day Long, except Sundays and Other Days with No Sun when The Sky Is Looking Like a Knight, My Tom Cruise Is The Right Night Man who Believes In the Universe Even If He is The Best Friend of Mine when I am With Mike Fuller And Fred Kelly Watching One of His Movies, VALKYRIE for instance That is great Piece Of Picture Art! I Begin The Ceremony of the Spring Time with Funny Afternoons in some Theaters of The Los Angeles Bay Area!

TOM CRUISE in Your Theater JUNE 25 And Everyday After!!!

Cameron Is My Corazon And The Cruise will Last forevEr! Tom iS The Producer OF the FilM!

Free Comic Book Day: MAY DAY, The First!


Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books: April 24 and 25!


GATHERING MAGIC, Rise of the Eldrazi release date is April 23!


Mike Fuller, The California Candidate For 2010 (Congress) and 2012 (White House), Is Promoting Nationwide his Great List Of Reforms and Projects To be Realized When He will Be Elected: The List Of The Newspapers who are Receiving His Communiques!









A Good News In The Press Industry:

Gannett (USA Today, Detroit Free Press) profit jumps 51 percent!!!


  • Fundraising Program:
    For The Senate To Have Its Own MIKE!!

    Fuller Calls His Timeframes
    Team Of Actresses and Actors who Support
    Him Everyday On The Internet!

Fred Vidal PhD Begins His FundraisinG PrograM Today By Sending A Message To All His Friends On His Popular Blog For A Financial Support In Order To Get An AMTRAK Ticket To DC (humor!) For The Next Senate Year As The California Elected Member!! Rachel McAdams, Yvonne Strahovsky, Kate Cassidy and so many other great Actresses and actors will be invited to participate in the Big Budget with a few money and a lot of ideas in order to win in November (and first in June, and every Month!!) and to offer a New Job to Barbara Boxer, the present Senator: to prepare 2012 With Us, For a Republican to be The Next President: The Open MIKE!!!

  • Fred Kelly (aka Mike & Fred) Recommends:
    (friends, partners, contacts VIP and Strategy)

KICK-ASS, The Movie To Prepare The Future Of ComicS!!
A John Romita Jr. Masterpiece that makes the new rules of the Comic Code A Game for Teenagers who Believe in Strong Action and Cool Comments!

DRAGON, My Hero, Already Billionaire, Like my Best Friends who Prepare the Future with This Great Monster of The Screen who Believes In Entertainment In 3D!!

A Film and Video Production and Post Company and Burbank Selected By Timeframes LLC to work on the AD-FILM “Drugs Mean Death!”
2817 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank

A Company For Sign & Graphic Solutions Made Simple:
Dustin Eshelbrenner, Owner
11404 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

Western Regional Office In San Francisco
www.tpl.org SUPPORTING THE PEAK!!!

Thanks To My Action With The Formula One Pilot Nelson Piquet Jr., The Population Has 15 more days to find Enough Money to Get The Cahuenga Peak and Prevent The Brokers To Build Houses There, Before The Proposed Relocation of The HollywooD Sign In Nevada for A Cultural Mount Lee And Cahuenga Peak, for nature, animals and Arts! Christo, the Contemporary Artist is invited to think About it! A Project of LARRY KING LIVE about The Sign/Peak Issue is Scheduled Next Week!  
Exclusive Affiliate of CHRISTIE’S GREAT ESTATES,
Call Rebecca Ross, Director-Corporate Estates

Mike Fuller Is Preparing for The Goethe Institu a Conference about WW2 and The Financial Results Of The War regarding The War and The Jewish Assets stolen By The Nazis!!

In Studio City, the Location that proposes the Best Thai SPA Massage, and a lot of other services for the People of The TV/Film Casts and Crews!

11440 Ventura Blvd.. Studio City, CA 91604
My Bank That Is The Bank of every Musician, Producer, Director Member of Their Guild!!

SUBWAY Restaurant, A Store That Gives You The Best Sandwiches in Town!

99 Cents only, A Supermarket That Is My Great Location to find Inspiration On Sunset When I have The time To share My Ideas with other Consumers!

My Bank and I like it with the musicians, the producers and directors of the Guilds that propose you to be a member of this great Credit Union!

U.S. BANK! The Bank Of Timeframes LLC, it is the Bank That is more U.S. than anything else On Earth and abroad!

2, The second IRON MAN Movie, I am a part of it and I don’t regret that time, When I was An actor!!

Gwyneth, I will Never Forget that Summer 2009 When I Met you On A Set With Tony Stark!!” Mike Fuller, PhD

GCT VIVA Cell phone services!

MetroPCS provides the freedom to enjoy flexible wireless calling with no signed contracts and truly unlimited local and long-distance service.

UNITED FREE WORLDS, A DDP Publishing! A FANTASY PRONE ProductioN!! www.fantasyprone.com
This fantastic Comic Is Mad By Blake Leibel, Patrick Blaine and Steve Skroce

The Director Of KnIgHt AnD DaY: James Mangold!

James Mangold, My Friend in Another Galaxy, On TiMeFraMeS, In a Continuum Of Fidelity For The Talent And The Pleasure To Work Online On Myspace In A Dream Of Reality And Ice broken By The Fact WE ARE ONE if We Think Twice, this is something I Can Do When I'm Happy! And I am.

Cameron Diaz,
(song of mine from 2000)!

Jean-Francois Pinton, A French Researcher In Physics!
Fred Vidal PhD is preparing a Research Program Mixing Political Science And Physics About:
with UCLA and Pepperdine University!!

On MY NEW AMERICA! On MySpace And Youtube, Mike Fuller Is Developing His PrograM ActioN For June/November For A State Of California No More Managed By Democrats Of The Congress aND a Pro-George W Bush Attitude And Fidelity:


Fred Vidal Is Beginning A Communication Campaign Against The Defamation Buzz Diffused In The Music And Movie Industries That He Is Facing Or Considering Bankruptcy Or Have Been Made Bankrupt! He Accuses The Democratic Party And The Republicans Who Are Against His Political Career!

Bankruptcy:  it is a strange word and a good rule for the people who are with or without their company obliged to stop fighting the crisis because they have not enough to pay their debts. MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The City Of Los Angeles, Are Preparing a Possible Bankruptcy. What about NBC-Universal, Warner Bros., Disney-Buena Vista?

Let’s hope that the New Decade will never stop our Dreams and Businesses And Now it’s time to Prepare the Business Plan Of TIMEFRAMES, a better name than the old one Hollywood, that is a dangerous one because connected to a Boulevard that means nothing anymore.

There is a bad buzz in town and some people criticize others saying that they are bankrupted! This is not a good thing for the future of the Show Business as everybody is having troubles and Competition does not mean defamation.

Let’s be careful about what we hear and read and let’s prevent the liars to lie whent the Truth is Obvious: Optimism and Professionalism are The 2 Keywords Of The Work Of Fred Vidal, PhD who Begins the Year with The Preparation Of A Budget for the Decade and No Debts to be Unpaid. The Banks Are The Best Friends Of Smart Business Men and Clever Citizens!! This is The Deal That makes Sense!

Welcome To The Republicans And The Democrats That Follow Our Work and Bye, Bye To The Ones Who Diffuse Wrong News About Us: Try to Find A Job In Another Industry To Help Not To Destroy the Solidarity We Need In America to be successful together!

As An Immigrant, I was not born in America and it is the reason why you don’t respect my U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles by refusing my screenplays and my acting work!

For my new Country,  as a leader of the Republican Party that refuses until now to support my action for reforms, I propose a nationwide University of Citizenship, a program of 2 years after the naturalization in order to prepare the new citizens to make their rights respected!

If the immigrants are refused by the population as real partners, it is because there is a nationality segregation (if you are not born on location, you are excluded) like the racial one organized by individuals and groups that don’t respect the rules and want the crisis as the background of their success against newcomers.

The Constitution is wrong to prevent the immigrants to be candidates to the Presidential Election and I  will write to the President of The Supreme Court, The Judge John G.  Roberts, to tell him that it is the reason why we are harassed by insiders of the destablization in order to make us believe WE ARE NOT AMERICANS! I Am, And I Will Be Candidate In 2012 As I Am Sure The Congress Will Vote Before The Amendment That We Need To Make The United States Respected Worlwide And Coast To Coast!

Mike Fuller, March 30, 2010″

Tom Cruise Must Stop His Membership To The Church Of Scientology That Is A Dangerous Sect!

An article By Mike Fuller ASAP!

On Twitter http://twitter.com/fredvidal

Mike Fuller Accuses Hollywood Of Social & Cultural PORNOGRAPHY Organized By The Movie/TV Industry Majors To Prevent Us To Stop The Crisis!!

Scientology = Mental And Probably Sometimes Physical Kidnapping (according to families victims). Mike Fuller Dedicates His Week To Fight It!

Anti-Decadence In The US: The Movie/TV Actors Are Diffusing With The Scientology A System Of Government Against Democracy And Egalitarism!!

Scientology Organizes Fake Couples, Harass Actresses, Screenwriters & Producers! George Clooney, US Star #1 Is Doing Nothing Against That!

TIMEFRAMES historicity: John Travolta Succeeded To Diffuse In LA The Dangerous Ideology Of The Sect That Stopped The Career Of Tom Cruise!!

Scientology: Mike Fuller Accuses The Sect To Be The Headquarters Of Hollywood With Members Like Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Matt Damon!!

On Twitter (Monday, December 14): http://twitter.com/fredvidal

Management: Fred VIDAL Confirms That He Is Candidate For The Republican Party PRIMARIES, Against JeB BUSH In 2011, 4 Presidential 2012!!

Management: Fred VIDAL Won’t Support SARAH PALIN, If Not Candidate, Due To The Rule: If Not Born In The U.S., Not Able To Be U.S. PRESIDENT!

Fred VIDAL Will SinG for the first time live SILLY tonight, December 14, 2009, At The O’Brien’s Irish Pub, In SaNtA MoNiCa. The SonG Live Dedication: MEGAN FOX!

InDiAn SuMmEr TOUR: O’Brien’s Irish Pub, 2941 Main St, Santa Monica, 9PM! Fred VIDAL LIVE Open Mic With FOR YOU! & SILLY (AscaP)! ToNiGhT!

TIMEFRAMES: New Technologies / WEB TELEVISION, INTERACTIVE TV, INTERNET MEDIA, A Tech-Boom Is UpcominG For CoMmUnIcAtiOn In The USA! 2010!!

TIMEFRAMES: Internet 2000’s = Over, A Memory, Obsolete, Bye Bye! 2010’s Begin With A TechnologY RevolutioN UPCOMING, UpCoMiNg: The New Media

Fred Vidal Management: Not Anymore PRODUCER, FV Is Now PROMOTER Of His ScreenPlays/Movie Projects For The DEVELOPMENT Of Them In HoLlYwOoD!!


On WordPress: 2010’s Means INTERNET TV By Satellite And Cable Replacing TV!! Technologies: According To TIMEFRAMES, A Revolution Is Scheduled For Next Year In The Movie Industry And The Audiovisual  In The United States And Worldwide!

It will be something new, something specially new, THE WEB TV with The DVD and For the First Time The INTERNET To be A part Of The Mass Media Market. The Web Was Until Now A Way to Communicate Emails and To Share Community Sites, Only with The Pleiades of Commercial Sites Including The best Search Engines And Bank Guichets.

There was not enough Synergies Between Sites And Life, Mass MEDIA And REALITY, Reality Meaning  The INTERNET!

Megan FOX, A HOLLYWOOD Beauty Who Represents Perfectly For TIMEFRAMES The Upcoming Generation Of The Mass Products That Will Replace Our Televisions And Regular Theaters In The Next TEN Years.

 The MASS MEDIA Refused Until Now The WEB (internet), Harassing To Some Extend This Culture And This Part of Our Communication In The United States And Worldwide, By Refusing To Open Their Doors To The Leaders Of This Community That Represents The Future Of Our Country.

Why? They didn’t Understand That We Cannot Build The XXIst Century If We Don’t accept Definitely The New Technologies, And First The INTERACTIVE TELEVISION That We Have To Comnmercialize In 2010 And Later, A Mix of TV And Web Features. It Can Be Done Now If Majors And Others Planify The NEW STEP Permanently.

The DVD Market And The Comeback Of The VHS Format Will Create The NEW STEP Of The HOME Entertainment In The United States. The Theaters Are A Place Of Debate After and Before The Screening Of The TIMEFRAMES Generation. The TIMEFRAMES Universe Of Corporate Development Is A PATRIOTIC One With A Feature Film Industry That Will Make:

-  The United States Prevails In Afghanistan, Erasing The Terrorism And The Talibans Definitely, And

- The American Economy Wins Worldwide, Thanks To The Movie Industry, The TV Satellite And Cable Network And The New Technologies Of Communication With, First, The Interactive Television, Mixing Internet And Interactity On Large Flat Screens connected To The Cinema And The Video Programs That The Television Companies Will Diffuse As The Channels of The Future, Today, Everyday and Forever Beginning Soon, If THEY ACCEPT To stop to stop The Progress as They are Too much Conservative and In a Waiting Game. The Japanese & American Technology is Ready And The US Industry Too: We Can Make It!! It’s A Revolution, It happens everytime Our Civilization Is Ready to Build A Better World with More Success For Everybody. Before It was For the mass diffusion Of The Radio, Then The Television, Now The INTERNET TV, The WEB TELEVISION!!!

My Upcoming Wedding With Blake Lively, I Want It Free! It's Not A Commercial Project, It is A Private One, A Symbol Of The 2010's: NO MORE FAKE COUPLES In Hollywood, Thanks To TIMEFRAMES And The Nation! 2010 Will Be The Year Of LovE On EartH And I Will Call My Program Manager To Schedule It In 2010! Programmation Work: Next Week, Before Xmas And Just After It Will Be The Celebration Of The New Year In Los Angeles, California And In Las Vegas With My Entourage To Prepare The Rock'n Roll Of The Future!

My Upcoming Wedding With Blake Lively, I Want It Free! It’s Not A Commercial Project, It is A Private One, A Symbol Of The 2010’s: NO MORE FAKE COUPLES In Hollywood, Thanks To TIMEFRAMES And The Nation! 2010 Will Be The Year Of LovE On EartH And I Will Call My Program Manager To Schedule It In 2010! Programmation Work: Next Week, Before Xmas And Just After It Will Be The Celebration Of The New Year In Los Angeles, California And In Las Vegas With My Entourage To Prepare The Rock’n Roll Of The Future!


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