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Presidential Election 2012: Mike Fuller Proposes A Ticket With Bill Gates To Wake Up The WeB And The Country! Are The Republicans Ready??

Web Candidacy: Mike Fuller Proposes To Bill Gates To Be The Next Vice-President Of The United States Of America!

Tickets Organized A The Last Minute Are Wrong Ones, We Saw That For The McCAin-Palin One. It is the reason why Mike Fuller, A Republican Candidate Who Prepares Everything A Lot Before The Election Of 2012 Is Proposing You A Dream Ticket: VIDAL – GATES, 2 Stars Of The Internet And The Computer World!

Bill Gates In 1983, A Young Entrepreneur Looking Like A Young Star And Computer Visionary Guru With The Music Of The Internet Already In Mind To Prepare The Future With The Talent Of A Business Man! Now Mike Fuller Proposes Him The White House In 2012 And A Participation In TIMEFRAMES LLC, First!


TIMEFRAMES LLC Is Organizing A Cycle Of Business Surprise Parties In Its Headquarters In LA, “No Men Allowed”, As Men Are The Cause Of The Crisis In Hollywood And Must Live The City To Work and Not Ntework Anymore Against The Film Industry In The United States!

This Sign Is A Classic Logo For People Who Don't Want Problems: Men In The Entertainment Industry Are Unable To Organize Their Business Without Harassing Women, Acccording To The Victims! TIMEFRAMES LLC Parties And Sets Are Women Only!

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VeLvEt EyEs BACK On FV BLOG Tomorrow SundaY, January 3, 2010!! It Will Be The HappY NeW YeaR Episode Of The Novelism SHOW In PraguE, 1930!


BlakE And FreD, A RealitY ShoW To Be Produced By MODERNSCOPE INC, Mike Fuller Corporation, If Fred And Blake Say YeS To The Priest!

Tomorrow Sunday On The Newspaper, Mike Fuller Main Address On The WeB Television http://fredvidal.wordpress.com!

MODERNSCOPE INC Is A Corporation created in 2006 By Mike and Some Franchising and Licensing Projects. TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Distribute The DVDs Of The TV Reality Show B & F Worldwide If This Project Finds A Cable TV Channel For Diffusion, Live And Recorded!

Blake And Fred Is Inspired By Fred Vidal Aka Mike Fuller Main Site On Myspace, Its History And the TOP TWO Of The Profile Page!!


Blake Lively: BLAKE, Our Next First Lady, Obviously!

Fred Vidal: FRED, Now More Known As Mike Fuller, Candidate For The 2012 Presidential Election: A WinneR And A LeadeR!

The Local 47 (AFM) Is A Living History Of The Musicians In Los Angeles And The Headquarters Of Fred Vidal For His Record Deal Preparation!

A Great Organization In a Great Country:
The United States’ American Federation Of Musicians!

History Of The Most Famous Union Local, The47!!
ed Vidal Is  Memberince 2003!



1870: National Association of Musicians, the first musicians’ organization, was founded. The Association lasted about four or five years and left no printed records.

May 1886: National League of Musicians of the United States was organized by delegates from New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee and Detroit. The League grew to about 100 locals but was against affiliating with the general labor movement. Conventions of the League defeated every proposition to affiliate-the last defeat took place in May of 1896.

1888: The Musical Protective Association, the first musicians’ union in Los Angeles, was formed. It lived until 1890, then died of apathy.

October 19, 1896: Members of the National League of Musicians who wanted to affiliate with the general labor movement, acting with advice and assistance of the late Samuel Gompers, called a convention of their own to organize the American Federation of Musicians, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor. Many locals in the unaffiliated League applied for charters in the Federation. The League tried to bar Federation supporters from their convention, but the Federation obtained an injunction against their actions. From that moment on, the Federation grew in size and power and soon completely controlled the music business.

March 15,1897: Local 47’s charter and affiliation was approved by the American Federation of Musicians. In 1900, its name was changed to Musicians Mutual Protective Association. In May of 1962, the name was changed to Musicians’ Union Local 47. In July of 1995, the name was changed to the present Professional Musicians, Local 47. 1904: The union set the first wage scales (minimum prices) for orchestras traveling with comic operas, musical comedies and similar shows and attractions.

1907: On behalf of composers and the AFM, operetta composer Victor Herbert appeared before the US Congress in support of copyright reforms.

1913: The AFM and the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) signed an agreement to support each other during controversies in theaters.

1918: The AFM waged a campaign to prevent passage of the 18th Amendment, also known as the “Prohibition Amendment.” To support the war effort, Congress adopted a 20% “Cabaret Tax” on admissions to various entertainment establishments. Both Prohibition and the Cabaret Tax decreased employment for musicians.

1919: The AFM worked to change immigration rules for musicians. It was successful in arranging easier access for musicians traveling between the US and Canada, while curtailing unregulated admission to the US of foreign musicians working for poor wages.

1922: The AFM publicized its opposition to child labor.

1927: The first “talkie,” The Jazz Singer,was released, displacing orchestras in movie theaters. The AFM had its first encounter with wholesale unemployment brought about by technology. Within three years, 22,000 theater jobs for musicians who accompanied silent movies were lost, while only a few hundred jobs for musicians performing on soundtracks were created by the new technology.

1928: While continuing to protest the loss of jobs due to the use of “canned music”with motion pictures, the AFM set minimum wage scales for Vitaphone, Moviephone and phonograph record work. Because synchronizing music with pictures for the movies was particularly difficult, the AFM was able to set high prices for this work.

1930: Still working to save the jobs of musicians who played music for silent movies, the union established the Music Defense League to gain public support for its fight against “canned music” in movie theaters.

1940: James Petrillo was elected AFM President. He was to become a famous and pivotal figure in the union’s development. Petrillo struggled to find ways to compensate the thousands of musicians who continued to lose work because of recording. As a result of his efforts, the AFM and the recording companies agreed to create the Recording and Transcription Funds (now called the Music Performance Fund) which continues today to promote music appreciation and music education through sponsorship of free public performances throughout the U.S. and Canada.

1940s – 1960s: During this “Golden Era” of Hollywood, Local 47 musicians could be found playing at legendary venues all over Los Angeles. Read more about the history of live music and Local 47 here.

Patrick Zelnik, President Of Naive, The French Music Label Of Carla Bruni, The First Lady Of Nicolas Sarkosy, Is A Great Specialist Of The Music Industry Who Will Inspire Fred Vidal For His Development Of A Los Angeles Strategy Regarding Records And Repertoires Opportunities!

January 21, 1950: Local 47 celebrated moving to its current location at 817 Vine Street in Hollywood. The Dedication Day featured many celebrity guests (including the late Honorary member Bob Hope), the then-administration of Local 47, and countless musicians performing all over the building throughout the day. The event was broadcast over international airwaves. (See the Dedication Day program)

1951: The Lester Petrillo Fund for Disabled Musicians was created by President James Petrillo in memory of his late son.

April 1, 1953: The previously segregated unions Locals 47 and 767 consolidated.

1959: Through negotiations with the record industry, the first AFM pension (AFM Employers Pension Welfare Fund) was established.

1961: TEMPO was established as the union’s political action committee.

1969: The AFM recognized the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Mucisians (ICSOM) as an organization representing orchestral musicians within the union.

1975: The AFM recognized the Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians (OCSM) as an organization representing orchestral musicians within the union.

1982: The AFM recognized the International Recording Musicians Association (RMA) as an organization representing recording musicians within the union.

1984: The AFM recognized the Regional Orchestra Players Association (ROPA) as an organization representing orchestral musicians within the union.

On Twitter (Monday, December 14): http://twitter.com/fredvidal

Management: Fred VIDAL Confirms That He Is Candidate For The Republican Party PRIMARIES, Against JeB BUSH In 2011, 4 Presidential 2012!!

Management: Fred VIDAL Won’t Support SARAH PALIN, If Not Candidate, Due To The Rule: If Not Born In The U.S., Not Able To Be U.S. PRESIDENT!

Fred VIDAL Will SinG for the first time live SILLY tonight, December 14, 2009, At The O’Brien’s Irish Pub, In SaNtA MoNiCa. The SonG Live Dedication: MEGAN FOX!

InDiAn SuMmEr TOUR: O’Brien’s Irish Pub, 2941 Main St, Santa Monica, 9PM! Fred VIDAL LIVE Open Mic With FOR YOU! & SILLY (AscaP)! ToNiGhT!

TIMEFRAMES: New Technologies / WEB TELEVISION, INTERACTIVE TV, INTERNET MEDIA, A Tech-Boom Is UpcominG For CoMmUnIcAtiOn In The USA! 2010!!

TIMEFRAMES: Internet 2000’s = Over, A Memory, Obsolete, Bye Bye! 2010’s Begin With A TechnologY RevolutioN UPCOMING, UpCoMiNg: The New Media

Fred Vidal Management: Not Anymore PRODUCER, FV Is Now PROMOTER Of His ScreenPlays/Movie Projects For The DEVELOPMENT Of Them In HoLlYwOoD!!


On WordPress: 2010’s Means INTERNET TV By Satellite And Cable Replacing TV!! Technologies: According To TIMEFRAMES, A Revolution Is Scheduled For Next Year In The Movie Industry And The Audiovisual  In The United States And Worldwide!

It will be something new, something specially new, THE WEB TV with The DVD and For the First Time The INTERNET To be A part Of The Mass Media Market. The Web Was Until Now A Way to Communicate Emails and To Share Community Sites, Only with The Pleiades of Commercial Sites Including The best Search Engines And Bank Guichets.

There was not enough Synergies Between Sites And Life, Mass MEDIA And REALITY, Reality Meaning  The INTERNET!

Megan FOX, A HOLLYWOOD Beauty Who Represents Perfectly For TIMEFRAMES The Upcoming Generation Of The Mass Products That Will Replace Our Televisions And Regular Theaters In The Next TEN Years.

 The MASS MEDIA Refused Until Now The WEB (internet), Harassing To Some Extend This Culture And This Part of Our Communication In The United States And Worldwide, By Refusing To Open Their Doors To The Leaders Of This Community That Represents The Future Of Our Country.

Why? They didn’t Understand That We Cannot Build The XXIst Century If We Don’t accept Definitely The New Technologies, And First The INTERACTIVE TELEVISION That We Have To Comnmercialize In 2010 And Later, A Mix of TV And Web Features. It Can Be Done Now If Majors And Others Planify The NEW STEP Permanently.

The DVD Market And The Comeback Of The VHS Format Will Create The NEW STEP Of The HOME Entertainment In The United States. The Theaters Are A Place Of Debate After and Before The Screening Of The TIMEFRAMES Generation. The TIMEFRAMES Universe Of Corporate Development Is A PATRIOTIC One With A Feature Film Industry That Will Make:

-  The United States Prevails In Afghanistan, Erasing The Terrorism And The Talibans Definitely, And

- The American Economy Wins Worldwide, Thanks To The Movie Industry, The TV Satellite And Cable Network And The New Technologies Of Communication With, First, The Interactive Television, Mixing Internet And Interactity On Large Flat Screens connected To The Cinema And The Video Programs That The Television Companies Will Diffuse As The Channels of The Future, Today, Everyday and Forever Beginning Soon, If THEY ACCEPT To stop to stop The Progress as They are Too much Conservative and In a Waiting Game. The Japanese & American Technology is Ready And The US Industry Too: We Can Make It!! It’s A Revolution, It happens everytime Our Civilization Is Ready to Build A Better World with More Success For Everybody. Before It was For the mass diffusion Of The Radio, Then The Television, Now The INTERNET TV, The WEB TELEVISION!!!

My Upcoming Wedding With Blake Lively, I Want It Free! It's Not A Commercial Project, It is A Private One, A Symbol Of The 2010's: NO MORE FAKE COUPLES In Hollywood, Thanks To TIMEFRAMES And The Nation! 2010 Will Be The Year Of LovE On EartH And I Will Call My Program Manager To Schedule It In 2010! Programmation Work: Next Week, Before Xmas And Just After It Will Be The Celebration Of The New Year In Los Angeles, California And In Las Vegas With My Entourage To Prepare The Rock'n Roll Of The Future!

My Upcoming Wedding With Blake Lively, I Want It Free! It’s Not A Commercial Project, It is A Private One, A Symbol Of The 2010’s: NO MORE FAKE COUPLES In Hollywood, Thanks To TIMEFRAMES And The Nation! 2010 Will Be The Year Of LovE On EartH And I Will Call My Program Manager To Schedule It In 2010! Programmation Work: Next Week, Before Xmas And Just After It Will Be The Celebration Of The New Year In Los Angeles, California And In Las Vegas With My Entourage To Prepare The Rock’n Roll Of The Future!

Extraordinary Meeting Of TIMEFRAMES Live On Twitter Decides Relaunch VHS-VCR, Before The Release Of The Music DVD Of Fred Vidal,PhD, Upcoming This Week!
While Fred VIDAL, Writer and Human Being, Continues the Development of The Song B.L.A.K.E., B.L.A.K.E. Like Blake Lively, His Music Muse, Thanks to first Contact Myspace Last Summer or End Of Spring (www.myspace.com/fredvidal).

MIKE FULLER (FV) Wrote A Text-Message
As An Introduction To The SonG:

What Is extraordinary With BLAKE LIVELY, It’s The Magic in her Eyes, It inspired me VELVET EYES because She smiles With a beauty Inside and, At the same Time, Outside, to the World and To Us, Meaning a Message of Sollicitude, They say in another language, To explain that A person exists not only for herself But for The community. For an Actress It is not traditional but not unique too, But for BLAKE, It Is Unique As she’s an Angel In our Story, In a Lifetime. Frankly writing, I can think and Say A lot More and It’s what I’m Do-ing!! Thanks!


BLAKE LIVELY, Star Of Our Times, Here To Stay With Us, Not Only On This Blog, Because I Want It, Personal CHOICE!! FV


As a Singer-Guitarist With my other Name, I will Express Also Better What I feel when I hear Her Name, basically, or When I see Her On TV: Myth or Reality, Dream or Lucidity, Time or Space Itinerary! Good beginning For a First verse, by The way, as I never Did before, BLAKE, I Like This first Name, a lot, without Exception, No more!

And I would Like to Express my Gratitude to  The Web For the Coherence That it Gives me with So many of You, readers who Appreciate my Franchise-Frankness, my System of Live work and my Passion for An Artist.”

Mike Fuller, PhD
(November 22, before ThanksgivinG 2009)

Great Text!

As President Of TIMEFRAMES, The THINK SMART-ACT WELL (motto) Club Of Hollywood, since Friday Located In BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Fred VIDAL Informs 1,650 Followers On TWITTER: This Is The Program! As Follow:



- TABLOIDS BOYCOTT After Scancal DISINFORMATION about STAR Tom CRUISE, and Deontology Issue  Violations!!
It is What The THINK SMART Hollywood Club Ask Because We Need Good RULES of GFair Communication In America,

- RELAUNCH Of The VHS Format To Develop This Niche In The Entertainment Industry, With the HARDWARE VCR!
A Meeting  Ceremony In NEW YORK, scheduled For Wall Street, in Order To Introduce The Business Club Show Business, Managed By Fred  VIDAL, PhD.

Exclusivity For WordPress:
TIMEFRAMES Just Released That ITS FIRST VHS Edition Will Be A FASHION INDUSTRY Content With A Selection Of Mode Defiles. Model KATE MOSS, Friend On FaceBook Of Frederic VIDAL Will be Contacted For Support!

Kate MOSS, Great Friend Of Mike FULLER (Fred VIDAL, PhD) On FACEBOOK Will Be Contacted By TIMEFRAMES For The Project FASHION-VHS/MODELS-VCR As A New York Coordination Biz Relationship. Pic: Kate Moss modelling clothes from her collection for Topshop.

The SIngle SILLY In a Revolutionary FormaT: The DVD (with 3 Bonus Tracks) Will HIT The Record Companies In Los Angeles And New York This Week, A Free Distribution In LA Will Boost The Massive FRED VIDAL Open Mic Tour, Nicknamed INDIAN SUMMER , In Progress, Monday At CAFE MUSE (nice name), In HOLLYWOOD Now Clubbing With TIMEFRAMES!


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