Mike Fuller Gives His Feedback Regarding The Midterm Election!

I don’t want to do too much Politics now because it is a drug that can be dangerous when you are overdosing. I am just a regular fellow, a good citizen fighting for the future of my life and my Country, a great and nice one that everybody knows on Earth because it is the symbol of freedom and friendship: the United States! It’s located in America as we needed a new location in an old continent we didn’t know before Christopher Columbus discovered it. Then so many immigrants arrived to organize towns and cities from the South to the North of This land named by a lot of us: THE LAND OF THE FREE!

The United States MIDTERM ELECTION Is November 2, 2010!!!!


Christopher Columbus Is Probably better Know As Mr. AMERICA, The One who Gave An Ambition and an Identity To our Continent, a 2-Parts one, a Huge and Utopic Part of EARTH that Gives a Senses to The word-concepts LIBERTY And FREEDOM, Then Equality Came!


FOR CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS is The title of my Program for the US Senate 2010. Before to be candidate for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012, I want to Meet the Citizens of Our Country, Here in California in Order to share the Basics of my Strategy for a NEW AMERICA! Patriots We are And Patriots We’ll Stay But It’s Not enough: it’s time to go forward and to imagine the new World we Need, a HIGH-TECH One, A Democracy Universe With more JOBS, CASH, CARS For Everybody, Really Everybody, Even You, My Friend!! This Is The Rule, Once Elected, I will Propose To the Congress a PROJECT FOR THE FEDERATION!! In January 2011

Fred Vidal, PhD also know and loved as PHD

August 16, 2010

French Cop Franchise: It’s About A Nuclear War Against Russia And The Development Of Intelligence By The United States!

The French Cop franchise is now online in French with other Articles by Don McKenzie better known as PhD, our Mike Fuller on:


Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky is The Man who can make us understand better Super Heroes characters and franchises, including The German Spy and Other Mike Fuller’s creations: It’s written and this article is a Homage To the Author of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT!


Nagasaki Was The End Of World War 2! If Russia Prevents Us To Finish World War 3, We Can Use The Atomic Bomb Again To Stop The War Process Worldwide And Begin World War 4 against Military Process In Progress in Foreign Countries! This Is The New Masterpiece Of Mike Fuller Novelism For A Comic Franchise Inspired By Tolstoy and Dostoievski!

Nagasaki Was The End Of World War 2! If Russia Prevents Us To Finish World War 3, We Can Use The Atomic Bomb Again To Stop The War Process Worldwide And Begin World War 4 against Military Process In Progress in Foreign Countries! This Is The New Masterpiece Of Mike Fuller Novelism For A Comic Franchise Inspired By Tolstoy and Dostoievski!

WAR and PEACE, A Novel That Gives The Direction For A Multi-Franchise Offensive Of The Space Time War and Anti-Crime Counter-Terrorist Sci Fi Universe Of The FRENCH COP (a Mike Fuller creation in 2006)


Tolstoy, The Great Master Of Mike Fuller! War and Peace is famously long for a novel (though not the longest by any means). It is subdivided into four books or volumes, each with subparts containing many chapters.

The Story of the new Saga for comics conceived by Mike Fuller is about the French Cop universe characters in an environment of COLD WAR 2 and the Post-CIA era Replace by DARKPOL And DARKPOL SPACETIME in 2013!


Mike Fuller message in ‘War And Peace By The USA’, The New Saga Built With The Beginning Of F-Cop: AfTeRmAtH on this Blog this Year Is:
To Make A Planet Of Love, A Super Nova Of Happiness,  STEP BY STEP
, As We Can Do It Without Weapons!
So Far So Good! If we need to use the Nuclear Weapons again, it will be the Last Time, like In The ROLLING STONES Song, To Stop definitiley the HATE Of The Enemies Of The United States: They Want An Earth Of Blood!

WAR AND PEACE: Read It Like The Bible, When There Is A Risk A New Hiroshima Like Today, 2 days before INDEPENDENCE DAY! No More American Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan!

WAR AND PEACE: Read It Like The Bible, When There Is A Risk A New Hiroshima Like Today, 2 days before INDEPENDENCE DAY! No More American Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan!


The French Cop Franchise Comeback Will Succeed This Summer with A Reason that makes a lot of sense For Investors and Fans: THE FINAL PRODUCTION STEP OF THE FEATURE FILM : T H E  F R E N C H   C O P after a 4 years process of development, pre-production and production preparation that is a monumental work not understood well enough by Timeframes, the real name of the horrible name Hollywood the first years of the Story Writing! The LLC’s change of name, from FRENCH COP To TIMEFRAMES, by The Multi-Aka Master of The Game In The Movie Industry, alias Mike, was the Beginning This Year of The Business Counter-Attack Of The Most attractive Characters well-Known to Be A Source Of Merchandising and Licensing in the United States and Worldwide!

According To Wikipedia And Me, Dostoyevsky's literary output explores human psychology in the troubled political, social and spiritual context of 19th-century Russian society. Considered by many as a founder or precursor of 20th-century existentialism, He Is The Best Adviser Of Mike Fuller who Prefers His 1866 Masterpiece: Prestuplenie i nakazanie (Преступление и наказание); English translation: Crime and Punishment! Like War And Peace, War And Punishment Is Abouit Black And White, Sadness And Angriness, Woman And Men, Fight And Rest, Something Else and Better!

THE UNITED NATIONS Attacked by Fuller-Vidal Regarding The Sabotage Of The FRENCH COP Saga And Other Comic Franchises: It’s On WordPress!!!

  • Explanations:
    Velvet Eyes, Thomas Spears, Vince and Patricia Sauvan, The F-Cop
    Are Characters that did not succeed until now because of the United Nations Strategy against Fred Vidal, PhD doing business and Politics as Mike Fuller according to lawyers close top the singer-actor-screenwriter and producer who prepare a File against the Intermnational organization accused to block and prevent diffusion and international commercialization of comic books worldwide and their exportation in the Movie Industry!

Next step: Anna Karenina, 2nd masterpiece of Leo to understand the franchise of a young man who will be one day THE FRENCH COP… And founder Of Darkpol!

BREAKING NEWS (10:10pm pt):

Fred VIDAL Began Lyrics Development For Song BLAKE. B.L.A.K.E. Means (But not Only), According To Him And The Song: 
Business Like As (Usual) KARATE Email.
(registered ASCAP)
We Just Checked Here!! KARATE!

Here, It’s On TWITTER FV!

BREAKING NEWS (Saturday, Nov 21, 5:28pm):


1) Fred Vidal Intervention To THE YOUNG REPUBLICANS Possibly Inviting Them (confirmed Official) To Follow And Support President Of The United States Barack OBAMA For the NEW STEP, before Preparation 2012 Election (On Youtube MY NEW AMERICA soon, On This Blog Tomorrow Morning!)

2) Fred VIDAL Asks Brand NIKE For SPONSORING Short Film “On Stage: FV” (Fred VIDAL In Concert In LA) After One Great Week Of Acting Work With Them Last Summer For A Commercial (on The Blog Tomorrow Too)

While NEW MOON Realizes A Triumph In Theaters, Fred Vidal Thinks About A New Generation In Hollywood, Symbolized By The TV-Show GOSSIP GIRL, New Moon, His FRENCH COP Movie Project And More In Progress On Location!

One Day To Think About Future And Prosperity! For The release of The NEW MOON Movie, Fred Vidal, PhD Is Brainstorming On Twitter, http://twitter.com/fredvidal
His Debate that is Very Interesting And Top, Of His Alias Name Mike FULLER, Quality! It’s About FRENCH COP and NEW MOON But Also GOSSIP GIRL, The New Favorite Show Of The author of This BLOG!

Basically, There Is a New Generation In HOLLYWOOD, including Fred And The Cast Of the 2 Movies (if GOSSIP GIRL Is a TV-Show, it has a FEATURE FILM Quality). This Article Will be Developed during Today’s Saturday BUT Also tomorrow Before a MESSAGE Of Frederic to The YOUNG REPUBLICANS In AMERICA, as he’s back in Politics For this End of year And decade!

Godspeed To Him and To You, Before The HOLIDAY SEASON Beginning For THANKSGIVING, Next week!!

Pic: Is KRISTEN STEWART A Punk ROCKER? It Looks Like It’s true on This picture With a T-Shirt By THE CLASH, The LOndon Punk band of The 70’s!! Fred Vidal, Frontman, Will Invite Her To A BRAMSTOCKER Show 2010, Hoping She Will Adore Their Song-Single For Discotheques:

Kristen Stewart, A New Talent, That Fred would Have met On A Set in 2003 (Twitter) But Maybe It was Somebody Else, For sure The Revelation Of The NEW MOON!! In FRENCH COP Movie Saga, One Day??


COME AS YOU ARE Sings Fred VIDAL with The LYRICS Of Lost Rock Hero Kurt COBAIN, To Invite Everybody, But Especially you, To The Next Party In Town: The 2010’s in HOLLYWOOD, California!

For You!

Everyday when you wake up,
see: I wake up just before you,
to prepare a great breakfast
for me and for you.

you’re somebody who represents so much for me,
you’re my sweet success story.

If you need help and tenderness,
just call me and tell me,
I will be the one to make you happy.

If one day you’re lost,
I will find you
and I will never leave you.

I will always be
The man you can see
when things are bad and ugly.

Fred Vidal (ASCAP)
October 6, 2009

12 Songs In progress Signed By Fred Vidal, ASCAP.

A Permanent Work, Back To The Basics Of Rock’n Roll, Rehearsals everyday and Songwriting every hour.

Tuesday, October 6, was the Filming of THE MOUNTAIN (Fred new song) Rehearsal.

First Tune Published October 5: I LOVE YOU (Fred Vidal – ASCAP).

A b-side style of song following FOR YOU!: RENDEZVOUS composed in 20 minutes the 8.







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