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CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Frederic Vidal’s 1st US Senate Campaign Press Release Gets 141 Views In 1 Week !! VOTE VIDAL November 2 In California!

1,472,503 Views Today For Mike Fuller Blog!! 14,455 Views For Fred Kelly’s Bramstocker On Youtube (Here Comes The Night)! 141 Views In One Week For Frederic Vidal First Senate Election Press Release! Thank You Everybody! The Campaign Begins For The U.S. Senate All Over California And All Around The United States!! Vote For The Candidates Who Are Republican But Not Only Like Fred Vidal, PhD!! November 2 Will Be Our Definitive And Real Victory!

Albert Greenwood Brown

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WHITMAN-BROWN: The debate was a disappointment yesterday, November 28, on the air. No Pizza time, just Cold Water!!

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With 1,001,629 Blog Views, Fred Vidal, PhD Demands To Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger To Be REGISTERED For The Republican Primary In California, The CHAOS STATE, June 8!


From Fred Vidal To Mike Fuller

2 Years of Development of A Republican Program

- Part 2 -

Citizenship And Democracy

California must remember that it is a State Inside The United States Of America. The Republican Party is accused by Fred Vidal, PhD to organize a Criminal Activity to Prevent The Elections to be FREE June 8.

Due to the unprecedented statewide fiscal crisis in The GOLD RUSH State, Elections are A Fragile Principle because People who want The Worst to Win Can Create their Own Rules against The Law. The best example is the system that was organized to block DEMOCRACY for the choice of a Republican Party member.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not born in AUSTRIA and His American Style is not what we need to Develop The Country, His project of Amendment was Stopped because it was a sponsored one, by His Supporters who Didn’t Study enough The Project of CITIZENSHIP EMPOWERMENT in order to Promote The American Constitution. Now For The Primary inside His Party, in order to Know Who will Be The Republican Party Candidate To Run For The US Senate November 2, 2010, Fred Vidal, PhD aka Mike Fuller is about, Tomorrrow Friday In Sacramento, To Propose him To Begin a Program of Upgrade of our State Democracy, By Accepting Him for The Race In Progress, even if an illegal Deadline, March 23, According to Mike Fuller advisers, was first Decided.

Justin Grey STONE, the Manager of Blake Lively NEVER replied to Fred Vidal, PhD calls and emails inviting him to be Fred’s Contact For A Production of projects about his Client Blake and our Famous Novelist-Actor, Vidal, PhD. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hollywood Billionaire, is a Govenor who is Maybe one of the reasons why The Clique is opposed to a First Reunion between Fred and Blake. We are studying the Possiblity of this and wil Let you Know.

The Screenplays written by Fred Vidal since 2006 are still in progress even if he’s accusing too the Professionals on location in California, the Guilds with first The Screen Actors one, to help only the persons who are inspired by his Scripts! The Republican Party of The County of Los Angeles refused to invite the Candidate Fred Vidal, PhD to Speak about His Campaign when He came to The Meeting organized by The Burbank office, connected to The Film Industry, of 2 Other Candidates, friends of Barbara Boxer, in March-April. Then, the Chaos Begin and Fred is still not In The Official Polls.


Reaching More Than 170,000 Views In January 2010, Mike Fuller Quits WordPress In February To Promote His Own Blog-Community And Search Engine On The Internet With A French Site Provider!

Thank you, will stay active as the history of My Years 2008-2009. For 10, I have a Project to Build On The Cyber-Space Mixing TV, Community And International Web!


With SILLY (Composed by Him) and HERE COMES THE NIGHT (Composed by Van MORRISON), Fred VIDAL Reaches 3,000 Views This Weekend On Youtube, another Site That Is Doing No Promotion At All about his Work: That could not Continue As The French Web is More and More High-Tech And Available for New Deals.

The Internet Is The Medium of A Social Pornography and Violence That Must Stop… (Article By Mike Fuller, PhD Continues Today, Friday And This Weekend).

Casting Call BACKSTAGE For GERMAN SPY: WWW Diffusion.

FRENCH COP LLC  is casting The German Spy, a Feature Film about alternate history to be shot this year in Los Angeles.

Seeking—Mata Hari Jr: A blond hair girl in her 1920’s, smart, business style, looking like a pure American Woman, ready for action against the Enemy, The Third Reich,

Kathrin Kandinski: An agent of the KGB, looking like a German dark hair movie insider, pretty artist with a strange smile,

Sarah Michaels: Red hair agent of the OSS, screenwriter in the Hollywood of the 1930’s, socializing with actors and producers to neutralize the Europeans who are against the United States.

Send headshot and resume to Fred Vidal, PhD, producer, P.O. Box 3341, Los Angeles, CA 90078-3341.


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