Updated! Academy Awards: The 2012 Nominations Are The Right Ones To Express The Movie Message, No Competition! But Denied.

Actualisé! Les Prix de l’Académie : les nominations sont les bonnes pour exprimer le message d’un film, pas de compétition ! Mais c’est dénié.

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Hollywood Denied? Until Now!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Los Angeles,California,United States of America(Free-Press-Release.com) February 27, 2012 —   Strangely, I was denied as a Press member at the Academy Awards, 3 times in 2 days! It looks like they did not know me or they knew me too much! I wanted to do nice articles about their show with a Pass to be officially with them. They didn’t accept that as I have a bad reputation there, in Hollywood. I’m a Republican. Obama was on location to start the week and schedule his Convention this summer with Villaraigosa, the Mayor of LA. These people hate me. Why? I suppose, because I say the truth about their game meaning bad politics.

But there is also a legal issue. The Artist, a film produced to break my company TIMEFRAMES LLC. Thank you French! A second reason why they did not want me on location, as they were feeling guilty. I began the development of French Cop in 2006 and the German Spy in 2007. I trademarked the franchise of the story lines. Not enough! The movie The Artist is a not authorized mix of the two that, anyway, did an ovation from the red carpet population. It is true that I am more somebody from the Rock Community. My Band: BRAMSTOCKER.

My reply to this: HOLLYWOOD BELONGS TO EVERYBODY. What to think about the future? I feel confident, I want Miami to be the competitor of this Hollywood struggling against itself. All films are respectable, even my 2 projects. I am French, Hispanic and American and I deserve the same success than The Artist.

Let’s organise a screening of French Cop and German Spy by diffusing an Interview of me recorded by a fine journalist. I will explain the quality of my movies. The Screen Actors Guild will stop to criticize me and the Motion Picture community will accept my career in Government and my talent for journalism you can see.

In November, a new President, maybe me as the troubles of my GOP give me a more useful leadership for Modernization of the Country. The USA are for a Free Entertainment with no Black List or Denied Attitude. I will support a class action against the Academy Awards for Justice in this so bizarre Los Angeles, capitale of the Movies, why this? Hollywood is denied until now because of its egoism.

Frederic Vidal


  • En français :
Étrangement, j’ai été refusé comme un membre de la presse à la cérémonie des Oscars, 3 fois en 2 jours ! On dirait qu’ils ne me connaissaient pas ou qu’ils me connaissaient trop ! J’ai voulu faire de bons articles sur leur spectacle avec une passe pour être officiellement avec eux. Ils n’ont pas accepté parce que j’ai une mauvaise réputation, à Hollywood. Je suis un républicain. Obama était présent pour commencer la semaine et planifier sa Convention cet été avec Villaraigosa, le maire de Los Angeles. Ces gens me haissent. Pourquoi ? Je suppose que je dis la vérité sur leur jeu qui signifie de la mauvaise politique.
Mais il y a aussi une question de droit. The Artist, un film produit pour briser mon entreprise TIMEFRAMES LLC. Merci français ! Une deuxième raison pourlaquelle ils ne voulaient pas de moi, comme ils se sentaient coupables. J’ai commencé le développement du film French Cop(tm) en 2006 et German Spy(tm) (l’espion allemand) en 2007. J’ai une marque déposée de la franchise des 2 scénarios. Pas assez ! Le film The Artist est un mélange non autorisé des deux qui, de toute façon, a fait une ovation de la population des tapis rouges. Il est vrai que je suis plus quelqu’un de la communauté du Rock. Mon groupe : BRAMSTOCKER.
Ma réponse à cela : HOLLYWOOD appartient à tous. Ce qu’il faut penser à l’avenir ? Je suis confiant, je veux que Miami soit le concurrent de cet Hollywood luttant contre lui-même. Tous les films sont respectables, même mes 2 projets. Je suis français, hispanique et américain et je mérite le même succès que The Artist.
Organisons une projection du German Spy et du French Cop par la diffusion d’une interview de moi enregistrée par un confrère journaliste. J’expliquerai la qualité de mes films. La Screen Actors Guild arrêtera de me critiquer et la communauté cinématographique acceptera ma carrière dans le gouvernement et mon talent pour le journalisme, que vous pouvez apprécier.
En novembre, un nouveau Président, peut-être moi comme les troubles de mon GOP me donnent une direction plus utile au sein du Parti Républicain pour la modernisation du pays. Le USA sont un pays de divertissement en liberté avec aucune liste noire ou Attitude rejetée. Je soutiendrai un recours collectif contre la cérémonie des Oscars pour la Justice dans ce tellement bizarre Los Angeles, capitale du cinéma, pourquoi cela ? Hollywood est rejeté jusqu’à maintenant à cause de son égoïsme.

Frédéric Vidal



Oscar, a super hero who is about to have his comic book, I will produce it if necessary because he is the symbol of the Character Celebration!

Oscar, a super hero who is about to have his comic book, I will produce it if necessary because he is the symbol of the Character Celebration!


Part 1 of 12. Once upon a time there was a tree in Hollywood, apples. The cinematography was created by God (in which we trust).

Part 2 of 12. Then, there was a couple issue: Adam and Eve, they had lot of trees in that forest, the Hollywood land. Films, by screen writers, kind of Bible men (and women), film symbol: a tree.

Part 3 of 12. Some trees are cut, some trees are known to be famous trees. They live their life and never die. Thanks to the DVD (some kind od UFO before the 90’s). This is the I-Vision (intervision) Holly. Stories (about a Wood).

Part 4 of 12. Eve chose an Apple advised by a snake that stayed well known because of its project for Adam’s wife: to sign for a Disaster Movie.

Part 5 of 12.  the Eden Garden was the first movie set. It is located in the Beachwood Canyon. There, Adam was the first movie hero and Eve was his celebrity.

Part 6 of 12. they decided to relocate and they chose Florida. The Apple created a crisis with God, not possible to continue the film in Hollywoodland that was not anymore the Paradise they knew before, they began to shoot on location in Miami. There were rules preventing to eat this fruit, the symbol of bankruptcy. No respect, no palace.

Part 7 of 12. Eve never decided to eat an Apple again, the snake disappeared, probably lost in the jungle of another State like New York with a female of its style of life, Adam wanted to be a filmmaker, he succeeded to shoot his breakthrough: how I move from the Eden Garden.

To be continued.

Blackcard: A success for the fandom that was refused by the casting directors of Hollywood. The CSA was obviously wrong to muiscommunicate.

Blackcard: A success for the fandom that was refused by the casting directors of Hollywood. The CSA was obviously wrong to muiscommunicate.

Hundreds of headshots (blackcards) with a link to his Online Resume on the Screen Actors Guild resume sent to the Members of the Casting Society of America (CSA) and only one casting director called Fred to tell him he put him on file then never called back: is this the result of a too glam image because of the involvement of Fred Vidal career on Myspace?

Obviously, the membership site did not help the actor last month by refusing his viral marketing campaign for the reason that he is a celebrity. A celebrity that is never interviewed on TV and with no photo at all in the newspapers and magazines! What does that mean? That myspace.com succeeded to give a fragile fame to the Hollywood actor and strategist without helping him to do his breakthrough in the media.

A new campaign will beggin June 1st with the little sister of the BLACK CARD, The WHITE CARD, a green light for Fred’s work on TV sets and Movie shooting days! It’s the objective synchronized with the development and the pre-production of THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES with a new episode on WordPress tomorrow Thursday, Part 2 of the Screenplay.

Manipulation or not, boycott certainly not, mistake with a coordination, who knows? The non-reply of the members of the CSA is a bad sign for the big and small screens community, maybe connected to the SAG crisis and previously the screenwriters strike, and something that is not respecting the rules. It is the reason why Fred will write to this important organization to let them know that dysfunctional reality. Normally, for regular mailings by actors, many casting directors reply and put them on file for possible casting, not this time!!

Fred Vidal’s WHITE CARD (a super-Internet marketing tool without Myspace but Fred Vidal University) will be the next Win-Win message to CSA people before to understand that they prevent him to find daily jobs. We suppose that this time some desktops will accept the name and the talent.

Fred Vidal, PhD will inform the Screen Actors Guild of the problem created by the CSA silence bcause other actors can also be interested to know what can happen when you are too much Myspace.

Fred Vidal is about to criticize Myspace decision to refuse his ad conceived to reinforce his image by sending to the owners a letter aslking for explanations.

My YouTube INAUGURATION DAY: Almost 800 Views… In ONE WEEK!!!

Fred Vidal, PhD Web Message To His Celebrity Friends: SIGN THE PETITION, It’s Good For Hollywood!


I Signed The Petition For a US Secretary For Culture and Arts, Just BEFORE INAUGURATION DAY (See My YouTube Video) and I Want to Invite You, Celebrity Friends, To Sign It Too and To Make it Public Because We Need Your Support. Cutural Organizations, Sign It Too!! (I will Ask to All My Memberships NonProfits to Do So). Non-Celebrities Friends, I Hope You Already Signed It Or Do It Today! Thank You To The Creator of The Petition, Mr. Jaime AUSTRIA, Musician in New York, Friend of Mine Thanks To FACEBOOK, and The First CELEBRITY Who Supports and Promotes This Project, The Great Mr. QUINCY JONES!!

I Want You To Visit My Special WEBSITE For This Huge project WITH THE DIRECT LINK TO THE WEB PETITION (A Sacred One, A Historic One): To Create A Secretary Of Culture/Arts in The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, A Special Department for Arts & Communication In His Cabinet. The Decision is WHITE-HOUSE 100%, I Suppose With The Agreement of THE US CONGRESS, of course, And I Hope That Our Great New President BARACK OBAMA, My Friend #1 On MySpace, Will Study This Possible Reform by Creation Of an Additional Secretary in His TEAM White-House DC, Or First a Specialized Mission/Service.

Let’s Call/write To Our Senators and Representatives Too, By The Way, To Have Their Support, it can be important Too!!

I Will Be On Location, In WASHINGTON DC, At The End of Next Month, FEBRUARY,  For a Scientific Post-Doctoral Political Science Work about The Possible Necessity of This New Secretary In America.

Thank You And Thank You For Your Support!

Fred Vidal, PhD

(Diffusion of This Blog Link on MySpace Bulletin Boards, 3 Times Until Weekend Jan To Feb).


In Europe, and I Think, In So Many Countries Of the World, they all Have a Special Governmental Secretary For Culture, Arts, Media and Communication. So Why not In The States? It’s The Reason Why I Support the Petition Created by JAIME AUSTRIA, In New York!” Fred Vidal, PhD (01/29/09)

  • This Is A Crisis like in the 1930’s and Our Economy and the Business People who Manage it, they Need A Community of Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurs Sponsored and Supported By WASHINGTON, DC For A New Time Of Happiness To start soon in America Thanks to CREATION.
  • FIRST THE INTERNET,THIS IS THE CULTURE AND IT DESERVES A STUDY, A MUSEUM AND PROBABLY A CHAMBER! The Internet, It’s an American Miracle and a Worldwide Leadership For The United States, Preview of The Future Dominant Mass Media in 20 Years and, Already Now, A Way To Improve Communication and To Extend TV, Radio and Newspapers Impact. It Deserves a Secretary!!
  • SECONDLY, ARTS MEAN MUSEUMS, AND WE NEED A NATION COORDINATION TO IMPROVE THEIR STATUS AND MANAGEMENT.  Arts Mean Artists and We Need a Better Status For Them too, including More Career Definitions and Markets Organization with a Reform of The Museums Nationwide to Prevent the Crisis To Destroy The Headquarters of Our Culture. We Need a Secretary For That and DC as Model.
  • THIRDLY, HOLLYWOOD SOCIAL CRISIS WITH A BUSINESS STRESS CAN BE OVER IN 2 DAYS IF: A MOVIE SUPPORTING POLICY. Hollywood, closer to The Dream Than Reality: It gives Magnifique Results On The Big Screen and For Our Economy (DVDs, TV Shows, Franchises). But At The Eve Of the 2010’s, We Understand that There is a Hiatus (Screen Actors Guild Crisis) and We Need A Secretary To Help.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, MUSIC INDUSTRY AND RECORD COMPANIES NEED A VISION FOR THE MUSIC OF THE 21ST CENTURY (MP3s & CDs). Music Industry In The Middle of A Recurrent Crisis Since The beginning Of the 2000’s Because Of the Difficulties for the MP3 Market To Replace Vinyls And CDs, without DVD substantial Additional Revenues. So For The musicians and The Record Labels, We need a Secretary in DC.
Black Card/White Sign (HoLlyWoOd!!)

FRED VIDAL 2009 COMMUNICATION e-CARD/PostCARD: Black Card/White Sign (HoLlyWoOd!!)


b-Side Black Card/White Sign, Fred Vidal Com For 2009: COMMUNITIES HOLLYWOOD!!

Martin Scorsese, 2,900th Friend of Fred Vidal, PhD on Fred Vidal’s Myspace Main Page (www.myspace.com/fredvidal) for the 1st Week of FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY.


Martin Scorsese, new friend of Fred Vidal, PhD

I was checking my messages on MySpace ant all at once, I think about the number of my friends because I must stop sending invitations when I will have 3,000 friends in order to know all these people better, right? 3,000!! I neever had so many friends in my life. And then, I see that it’s Martin Scorsese who accepted my invitation and becomes my friend #2,900 because I have with him 2,900 friends!! It was Saturday, November 22, 2008. I just need 100 more friends and with them and all the other great friends who gave me their friendship, we’re going to communicate about Martin Filmography and Career, through FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY, during this Thanksgiving week. I’m very proud to be in touch with a so great filmmaker, I mean Martin, I love the Rolling Stones Movie (I was on location in New York!) and I will write more about my special connexion with him and his art pretty soon.” Fred Vidal, PhD (11/23/08, 11:29AM PT).

A Celebration of Martin Scorsese Career is organized by FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY for the Thanksgiving Week (www.fredvidaluniversity.com).

Fred Vidal, PhD will be in Palm Springs, CA for Thanksgiving this year (2006: New York, NY, 2007: Studio City, CA).

If you have a project to share, an artistic or corporate career that deserves more interest and teamwork:

by becoming a member of the FVU Social Network

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY is a free and proactive, corporate and friendly University. With Fred and his networks, you will upgrade your community sites memberships thanks to a special contact with Fred’s friends magic touch and the advice and support of an American pure Insider and brilliant Doctor in Semiotics, Communication and Media Studies, from the University of Paris 2, part of the Historic and one of the oldest in the world, University of Paris, La Sorbonne: Frederic Vidal.

  • Fred Vidal, PhD is now a Proud Supporter of UCLA through the UCLA Fund (Department of Communication Studies) after his Conference in 2004 about the Social Internet at the University of California, Los Angeles.

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY (pic by Peter Baratti)

FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY (pic by Peter Baratti)



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