Emblem of the Ministry of Culture (Russia)

Emblem of the Ministry of Culture (Russia)


A letter to Vladimir Putin to be sent this month in order to propose him a partnership for the production of a short film about Mike Fuller.

Frederic Vidal wants Russia to be the Country that will help him to explain in a short film who is Mike Fuller, the anti-Obama concept in order to improve the Diplomacy of the USA that need more popularity after the NSA disaster.

Russia is not the enemy of the United States but his best friend as USSR is not anymore. Mike Fuller is the semi-fictional name of Frederic and a character that is already famous in every 50 States.

The idea of a film of 15 minutes is an artistic one that is a great project including France, Russia and America.

The Letter to Vladimir Putin.

Frederic Vidal
10, avenue Notre-Dame
06000 Nice, France
Tel. 06 32 52 86 19
Nice, July 4, 2013

President Vladimir Putin
23, Ilyinka Street
Moscow, 103132, Russia

Mister the President of Russia:

I’m a French and American director in Nice plus screenwriter and publicist. My second activity is my music with my band BRAMSTOCKER.

I am so proud to be the author of a story for the screen: Mike Fuller. This is about a President of the United States who is not Barack Obama but a Republican in another dimension building a second American Dream.

I have the project to shoot, first, a short film about this fiction that is also a message regarding the society and its government in a Country that is fascinating.

I would like to invite Russia to participate in the production of it. America and Russia can be friends thanks to France and the Cinema can be the right culture to express it with a film about a President who would be popular worldwide with a great tenderness for Russia and the Russians.

No more cold war between our 3 States is the main goal of this project regarding a film and History.

Best regards, from Nice.

Frederic Vidal



Next, A Press Release About The Blake Lively Connection With Frederic Vidal: A Web Issue And A Wedding Affair. Who Is The Leader Of The Of The United States!

Now online (10/11/2012): http://www.free-press-release.com/news-for-the-cancellation-of-the-2012-presidential-election-1349083726.html


The wedding of Blake Lively closes a cycle of 3 years of project and dream from me regarding an exchange of rings between her and myself.

I wrote in  February to the Judge, President of the US Supreme Court, John G Roberts to inform him I am in charge of a program about a possible election of an immigrant for President. This reform and my candidacy are sincere but he did not reply.

As a filmmaker in Hollywood, relocated in France in my hometown Nice, I scheduled to attend the Republican Convention in August for a Speech to the Nation. Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, did not reply to my letter and my phone calls.

With a Blog on the Internet with almost 2 millions readers since its creation, a membership on the Social Media leading more than 6,000 friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace mainly but also many other Community Sites, I must be fair and true.

I was prevent to meet the actress Blake Lively and to have a chance to marry her as a good American who wants to become President one day. Consequently, I demand the cancellation of the 2012 US Presidential Election because there was a sabotage of my citizenship. My house and my company were also victims of an illegal opposition against my Republican ambition.

The Homeland Security will receive my request for justice.

For Mike Fuller,

Frederic Vidal, his representative in America and in France.

The Inter-Letters™ #6, Volume II, 08/24/2012 (Friday). FRENCH POST™, A French Touch Of Journalism And A Poetry Of Every Information. This Issue Tells You Why?


1. Backstage.

Frederic Vidal is refused as a Speaker and even a Journalist by the Tampay Bay Republican Convention organizers.
A compensation of 100 million dollars is required and No Romney-No Obama is Our New Recommendation.

Frederic Vidal boycotts the Convention of Tampa Bay. Bush, Gingrich, McCain, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, Rubio and Romney among several others don’t accept Frederic Vidal, co-founder and previously editor-in-chief of this blog, in Tampa Bay for the Republican Convention next Monday.

The worldwide famous Republican leader, thanks to the Internet, sent a letter to Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, on July 2, to propose him a speech for Tampa. He never received a reply and when Frederic called his office, Mr. Priebus refused to reply or call him back repeatedly. Why? Same rejection when the press office of the Convention was called and even by email: no credential available for him.

The explanation must be found here: this group of GOP conservative responsibles don’t like at all the Web and Frederic Vidal, who was campaigning for Romney since July, writings. In order to reply to this, the author also known as Mike Fuller, decided this week to run as a write-in Freelance GOP Presidential candidate. His demand of an important compensation is necessary to show to the Republicans that some of their leaders will not succeed to stop Frederic Vidal career that is huge. They are the past and Mike Fuller the future. We give them no chance at all to break our movement of reforms inside the GOP.

): BREAKTHROUGH™ #6-Vol II: the GOP is the Best Party.

Now that the news is official: Frederic Vidal and Mike Fuller will not be in Tampa, it is time to think about the after-Tampa because not a lot of people will remember this event taking place at the end of August 2012. Just a bad memory and the definitive Evidence the present direction of the official (for them) GOP really DID NOT LIKE us, really. As a matter of fact, so many persons contacted who don’t reply to somebody well known, it is obviously organized. VIDAL-FULLER WAS BLACKLISTED BY THEM. Were they threatened by the White House? Kidding, we’re in a democracy and everybody decide by himself or herself. I have been punished to be a blogger/webber. But I don’t mind as the GOP is for us too, on the Web, the Grand Old Party of the World Wide Web (GOP-WWW).

): BLOCKBUSTER™ #6-Vol II: GOP means History.

The history of the United States is our History, we like it, we write it, we read it ON THE BLOGS. There is one good news we have about the media we share and love so much: APPLE is working great at the Stock Exchange. This is an important page of our History Book about USA. A lot of huge acknowledgements to Steve Jobs, our beloved founder who passed away TOO SOON but had the vision to get the confidence of the investors always interested by products when they have a reputation to be excellent and very attractive like our SOCIAL MEDIA, attacked by the Republican establishment but so appreciated by everybody else.

): BRAMSTOCKER™ #6-Vol II: GOP or nothing.

The Grand Old Party is the Republican Party and this is the best for us. The symbol is the Elephant and this is a strong animal we must welcome on the Internet as a friend, our best friend OUTSIDE THE ZOO of the politicians who don’t share their power, their fame, their notoriety to alternative people like us. This oligarchy is an aristocracy of another time and I am not proud of George Washington who is not functional in the present United States of the modern AMERICA, 7 letters meaning so much and if you read this text from abroad, YOU ADORE AMERICA TOO, the homeland of Screens and Computers, our beautiful sky of websites for open communities and SOCIAL NETWORK, not electoral weird deals.

): FRENCH POST ™ #6-Vol II: GOP, 3 letters belonging to all Americans.

Now that the Convention is over, a debate must start about the orientation of our party that is too much extreme and conservative in a way against progress and reform. We are not in the 1950’s, young people like us are the avantgarde. NOBODY HAVE THE EXCLUSIVITY OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, WE ARE NOT IN USSR, to think differently is to think like a communist or a soviet as this regime had the Party who managed directly the State. Decentralization is the rule in America and we can build our own BRANCH of this great party with no more harassment.

): THE NOISE (LE BRUIT)™ 6-Vol II#: La rentrée s’annonce sans surprises.

Pas de surprise, bonne surprise. La rentrée des classes est prévue le mardi 4 septembre pour les élèves et la veille pour les professeurs. En ce qui nous concerne, nous venons de subir un grave incident à cause des Américains qui nous interdisent l’accès à la Convention Républicaine de Tampa pour des raisons politiques claires : on est trop socialistes en France et le Parti Républicain voulait nous empêcher de débat ET D’AVENIR mais ils se trompent, les leaders d’extrême droite de ce parti, NOUS AVONS LA DOUBLE NATIONALITE et le mot républicain appartient à tous, pas uniquement à leur sectarisme pour nous barrer la route de la Maison Blanche.

This Inter-Letters™ is dedicated to: the Republican Party (GOP).

GOP 2012, GOP freelance withe Frederic Vidal, write-in candidate.

GOP 2012, GOP freelance withe Frederic Vidal, write-in candidate.

A non-profit EVIDENCE™ publishing. A TIMEFRAMES™ LLC publication by INTERVISION™.

Titles owner and Editor-in-Chief: Mike Fuller.

This Inter-Letters™ is a part of the campaign against Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

To translate from French to English or viceversa: http://translate.google.com

The Inter-Letters™ book site: https://sites.google.com/site/lavictorine2

Volume I ISSUE INDEX: http://fredvidal.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/the-inter-letters-42-issues-61-08142012-tuesday-no-inter-letter-on-mondays-today-the-complete-list-issue-index-of-all-the-information-letters-webletters-webgrams-i

Sous l’égide du projet de Secrétariat d’Etat aux Affaires Litigieuses (SEAL), under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Litigious Affairs (SSLL) project.

Today’s Video by Youtube: History of the Grand Old Party 1860-1928.

My 2 Letters To The Americans And The French.

Plus on the 2 Campaign Blogs :

USA: http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com

France: http://fredericvidal2012.blogspot.com


Dear Americans,

I believe in an another solution than the routine of the Obama Years: crisis, elections, poor economy masked by a man on a stage and the Army never back from Afghanistan. The Republican Primary is now almost over even if there will not be a nominee before August.

I was in Tampa one time in February, I will be in Tampa two times with a second time to explain to the Delegates that we have a program, the AMERIPLAN written by me to give to our Party, the GOP that is also the Small Young Party of the United States – SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG IS FOREVER, PARTY MEANS POWER – the ambition to prepare the future by understanding, more everyday, what happened the past few years in our mind: A KIND OF DEPRESSION even if we won the elections in 2010 not for nothing with John Boehner who became Speaker but not for a lot of change.

The change must happen now in 12 with a real experience of Victory in November. To get it, we must be sure of our candidate and I AM NOT CERTAIN THAT MITT ROMNEY will represent our values as we need. I believe in America as an immigrant for the TRUTH, the VERITY and the JUSTICE in everything.

So, I want to be your NOMINEE for a real changement to schedule EVERY MONTH on the next four years AGENDA! A reform every Month meaning 48 months of Reform to compensate 12 years without real reforms except the OBAMACARE that did not succeed completely. because of the popularity of Barack Obama, a President who was appreciated by you, Americans, as a Friend more than a White House Statesman.

After Obama: it is possible to think about it already this year, all thing has an end and ONE TERM ONLY is better than no term at all. In 4 years, he succeeded to express his style that will not be forgotten by his fans and his opponents.

The worst of them all was Mitt Romney who recently adopted an Obama attitude with a charisma and a glamorous speech looking like dangerous for us, Republicans, who don’t want a second disaster after the bad result of John McCain 4 years ago, too sure to beat the future President and then creating a nationwide sadness still present in 2012. I can imagine a happier end WITH A WIN but for that I need an Amendment. I think we have to be AMBITIOUS, imagining a NEW AMERICA to feel better and make our voters feel better.

Then, rendezvous in Florida, the State of Marco Rubio, a nice man but a bad Senator to my point of view, in TAMPA, for the CONVENTION OF THE LAST CHANCE before a 2nd term of Barack Obama. If we don’t want it, let’s dialogue about the conditions to prevent him to do so. There will be a lot to say. I SPEAK ENGLISH.

Frederic Vidal

Frederic Vidal AMERIPLAN:

I. The Problems Are:


1. The Nation exhausted by 10 Years of War.

a. No victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

b. Al Qaida continues after Bin Laden.

2. The Medias Propaganda creates Submission.

a. The CNN culture repeats te same message: Obey!

b. The Press creates the obligation to be famous before to be published.


1. Presidents and Candidates shown as Heroes not Leaders.

a.The OBAMAMANIA was destructive for the social community.

b. The Romney promotion is a Rubio brainwashing.

2. The Devil Bush and Comedian Obama built a Depression.

a. Some kind of panic mood.

b. Stress-Minded, the electors believe in nothing.

II. The Solutions will be:


1. Let’s vote an Amendment.

a. Citizenship empowerment.

b. Congress-President Relation.

2. It will change the meaning of our Sacred Text.

a. To express better Federation Goal ! One Congress/President for 50 States.

b. The Judiciary Power must be closer to the People.


1. The biggest companies must sale more.

a. Studies are necessary for more Blockbusters.

b. No collaboration between competition.

2. The Americans have the choice to buy what they want.

a. Cheap is the objective.

b. People must have the choice of 2 or more products.


Chers Francais,

Tout va bien. La France profonde s’est exprimee dimanche et nous avons le choix dimanche dans plus d’une semaine entre un candidat de progres et de progression. Le progres, c’est Hollande, la progression, c’est Sarkosy. Entre les deux, votre coeur balance et le mien bat pour vous.

 Vous etes Marianne et il s’agit maintenant de prevoir plus pour se sentir mieux. Nous avons besoin DE RAJEUNIR NOTRE CONSTITUTION. Depuis 1958, beaucoup de grands sujets ont donne lieu a debat en France mais jamais encore nous n’avons entame un debat national au sujet de nos institutions.

Je pense que c’est le moment parce que les 20% du Front national et les 10% de Francois Bayrou, apotre d’une 6e Republique, doivent nous inciter A NOUS REMETTRE EN QUESTION. Le bon score de Jean-Luc Melenchon, lui aussi favorable a une 6e Republique, est un autre signe de succes DU CHANGEMENT que nous souhaitons, que De Gaulle aurait souhaite. OFFRONS-NOUS DU NEUF, un immeuble constitutionnel qui fonctionne mieux sans 49.3, sans article 11 mais avec, en remplacement, DES ARTICLES DE COMMUNICATION entre le Parlement et le President, DES ARTICLES DE REFORME que nous pourrons elaborer ensemble avec la mise en place d’un Conseil Consultatif Constitutionnel.

Pour le 2e tour, il y a peu d’enjeu, le socialiste a un grand projet : LEQUEL ? Le President souhaiterait se RENOUVELER, pour quel avenir ? Il nous l’a dit, le notre mais le notre, il nous appartient et IL FAUT LIER CETTE ELECTION A LA REFORME DE LA CONSTITUTION pour ne pas vieillir, pour voir plus grand sinon cette course sera sans retour.

On a besoin d’une pause. Encore un nouveau Gouvernement ! Et puis, les Legislatives. Je prepare des contentieux aussi concernant ma candidature : C’EST PAS LA JOIE si on ne decide pas ensemble de devenir creatif. Pour ce faire, consolons les petits candidats, en particulier Eva Joly, pour leurs scores insatisfaisants qui n’ont pas atteint le succes escompte. On ne peut etre candidat et etre elu, cela est reserve a un seul : LE GAGNANT et le gagnant, c’est MOI meme en dehors du scrutin car le BLANC NOMME, vous l’avez tous adopte, C’EST UNE PAGE BLANCHE sur laquelle vous avez envie d’inscrire plus que mon nom, VOTRE HISTOIRE.

Vous, francais, moi, President ou CONTRE-PRESIDENT, nous verrons. Pour l’heure, veillons a respecter les regles du jeu et menageons les susceptibilites qui veulent qu’aucun ne sait encore de quoi demain sera fait. Les sondages se trompent parfois, parfois trop comme pour ce 1er tour QUI DONNE TROP FAVORI Francois Hollande. Est-il pour la 7e ou considere-t-il que la 5e est suffisante ? L’enjeu du Second Tour se joue sur cette question.

Nous verrons qui l’emporte mais pour l’instant, pour l’heure, nous nous devons de motiver sur la question institutionnelle qui m’a valu ma place (art. 7 rouille) et qui peut nous valoir UN PLUS EN RETOUR quand nous comprendrons que la grande question, c’est l’Etat, l’Etat de la France.

Amities a vos familles.

Frederic Vidal  

24 Avril 2012. De New York, Washington Heights.

PS : sinon, on revolutionne le Monde avec un nouveau Mai 68, l’affaire Marilyn Monroe.

Mon Plan de Presidence pour la France.

par Frederic Vidal.


1. L’Egalite des Citoyens.

a. Un logement pour tous.

b. Un travail pour chacun.

2. Le Progres des Revenus.

a. L’entreprise a la portee de tous.

b. Un salaire pour tous ceux qui le meritent.


1. L’Independance du territoire.

a. Ouvrir les frontieres au commerce exterieur.

b. Reduire la dette en augmentant la croissance.

2. Le dialogue egalitaire.

a. Favoriser la concertation pour la paix negociee.

b. Donner l’exemple d’un destin national.

VELVET EYES: God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

The Novel’s New Episode Will Be Online Before the Weekend?
NO, TOMORROW OCTOBER 8, 2010 for a big SuRpRiSe!

An Imaginary Friend Looking Like A Nobel Prize:
God Blessed My United States Of America And I Decided To Bless It Too!

Jonathan Founders was the son of another Founders who was in touch with some fellows in Canada and in another Country like Canada that was not on the maps because of the problem of the human imagination. This Country was a bigger one, a larger one like China, a huge continent of memories for the future only. Velvet Eyes was listening to his father’s stories about a possible AMERICANADA and he was sleeping just after with a project of trip to Toronto, A Project Of Trip To Toronto with a Chinese Imaginary Friend who could be the best friend of his life, a young guy like him and together they prepared the holiday in Toronto, a city that Founders found pretty 10 years later with another supporter of Peace and Humanity rights, Martin Hallmind, future Mayor of the Town of the Canadians specialized in great jokes and funny culture because of the cold weather there and the passion for family’s life and good work during the day.

The new Nobel Prize For Peace, peace means a lot for freedom and liberty worldwide, is a Chinese Citizen, and the imaginary friend of VELVET was a kind of buddy like the Great and Free shortly – let’s hope and ask the Chinese government for his release! – LIU XIAOBO!! In Toronto, the two future roommates met a lot of strange people in the streets and the bars where they drank only some good Coca-Cola (they like it a lot). One time, a man in his 50’s looking in his 80’s with a touch of 20’s guy, told them that he really enjoy to live too close to the United States but that God Bless too much only the US and not enough his native Canada (he was not Indian native but his roots and genes were connected to the Indian Americans). Velvet, call him Jo at that time – he was 13 or 15 – and Liu Alter Ego, the Imaginary but real Martin, call him Mart ( a 17 years old white-blond hair young boy from the Midwest with sunglasses even in the night) were too surprised by the Comments of the Canadian, they never met a Canadian before with so much Fantasy, they never met a Canadian anyway because this Trip was in a dream, the name of him was JO too, let’s say Jo 2.

Jo 2 drank a beer with the 2 teenagers who advised him to be more a part of the continent where everything is possible, even in Alaska that was American (USA) since 1959, the year of the Birth of Mike FULLER, the Writer of the Novel THE MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES that the three persons in the Toronto Bar, “The Red Color Beverage Center”, were about to read thanks to a Space-Time travel offered by some UFOs travelers from Alpha Centauri One, A Part of the Galaxy Of Alpha Centauri that NASA in The States had identified the year before (we were in the Twentieth Century!!).

Mike Fuller, PhD
October 8, 2010
4 Months Anniversary of The Republican Party US Senate Primary
June 8, 2010, celebrated in San Francisco, California, United States (close to Canada), Earth.

Thank you to Jo 2, the Toronto Bar and EVERYBODY IN CANADA (and to the ET aliens!).

Mike Fuller Selection Pic for the US Senate Election, November 2:

Barbara Boxer, A Senator Of California Who is Dysfunctional and Unfair! She Is Inspiring Mike Fuller for a Smart Episode of The Man With The Velvet Eyes After an Incident in the Office of William Morris, A Talent Agency that decided to Attack The Candidate of the Independent Republicans, Frederic Vidal, there for a private visit of Friendship that They refused with an Attitude of Corporate sabotage!

Breaking News (September 30):

TF BREAKING NEWS: The Boycott Against Fred Vidal, PhD In The Movie Industry Continues! 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager

Timeframes Historicity: 20 Minutes Ago In Beverly Hills, An Important Manager of WILLIAM MORRIS Refused A Talk or an Appointment with Him!!

Timeframes Historicity:WILLIAM MORRIS is an Talent Agent Company, The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location!!

Frederic Vidal The Republican Independent Candidate For The US Senate Was On Location For A Private Visit And The Project To Network With WM

WILLIAM MORRIS refused 100% any contact with the Favorite candidate of the Population and in their High Tech huge Location acknowledged A NO

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: Obviously, this is the responsability of Babara Boxer who is the inspiration or more of a boycott vs Us

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: The Film Industry’s hard position connected with the Majors is coordinated with the candidate Boxer!!

FV Campaign Headquarters Communique: William Morris in Beverly Hills Is Sadly Mixing Politics and Business. This Is The Worst Day For Them!!

Fred Vidal: These people In William Morris, They are a danger for our economy in California. Their elite of Boxer’s maniacs is OBSOLETE & KO

Fred Vidal: The present Senator of California is Supporting a System that Prevent the TV/Film Industry Recovery! Bankruptcy is Their Keyword

Fred Vidal: By developing a Profesional Apartheid punishing Victims chosen by their Teamwork, William Morris and their Competitors are EVIL!

Fred Vidal: Nobody will make me forget this SLAYING against me, this Thursday afternoon. I will explain it better this weekend on YOUTUBE!!

 Fred Vidal: I want the President and CEO of WILLIAM MORRIS, WME2, to Resign. They are the symbol of a decade of harassment against Artists!!

Fred Vidal: Barbara Boxer’s Hollywood, We don’t Want it Anymore! IT’S A LIE! Young People deserve to work as actors if they Want! YOU DON’T!

Breaking News: Professional APARTHEID, This Is the Daily SICKNESS of Los Angeles’ Cinema Business. Some Leaders Stop the Others Career 4 Fun


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