4th Franchise Promotion Begins: THE PAST MACHINE REGISTRATION: WGAW #1296923

August 18, 2008

4th Franchise Promotion Begins: THE PAST MACHINE REGISTRATION: WGAW #1296923
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also known as (aka) An American Dream™


Feature Film in development (shooting in 2010, in Hollywood)




The new President of the United States, Brian Summers™, was elected in 2012. Brian, a famous researcher specialized in Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Bio-technologies, was hired in 2004 by the White House to be the responsible of a secret program organized to build a space-time machine to travel in the past and in the future.


Back in the 60’s, Brian’s grandfather was a U.S. Senator and, at the end of the 90’s, Brian Summers was a local leader and a kind of scientific hero for the Democratic Party, after his studies regarding the development of non-nuclear sources of energy.


At the beginning of the 2000’s, Brian, was at UCLA, a researcher working with his girlfriend and assistant Debbie McCormick™, on a special project for space-time travels until the White House knew about it and sent Courtney Evans™, member of the Presidential Administration, to persuade Brian to stop his researches because of the danger for the National Security or to continue them in DC, under her authority. Before to meet Courtney, Brian and Debbie’s Time Machine was only an experimental one, at its beginning, but they succeeded already to send objects like books from a day to the following one, in the same location or in another.


Courtney was a rich and ambitious lady who wanted to push Brian’s career by offering him a deal: to marry her and, at last, to get the presidency thanks to the importance of his discovery for the United States. The White House was mainly attracted by Brian’s machine for the development of special transportation of human beings, including soldiers, from a place to another. The President was ready to offer him the title and the job of Special Advisor for Science and Technology.


The problem was Debbie. Brian and her did not schedule yet to get married but they were a serious couple working seven days a week on their researches. Courtney Evans™ organized a strategy to put Brian under pressure and to manipulate him to be his wife, one day soon. The objective was to make him stop his researches with Debbie and to convince him that his best choice was to break with Debbie and to follow her at the White House.


After a series of lunches with Courtney, Brian decided to accept the Federal deal to stop his university researches and to work for the government. He was seduced by the personality of Courtney and her project to build with him a career mixing politics and science. He was also aware of the danger, for him and Debbie, to refuse to follow her in Washington. So, one day, after work, he wrote a short letter to Debbie, explaining that he had to leave and to interrupt his works in UCLA to accept a position at the White House.


We are now in 2013 and the new President, for the 4th of July, decided to use the definitive high-tech device, that he built with his new team, and Courtney, his wife and now First Lady, in order to go back in the past, in 2003, for a couple of hours and to meet his previous girlfriend, Debbie, after so many years and so many regrets.


Back in 2003, the day after he left her, Brian has a long conversation with his soul mate, telling her that he did a big mistake when he left her, that he is unhappy with Courtney but that it was the only solution for him because she succeeded to seduce him and to make him understand that, if he refused, this could have been very dangerous for the life of Debbie.


Debbie is devastated but she is also so impressed to speak with Brian coming back from the future, ten years later, as the President of the United States. Before to leave and to go back in 2013, he gives her a key and the address of a mailbox in DC, telling her that they will be back together in 2013 if she programs a space-time travel to go to Washington to open the right mailbox, at the right time.


He explains that he is obliged to stay with Courtney, otherwise it will destroy the Space-Time Continuum™ and create dangerous distortions for the whole planet. She has only 5 years to wait. Brian disappears in the restaurant because the space-time travel can only last a couple of hours.


July 3, 2013, Debbie goes to the address and opens the box. There is a key and the address of an apartment. She opens the door. There is inside the apartment, Mindy Summers™, the sister of Brian. She gives to Debbie an Attaché-Case with the secret files of the Time Machine Program, a new passport and an invitation for a Press Conference of the President, the following day at the White House.


Debbie (her new name is Laurel Summers™) is in the Conference Room, looking at Brian, listening to the questions of the journalists and thinking about the future with him. At the end of the Conference, the President asks her to follow him. They go to the basements where the Time Machine is located. The military special team received two orders, the previous day:


– to program a space-time travel, before his Press Conference, for the President only, in order to neutralize Debbie who knows to many secrets about the Time Machine and who is missing since 2008,

– to program another space-time travel for the President and the First Lady in 2016, in order to prepare the campaign of his reelection.

When he arrives for the second mission, they cannot prevent Brian to go there in New York, September 10, 2016, with Debbie.


On location, they decide to organize their life together and to say the truth to Courtney who is obliged to accept the process of a divorce. The name of the future First Lady will be Laurel Summers™. The Administration follows the orders of the President.


Brian, before this last travel, succeeded to change the programs of the Time Machine that is blocked now until 2017, no possibility to go back to the past or to be disturbed by the future..



Brian Summers™ aka Dr. Brian Summers, Debbie McCormick™ alias Laurel Summers™, Courtney Evans™, Mindy Summers™.


The Past Machine™.


The Space-Time Continuum™.


For registration with the Writers Guild of America, West,

Date: August 15, 2008


Written and conceived by the owner:


Frederic I Vidal , PhD aka Fred Vidal™

6218 Rockcliff Drive,

Los Angeles, CA 90068-1652

Tel (323) 462-4464 / Cell (310) 721-5056

Email: hollywoodinsider@gmail.com

Websites: fredvidal.com, myspace.com/fredvidal and youtube.com/mynewamerica

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