There won’t be a 13th Month in 2008. Hello 2009!

Fred Vidal Web Updates for these last 2 months.

MYBLOGLOG.COM Fred Vidal Homepage.

Picture: MYBLOGLOG.COM Fred Vidal Homepage.

The new Internet requires a permanent control and flexibility of your communication, on a daily basis: everything is public and linked.  For us, our objective is NETWORKING and PROMOTING and our favorite sites (and most important friends, Web or not) are (on) MySpace and Facebook. I write that at the highest corporate level: our galaxy of websites and Web Memberships are in the same mood and web philosophy than the 2 Web Communities leaders. We believe in nothing else, regarding the Web, I mean for our personal, professional and commercial strategy. It’s the future, it’s today.

CONSEQUENTLY, I decide this morning:

– UNIQUE HOMEPAGE for all my Web Addresses/Websites, for one Month:

in preview at:

Frankly speaking, websites are 99% homepages and external links for an efficient participation in the Web 2.0 and even for everybody on the WWW, people have not the time anymore to ‘visit’ (?) your site like a house, except if it’s a small flat (3-5 pages), useful for technical reasons. Even for companies, I advice websites must be clarified, simplificated a lot and connected to commercial communities on the Web. It depends also of your strategy, ours is to be present on a maximum of platforms, as I said to network and build the future together, not a Crowd(y) one but a Mass one (Mass like for Mass Media with Social as the additional word, I propose the words: SOCIAL MASS MEDIA).

So I just told you: UNIQUE AND SAME HOMEPAGE for all my Web Addresses/Websites, for one Month (November) or a little more. Specialized homepages back in December, during the Holiday Season, upgraded and signed, one month before, definitive 2009 Pages (with a lot of improvement, simplification but in the same style for a new year).

Everybody visit my sites during the last 2 months and this is great (thank you), we need to give you more as a message: 2009 will be a SUCCESS, for instance!! And it is what we are doing already beginning this morning (10/29/08) of changes with only the Press PR Web File and pages, fully operational this Saturday, linked and accessible through our collection of addresses and networks.
Why? Because this is our Challenge: the impact of our Press/Media Campaign and because, also, this will be for November and December, the best way to understand and appreciate my work and my participation in the Internet, today at the end of 2008. Cover changes for every issue of a magazine, Film sagas include different stories, posters and news.

So, I told you: no more owned pages anymore than the PRESS FILE (other pages come back, gradually, upgraded in December as a preview of January and 2009) on our web addresses and linked sites. On the other hand, more memberships, if possible, because we’re already on so many social sites, I mean cultural, networking sites called Membersip or community sites and it’s great.

Regarding Politics, as I said on, 10 minutes ago, nothing more will be written by me beginning now. Floating voters already did their choice, my main message and the introduction message have been diffused and read everywhere, more would be overcommunicating. Plus, there won’t be new Fred Vidal Political Article before Mid-November. It’s my civic, patriotic and personal program, let’s watch the TV, appreciate to go to vote, enjoy the results, I’m not a professional politician or specialized journalist, I’m a Citizen and a Web well known person, who wanted to communicate about the dangers to prevent for our future, now it’s done and a success, it was well appreciated. I will wait 3 weeks before to write my feedbacks. Anyway, I’m too busy with my Press Release preparation, diffusion and management. There are not 13 months in 2008, and sincerely, I think, voters did their choice (you know what is mine!!!!!) and I’m about to do the video for tomorrow for history and young voters first in order to promote the fact that to go to vote is crucial because in America we have this problem about absenteism, even for registered people.

Ok, you know everything, but it’s the same for the blogs. This blog won’t have a lot of updates beginning now, I suppose, because we create a new blog on wordpress to concentrate ALL about the PR-Promotional and Pedagogical webFile about our Products, not yet commercialized guys, we start-up, next year is the year, must be a strong commitment now, products in development and pre-production. I’m not stressed about Production, we will do it BUT I’M CONCERNED 24/7 ABOUT COMMERCIAL RESULTS, SUCCESS, there won’t be any Money lost in that products, I promise, it will be the contrary, we gonna have benefits and our Investors and Supporters will be happy and associated because there will be a second year of productions after, a third one, and so on!!! (it’s not obvious, you know, Life is not a dream but a PLAN).

Thank you, I stop right now, I think I said the best and the whole thing.

Fred Vidal, PhD (10/29/08)

PS: New Fred Vidal Hollywood Prods Blog on WordPress is:

(Nothing right now, I will inform you on this article as a breaking news when there is a first text).

Update 11/02/08: The French Cop(R) Commercial Campaign is in progress since Halloween 2008 (11/01/08) and for Several Years (until the release of the DVD after the Theaters Screenings Mass Success)! See first article on my second WordPress Blog, HOLLYWOOD SIGN:

  • ALL THE ARTICLES ON THIS BLOG WILL BE UPDATED AND BREAKING NEWS UPGRADED A LAST TIME IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS AND THEN CONSIDERED AS RECORDS AND ARCHIVES. ALL THE PROGRAMS ARE RUNNING AND MUST BE CHECKED NOW THROUGH THE PRESS RELEASE FILE ONLY (and Our Community News, of course). But it does not mean this Blog is over, on the contrary, it continues but at another level and with another speed. AND THANK YOU FOR ITS HUGE SUCCESS, I never had so many people reading my articles before!!! F.V.
Our New Card: FOR YOU!

Update 11/02/08: The French Cop(R) Commercial Campaign is in progress since Halloween 2008 (11/01/08) and for Several Years (until the release of the DVD after the Theaters Screenings Mass Success)! See first article on my second WordPress Blog, HOLLYWOOD SIGN:


November 1st 2008 Begins an Important Program of Promotion and Notoriety for our products in development and pre-production (Motion Pictures, Vidgames, Music Albums), the name of this program is MASS PRESS RELEASE 1 (Press Release for the Mass Media), a press file of 5 pages, to be sent by mail and Fax, about our business and artistic activities, in order to get articles and interviews in the Press (newspapers, radio & TV) NationWide (USA) and on the Internet. The PR Website associated is (in preview one week before). Other sites: scientific and central, political and civic, artistic cooperation with Europe = 

Thanks (10/28/08). Modernscope Inc for Fred Vidal, PhD

French Cop New Logo Halloween 2008, originally uploaded by Fred Vidal, PhD.

This is our Next Web & Post-Card to be sent to every contact we have and we will have in America and Wordwide for the Next 2 years.

Update 11/02/08: The French Cop(R) Commercial Campaign is in progress since Halloween 2008 (11/01/08) and for Several Years (until the release of the DVD after the Theaters Screenings Mass Success)! See first article on my second WordPress Blog, HOLLYWOOD SIGN:

Next Year I shoot French Cop, I play Vincent Sauvan, I feel ready for that: a lot of action, a lot of cameras.
See 2 addresses:

with 4 scenes of the movie detailed for videogames and content is our Press and Investors Release, Diffusion begins Saturday (Nov 1) for 2 months and 8 days (2008!).
Your Fred (written from, cool!).

  • Postcard Dedicated to Zinedine Zidane and Sean Combs, our 2 new friends on the SOCIAL MEDIA (Zinedine on MySpace, Sean on FaceBook). Vince Sauvan, The French Cop is a Rapper too (!) and a great Soccer player at Georgetown University (see Screenplay).

See me and friend me (1,350 friends) at

“Dear Sean,
THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP. I want to share with you my passion for music (my band BRAMSTOCKER, Punk Rock would appreciate one day to play with Hip Hop rappers for a Remix), Acting (in Hollywood or in New York, I found a great jacket at your store in 2006!) and Solidarity (Social Media sounds good to improve our Society). Regarding the Election, like the French say: QUE LE MEILLEUR GAGNE!
You are my vision of a New America with more successful entrepreneurs and creativity.
Have a perfect week.
Fred Vidal, PhD”



I want to introduce to you my great new friend and all times Idol of my dreams (Soccer ones) Mister ZINEDINE ZIDANE, the fantastic player and strategic leader of the France Team for so many years.
I was invited and on location in this huge Paris Stadium for the finale of the World Cup 1998 and Zinedine wrote that day (and many other days) his name in the History of the Soccer game (that we call FOOTBALL in France).

He is more than that in my second Country (and the first for my memories and tenderness): a Symbol of solidarity and success for the Youth, from any origins, immigrants or not, who believe in France to give them a job and a happy family, everyday.

Zidane deserves to be more well known (he’s already famous) in the States and I’m sure he will come and visit us one day with, why not?, an offer of Modernscope Inc, my Hollywood Company (based in New York), to have an acting role in one of our next Motion Pictures. He has the talent, he always had the ambition and his sport career is a masterpiece.

Zinedine, before to work in the Show Biz, I was too busy in France, to appreciate enough and take the time to admire your work every weekend but it’s never too late and now that I’m almost 50 and a kind of Web celebrity for Rock and Movies (with a huge year of shooting and promotion in 2009!), I remember your famous concentration and energy with the pleasure to play in order to coach myself for a perfect body-brain balance and efficiency 24/7 next year and beginning now. Actors are athletes too!!

Thank you Zinedine, I’m proud to be also French when my best friend is YOU.

Sincerely Yours.

Fred Vidal, PhD

That’s all for Today, Folks, All about Solidarity.



i just read that Philippe Starck will stop Design in 2 years. I’m sad about that but his choice is smart choice if he feels it as a designer first. He’s one of the greatest of them all and I’m proud to be his Friend as you can see on my Main Page of

So, Philippe, in 2 years or before, you can join my Punk 1977 band BRAMSTOCKER, we always look for a good pianist, I mean electronic keyboards, it’s computerized and about SOUND DESIGN, I’m sure your genius could do marvelous things with our guitars and drums. It’s a serious invitation but let’s have a break before to think more about it because music is like fruits and vegetables, it needs the right season. So, first rehearsal when you want, when I’m back in France for the MIDEM or before (if you’re interested).

I hope it was a good news like a serious joke or a fun deal because I was so sad to read you don’t believe in design anymore but I don’t believe in music too much too, it’s why I’m first an Actor now… Below The Hollywood Sign!

Your Friend,

Fred Vidal, PhD

(NO FUTURE, except for us and who wants it)

  • BREAKING NEWS (8:53AM PT): “You know, guys, that I like to share and communicate, because it’s transparence and fair proactivity. So, I can tell you today that for partnership, production one, I will send on the behalf of Modernscope Inc my File (not the Press Release but an Offer one) to UNITED ARTISTS ONLY, because of tradition and future, according to me. Other Majors in Hollywood are well respected by me but not interesting for my productions. Of course, it will be done November 1st too (just the first day of the 11th month of 2008, nothing to do with Halloween or the Elections). Afterwards, it’s confidential, not in the November Press Campaign, of course, and I hope to share a good news with you soon, who knows? I believe in Tom Cruise.
    Fred Vidal, PhD”

New Fred Vidal Membership: www.nitrateville
Talking, Collecting and Preserving Classics Film.

  • D Day – 7 (10/25/08)

Delayed because of Wall Street Crash, Fred Vidal’s MASS PRESS RELEASE 1 Begins November 1, 2008 with a Mail/Fax Campaign and a Galaxy of Websites TO MAKE OUR PROJECTS WELL KNOWN AND SUCCESSFUL.

With our OPERATION GRASSROOTS 2 (Film Cooperation with Europe) and our Web 2.2 Strategy of Networking, MASS PRESS RELEASE PROGRAM 1 is the ultimate Corporate and Social Effort and Initiative of Fred Vidal’s Companies, on the Web and outside the Web.

Every Newspapers in North America will receive ou 5 pages file before the end of the year (otherwise, call us immediately!!). TV Channels, Radio Shows, Magazines, Fanzines and other Mass or Micro Media will also be scheduled for Diffusion.

More Websites owned or host will be associated (Fred Vidal is already known and networking on more than 50 Social media Sites and our companies manage today more than 15 Internet Addresses).

Updates and Upgrades of all of this is Modernscope’s GALAXY WEB PROGRAM 1.

  • Warning: Fans of our Products, Games and Characters, all of that is technical but we live it for you, as a Fandom can do to satisfy your appetite of new stories starring our Heroes, your Heroes for the mutual succes of OUR STORYLINE.
  • Special Central Platform (MASS PRESS RELEASE/GALAXY WEB PROGRAMS new page to be released THIS WEEKEND, including daily updates of the List of Media diffused beginning next week) host by:

  • This Glogal Program is Dedicated to Cecil B. DeMille.
The Legend of Cecil B. DeMille

The Legend of Cecil B. DeMille

You were a myth for me when I was a Kid in the 1960’s, you’re still my best example of a Hollywood Career for the notoriety of the Sign and the Big Screen. I swear, I will make you be proud of me, Sir!
Fred Vidal, PhD (10/25/08).

  • Text published earlier today at:

“I am developing my own Hollywood Franchise,
by Dr. Fred Vidal (10/25/08)

I am developing my own Hollywood Franchise because I am a PhD Filmmaker and I know how it is important to organize, from the beginning, your screenplay and feature as an attractive product for investors who want to reach commercial success by supporting creativity in this type of business.

Hollywood Franchise, Entertainment Franchise, Movie Franchise: it means your characters and your ‘universe’ are going to inspire other entrepreneurs for licensing projects (clothes, toys, novels, comics, vidgames, games, softwares, posters and postcards, TV shows, Ads, Marketing, etc.).

Do you need to have a Blockbuster Film in order to do that? I don’t think so. Since 2005 in Los Angeles, I am working on the story of a FRENCH COP (R)(tm), with my company FRENCH COP LLC (and since 2006 with my New York Corporation MODERNSCOPE INC too), in a NICHE STRATEGY and a STARTUP ORGANIZATION that must make us ready to shoot a first motion picture next year (a Web & Theater Product with a DVD/Book scheduled in a 2nd time) after a 2 years WWW promotion and networking that built a good notoriety on the Web for my Franchise and, with the deadline of 2009, the commercialization of a series of additional products in progress, available and useful for your SOCIAL MEDIA and everyday life.

A Press release Begins November 1st, 2008 (called MASS PRESS RELEASE PROGRAM 1).

All my Best.

By the way, Partners, Advisors and Investors are welcomed in this Enterprise.

Call me: 310/721-5056

Dr. Fred Vidal,
from Hollywood, CA

    LIST OF MY TOP 50 friends on and my TOP 20 friends on to be published on this Article Blog Today (10/25/08). (Fred Vidal and Fred Kelly)

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