SLAVERY™, a New Screenplay signed by Fred Vidal, PhD, for Thanksgiving 2008

November 27, 2008

Writers Guild of America, West Registration #1316990
November 27. 2008
Los Angeles, California





A man and a woman had the plan to get married next year.
He was a hunter, she was the princess of their tribe in Africa, in the 17th Century.
He was unlucky, captured by a team of European Slave Dealers.
In America, he is sold as a slave to work for a rich farmer in Louisiana.
He succeeds, after a while, to go back to New York City with several friends.
On location, they steal a Slaver (boat) to go back to Africa.
After a difficult and long trip on the Atlantic Ocean, they are back on their Continent.
It’s a couple of years after he left his tribe and the Princess is not anymore there.
Protected by another tribe, she will finally meets him again.
Their legend will be a secret but a famous one all over the Continent and worldwide, forever and ever. 

Fred Vidal, PhD
Thanksgiving 2008

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