Julianne Moore, a New Twiggy for Hollywood and Fred Vidal.

Julianne Moore, a New Twiggy for Hollywood and Fred Vidal.



Remark: Yahoo!’s Entertainment site criticizes hardly some great hopes of the industry, cast for new hot TV shows in 2008, because of ‘BAD ACTING’. “I think there is too much stress in this profession and we ask too much to the artists. IF HOLLYWOOD WANTS GREAT ACTING, HOLLYWOOD MUST TREAT US BETTER BY NEGOTIATING IMPROVEMENTS WITH THE GREAT SAG… INCLUDING ADDITIONAL MEASURES FOR SILENT ACTORS (Screen Actors Guild backtors).” F. Vidal (12/23/08).

Merry Christmas to my 2008 Producers and Team-Crew and Cast for all the sets/films/TV shows I did this year!!
F r e d

Fred Vidal, Spokesman of the Backtors (background actors) at the Screen Actors Guild, Celebrates Strike Vote Delayed with VOICE!! Silent Actors Empowerment Platform.


Fred Vidal, PhD, December 23, 2008: “This video was recorded yesterday morning, Monday 22, and available for viewers at 10:18AM. At 6:28PM, I received the Email of Doug Allen, SAG National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, to the Union Boards members (LA Times – Business, Tuesday) informing that the Vote process is delayed (of a couple of weeks). BACKGROUNDS ACTORS MUST APPRECIATE THAT DECISION, TAKE SERIOUSLY THE FACT THAT VOICE!! IS THEIR SUPPORTING PROGRAM AND CELEBRATE THAT FIRST VICTORY. We have now a HISTORIC CHANCE to make us appreciated better inside the Guild for the empowerment of our status and reputation to be a part of the risk of strike confirmation. IF I WAS A PRINCIPAL, I would already support Alan and Doug, being sure that the Producers who are our friends in the working Hollywood and sometimes actors too, will change their mind and accept the principles of solidarity, WIN-WIN and FAIR BUSINESS. Are we against ourselves? How many actors are producers too, including in the majors. ARE WE AGAINST OURSELVES?
ABOUT CORPORATION-MAJORS, THEY MUST UNDERSTAND THAT ACTORS ARE ALSO MOVIEGOERS, CLIENTS OF THEM FOR TV, DVD, VIDGAMES TOO (what about if we stop to buy their products??) AND RESPECT THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE ON THE SCREEN: US. We are not writers but actors, sensible and fragile sometimes, with the talent to persuade and to express ourselves in the media. We don’t know enough maybe confidentiality!!… but we are fair guys, generous ones, always ready to help. This public debate is one of our best works to get the improvements we need. In front of a risk of a SAG strike in the middle of the historic economic crisis that strikes our Country, the United States, we must COMMUNICATE BETTER inside the Union WITH THE CELEBRITIES AND THE MASS OF THE DAILY WORKERS (REAL WORK ON THE SET) WHO ARE… THE BACKGROUND ACTORS FIRST (and not principal workers who are a minority). There is the problem that we are not RESIDUALS ORIENTED, our PROBLEMS are different. They must be understood better and SAG must include them in the STRIKE NEGOTIATIONS STRATEGY. VOICE!!, SAG Silent Actors Promotion Platform proposes a list of possible improvements FOR OUR SILENT WORKERS. I am sure that some of them, all of them, can be included in SAG OBJECTIVES. Our profession is the victim of a routine that makes SAG B Actors, kind of non-union guys on the sets (this is an evolution since 2003 when I began that is clear). IF SAG NOT ENOUGH RESPECTED BY PRODUCERS AND CRITICIZED BY CELEBRITIES, it’s because our troops of workers (Extras) on the sets DON’T REPRESENT THE UNION WELL BECAUSE THEY CAN’T…
Anyway, Merry Christmas to everybody in America, from the boards of the majors to the background holding areas of the Hollywood Sets, and now we have the time to have fun, enjoying our Holiday Season and to communicate better and more, beginning January… and to prepare the STRIKE, IF NECESSARY.
Fred Vidal, PhD (12/23/08, 7:18AM PT)
PS: I will send my orientation letter to Doug Allen and Alan Rosenberg in the next few days.
I appreciated another email of our President asking for unity and fraternity, this sounds great, Alan.

Propositions of VOICE!! for Background Actors Empowerment are on http://www.fredvidaluniversity.com
fredvidalphd’s QuickCapture Video – December 22, 2008, 10:18 AM


Fred Vidal, PhD Upcoming Video on Youtube (to be recorded, first in French this week, and diffused online probably tomorrow Friday, December 12, 2008) is an International Message to Share Success and Creativity for a Post-Crisis soon in America. This interview will include 2 parts:


United Artists founders (L-R) Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin

United Artists founders (L-R) Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin

Picture:  Actors can be producers! But SAG needs to do more for its members in order to make them being respected and attractive as background performers. This is social, this is a Key-Issue of the Crisis and the Possible Strike. You cannot criticize the producers if you don’t offer more Solidarity for your own members.

As an actor, still working as a Background Player, even if he is already a successful producer-screenwriter thanks to the Internet, Fred Vidal, PhD will explain his position regarding the project of strike by the Screen Actors Guild by criticizing both the producers and the union.

Regarding the Producers

Regarding the Producers, not only the majors, and their organizations, it makes no sense that they don’t share a part of the solidarity and hope that they expressed, most of the time, by supporting Barack Obama. No sign of  professional progress for the crucial business of the Industry: ACTING, it’s supporting the process of crisis in our Country, taking the risk of a bigger depression (economical, psychological) and a deeper recession.

Actors are the spokesperson on the screen of the regular people since Jimmy Stewart, and they are their heroes. Treating them like loosers, it’s treating the moviegoers in a bad way and treating themselves (the producers) like if they are disconnected from the reality of the industry. To do just a little could have been fantastic but they decided to do…  nothing, these producers, and consequently, THEY CRITICIZE THEMSELVES because Hollywood is not a FACTORY but a FAMILY business that they are breaking publicly, showing they don’t understand Culture to respect and Profit to share.  Do we need a new historic strike after the screenwriters one?

What is broken in this Hollywood that is a sign of fraternity and respect for the human kind of workers and consumers  in every country and for every generation?

Regarding the Screen Actors Guild

Regarding the Screen Actors Guild, Fred Vidal, PhD will explain, in his last video on Youtube for 2008, that the status quo about the Background Actors is not acceptable anymore inside the Guild.

SAG, I'm a member since 2005 and still no speaking roles (except mines) in Hollywood!! (How is it possible???)

SAG, I'm a member since 2005!!

Picture: Logo SAG, “I’m a member since 2005 and still no speaking roles (except mines) in Hollywood!! (How is it possible???). I’m not the only one. SOMETHING’S WRONG. I want to do something against that Union with no (principal) work.” FV (12/11/08) “PS: I’m a happy fellow as a producer-screenwriter, guys, don’t misunderstand me, against that union means against that dysfunction of that union. I’m really ‘lucky’ to have the card but there is a reform to organize for actors to build their career in an Union way WITH SOLIDARITY… Everybody knows that to get a great agent, you need to be recommended (by another client-actor, the best), WHO RECOMMENDS WHO?? It’s about life, it’s about work. It’s about OUR life, it’s about OUR work. SAG is AFL-CIO, we need RULES, and to know the present RULES in an AFL-CIO way (I will develop in my letter to the President and will let you know)“. AFL-CIO IS a voluntary federation of 56 national and international labor unions and represents workers from all walks of life.

This subject must be a crucial one: WITH THE CRISIS, WITH THE RISK OF STRIKE, WE NEED A NEW historic PROFESSIONAL DEAL INSIDE THE GUILD FOR EVERYBODY MANAGEMENT OF HIS/HER CAREER in a very special business: ACTING and Fred Vidal will write a letter to Alan Rosenberg, President of SAG, next week, about it. The project of strike depends on a vote in January. We are Mid-December and it is the right time to speak about the majority of the Guild members (we need statistics), who do Background that is a very important job on the sets but that needs improvement, empowerment and promotion by and from the Screen Actors Guild in order:

 to give a better image of its non-famous members and their profession,
– to offer them new and better ways of building a strategy of career,
– to study for them a more protected and confortable environment
– to make them more attractive and appreciated by casting directors, talent agents and film directors and producers

It is clear that this issue is one of the questions that must studied inside the present conflict, even if it is a shame that it does not seem already on the list of the negotiation points. If SAG cannot study and prepare a better status and type of career for background artists as BACKGROUD ARTISTS, Fred Vidal, PhD will propose the creation of a special Union for that type of performers, in January already.

SAG criticizes the producers consortium because not enough: social and actor’s rights oriented. This is true. But SAG doesn’t give the good and right example to follow by letting a majority of its members in a non-winning process, without helping them to reinforce their background actors status and by doing nothing (or not enough anyway) to organize a teamwork and a structure of professionalisation to make them begin the 2nd step of their career, meaning speaking roles.

This is a lot of critics! But we did not begin that process, and in an Union: let’s speak frankly because we don’t want this 1929 mood to continue too much in America and SAG is a part of AFL-CIO that has obviously some of the keys to begin the Post-Crisis Era very soon. AFL-CIO means a lot for us.

The Creation in January 2009 of a Studies Mission for Background Actors Empowerment, with Fred Vidal, PhD available to work on it, will be proposed to Alan Rosenberg and Doug Allen, Executive Director by Fred in his public letter to the President of the Screen Actors Guild ‘About the Strike and the Background’.

Part 2: Fred Back in France? Yes and No.

Fred Vidal, PhD back in France because of the Crisis: NO and NO. THIS IS A 2006 PROJECT, already scheduled in 2003 during the networking of Operation Grassroots 1 (immigration in the United States with, previously, the building of definitive relationships with Nice, Fred’s hometown and France, Country of his first career as a Civil Servant specialized in Communication, for a commercial partnership whith his American business, when ready: meaning NOW).

Serge Sandberg, Founder of the Studios de la Victorine in Nice.

Serge Sandberg, Founder of the Studios de la Victorine in Nice.

For Grassroots 2, the new Corporate Fred Vidal’s Program diffused on the Web since October 2008 and now developed soon on the global network of FRED VIDAL UNIVERSITY, the objective is to be on location 24/7 in Nice,  France with a new company SARL (Comme-ci Comme-ca Productions SARL, meaning So Far So good Productions), daily satellite communications with Hollywood and the States and many international personal travels in Europe and a recurrent, a regular Presence in the States as usual with a reinforced Business Team, Web negotiations and financial international partnerships.

It is the normal life of an international movie insider focusing on international relationships, it is prepared since 2006 and in progress since October with a starting line in January.

Nice as the European headquarters? It makes a lot of sense because of the historic and unique site and filming location of La Victorine, now STUDIOS RIVIERAS owned and managed by the well known French Company EURO MEDIA TELEVISION.  A great connexion is in progress with STUDIOS RIVIERA for the shooting there of Fred Vidal’s movie CASINO CLUB™, a music video and maybe some scenes of the FRENCH COP®.

Secondly Nice and France are fantastic locations for shootings and very attractive and fascinating areas for Americans. With the qualities and efficiency of new French President Nicolas Sarkosy and Nice new Mayor, Christian Estrosi, this is the Country that is perfect for Fred Vidal productions and projects.

But as a good American Citizen and a responsible entrepreneur in America, Fred will stay first involved in the solutions to find against the crisis and will keep his worlwide Headquarters, just below the Hollywood Sign, in Hollywoodland, working full-time for more solidarity, creativity, international partnerships and commercial success for both France and the United States thanks to more co-productions for movies and other commercial activities.

Member of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce since 2007 with FRENCH COP®  LLC and now focusing on a daily basis on his participation in the Chamber (International Trade & Investment Committee), Fred will develop the right programs in 2009 to build friendship, business cooperation, exchanges and progress around his movie projects and his international career in France and the United States for the definitive success of his American Success Story.

TEXT TO BE UPDATED EVERYDAY until December 15  (last update: 12/11/08).


Sometimes, you find and get new friends on the Web, sometimes you are one more time in touch with old ones and it’s great.  Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice, France is one of the newest friends of Fred on Facebook , even if this friendship began more than 25 years ago on the French Riviera where Fred Vidal, PhD was a Radio Reporter and a Campaign Worker for the Party of Christian Estrosi.

Christian Estrosi, Nice new Mayor.

Christian Estrosi, Nice new Mayor.

Good sign for the second part of Operation GRASSROOTS 2, a program of internationalization of the Movies production of Fred Vidal, PhD’s 2 companies, Modernscope Inc and French Cop LLC, with the creation next year of an European Business Structure in Nice, France. Fred will be on location in Nice, his hometown, beginning January.

An excellent connexion with EURO MEDIA TELEVISION, owner of Studios Riviera (new name of the Victorine Studios) is the first success of this brilliant idea of relocalization in Nice, France of a part of Fred’s commercial activities (other good contacts already made with Nice’s Chamber of Commerce for the creation of a French Company, the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur Region and the Alpes-Maritimes Departement specialized services for the development of the Movie Production).

From his American Headquarters in Hollywoodland, Los Angeles, California, Fred Vidal, PhD is preparing, for the Holiday Season, a new Video for Youtube.com and his French and American Blogs and community site memberships about:
–  his choice since 2006 to build partnerships with Europe in order to reinforce his American commercial productions,
– the creation of Fred Vidal University, a coordination structure for more Internet creativity and networking empowerment.

Fred Vidal, PhD is celebrating 1,500 friends on Facebook this week including 609 in Los Angeles, 112 in France, 111 in London, 89 in New York and 36 in Monaco.


Fred Vidal on Facebook.

Fred Vidal on Facebook.

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