My YouTube INAUGURATION DAY: Almost 800 Views… In ONE WEEK!!!

Fred Vidal, PhD Web Message To His Celebrity Friends: SIGN THE PETITION, It’s Good For Hollywood!


I Signed The Petition For a US Secretary For Culture and Arts, Just BEFORE INAUGURATION DAY (See My YouTube Video) and I Want to Invite You, Celebrity Friends, To Sign It Too and To Make it Public Because We Need Your Support. Cutural Organizations, Sign It Too!! (I will Ask to All My Memberships NonProfits to Do So). Non-Celebrities Friends, I Hope You Already Signed It Or Do It Today! Thank You To The Creator of The Petition, Mr. Jaime AUSTRIA, Musician in New York, Friend of Mine Thanks To FACEBOOK, and The First CELEBRITY Who Supports and Promotes This Project, The Great Mr. QUINCY JONES!!

I Want You To Visit My Special WEBSITE For This Huge project WITH THE DIRECT LINK TO THE WEB PETITION (A Sacred One, A Historic One): To Create A Secretary Of Culture/Arts in The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, A Special Department for Arts & Communication In His Cabinet. The Decision is WHITE-HOUSE 100%, I Suppose With The Agreement of THE US CONGRESS, of course, And I Hope That Our Great New President BARACK OBAMA, My Friend #1 On MySpace, Will Study This Possible Reform by Creation Of an Additional Secretary in His TEAM White-House DC, Or First a Specialized Mission/Service.

Let’s Call/write To Our Senators and Representatives Too, By The Way, To Have Their Support, it can be important Too!!

I Will Be On Location, In WASHINGTON DC, At The End of Next Month, FEBRUARY,  For a Scientific Post-Doctoral Political Science Work about The Possible Necessity of This New Secretary In America.

Thank You And Thank You For Your Support!

Fred Vidal, PhD

(Diffusion of This Blog Link on MySpace Bulletin Boards, 3 Times Until Weekend Jan To Feb).


In Europe, and I Think, In So Many Countries Of the World, they all Have a Special Governmental Secretary For Culture, Arts, Media and Communication. So Why not In The States? It’s The Reason Why I Support the Petition Created by JAIME AUSTRIA, In New York!” Fred Vidal, PhD (01/29/09)

  • This Is A Crisis like in the 1930’s and Our Economy and the Business People who Manage it, they Need A Community of Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurs Sponsored and Supported By WASHINGTON, DC For A New Time Of Happiness To start soon in America Thanks to CREATION.
  • FIRST THE INTERNET,THIS IS THE CULTURE AND IT DESERVES A STUDY, A MUSEUM AND PROBABLY A CHAMBER! The Internet, It’s an American Miracle and a Worldwide Leadership For The United States, Preview of The Future Dominant Mass Media in 20 Years and, Already Now, A Way To Improve Communication and To Extend TV, Radio and Newspapers Impact. It Deserves a Secretary!!
  • SECONDLY, ARTS MEAN MUSEUMS, AND WE NEED A NATION COORDINATION TO IMPROVE THEIR STATUS AND MANAGEMENT.  Arts Mean Artists and We Need a Better Status For Them too, including More Career Definitions and Markets Organization with a Reform of The Museums Nationwide to Prevent the Crisis To Destroy The Headquarters of Our Culture. We Need a Secretary For That and DC as Model.
  • THIRDLY, HOLLYWOOD SOCIAL CRISIS WITH A BUSINESS STRESS CAN BE OVER IN 2 DAYS IF: A MOVIE SUPPORTING POLICY. Hollywood, closer to The Dream Than Reality: It gives Magnifique Results On The Big Screen and For Our Economy (DVDs, TV Shows, Franchises). But At The Eve Of the 2010’s, We Understand that There is a Hiatus (Screen Actors Guild Crisis) and We Need A Secretary To Help.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, MUSIC INDUSTRY AND RECORD COMPANIES NEED A VISION FOR THE MUSIC OF THE 21ST CENTURY (MP3s & CDs). Music Industry In The Middle of A Recurrent Crisis Since The beginning Of the 2000’s Because Of the Difficulties for the MP3 Market To Replace Vinyls And CDs, without DVD substantial Additional Revenues. So For The musicians and The Record Labels, We need a Secretary in DC.
Black Card/White Sign (HoLlyWoOd!!)

FRED VIDAL 2009 COMMUNICATION e-CARD/PostCARD: Black Card/White Sign (HoLlyWoOd!!)


b-Side Black Card/White Sign, Fred Vidal Com For 2009: COMMUNITIES HOLLYWOOD!!

The Success of Fred Vidal, PhD new Video  for INAUGURATION DAY (700 Views on in One Week!), recorded live during the Parade for President Barack Obama, Inspired his New Website Pro-Creation of an U.S. Secretary Of Culture.

Homepage of with the YouTube Video and Link To The Petition.

Homepage of with the YouTube Video and Link To The Petition. supporting PETITION For Creation of A Secretary Of Culture in America (project Secretary of the Arts supported by more than 200,000 people with the great Quincy Jones).

Fred Vidal, PhD, specialist of Political Science, will be in DC In February for a study regarding this project.

Barack Obama Celebration In DC as New President of The United States Inspires Fred Vidal, PhD New YOUTUBE Event Live with CNN!!

Already 70 Views In 3 (THree) Hours!! (01/20/09. 7:23PM, PT Earth).

Fred Vidal, PhD Joins UCLA ALUMNI!

Fred Vidal, PhD Signs Tomorrow, Wednesday, Quincy Jones Petition for A SECRETARY OF CULTURE In AMERICA!

Fred Vidal Stops Background

The Goodbye Kiss (or Victory Kiss?): Fred Vidal Stops Background

Fred Vidal, PhD Stops Acting Background after 5 Years and 6 Months with Last Scene on 24.




Fred Vidal Decided Yesterday, January 13, 2009 to Stop His Main Hollywood Professional Activity, ACTING, Because of a Bad Connections with The Business in town, Obliging Him to Continue Background only.

During all these years,  Fred Vidal didn’t find a way to be Upgraded Principal, Never.

This is an Example of the Difficulties of Hollywood, with the Chaos in Progress at The Screen Actors Guild and no Optimism in town for the Short Term Social Future of Our Profession: MAKING FILMS.

On TWITTER and Connected COMMUNITY SITES, MySpace and Facebook but not Only, Fred Vidal is Developing a Nice Reality Show (FRENCH-COP-REALITY-SHOW) about his Ambition to Make 2009 a Better Year for Everybody (‘You make My Day!”) but Nothing’s possible if now that He’s Only a Principal Looking For Work, Something is Not Happening Here.


and so many other addresses. See:

  • MORE AND MORE SOLID AND CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIE FOR FRED VIDAL’S COMPANIES, French Cop LLC and Modernscope Inc, with STRONG INVOLVEMENT in Hollywood Daily Life By Pre-Production of Installment One of the Saga: FRENCH COP: NICE GUY (More News Soon)  and Live Developments on Twitter – Fred Vidal, Facebook and Myspace.

WE WILL DO OUR BEST and Succeed TO FIND IN TOWN A TALENT AGENT for Fred Vidal Hollywood Personal Career (Acting, Screenwriting, Composing) in Short Term through Connections and Recommendations. He will do it (meaning auditions and getting parts because he’s gifted and it’s important, you know, to build a Career).

We, The Team, Believe Only in the Internet, the Web 2.0, for Communication on that Issues and For Everybody, Social Media or not. The Celebration of the End of 66 Months of Fair and Good Job In Front of the Cameras, with the Best Teams and Crews in Hollywood, will be scheduled For One Month.

  • History to be developed and published on:

Fred Vidal Began Acting BASTILLE DAY 2003, July the 14th 2003 for a Scene with Katie HOLMES in the Feature Film, FIRST DAUGHTER, He Stopped His Activity, Yesterday, January 13, 2009, exactly 66 Months after. His last scenes on a Set are with Steve Carell, The Office, in a Featured Garden Couple  Scene  and with Kiefer Sutherland, 24, Hospital Scene, Fred Plays a Doctor (Season Last Episodes).

We want to express our Gratitude to hundreds of People met during These Years (especially to Martin Sheen and the Team of The West Wing for First Day SAG) but, in order to begin Now a regular Top Career in Hollywood, we cannot prevent ourselves to explain That it is strange Communication cannot create Professional Contacts Building on A Set in HOLLYWOOD. We connect the fact to the Crisis at The Screen Actors Guild that is creating a Period of Troubles in the Movie Industry and We’re sorry about it.

We did our Best and it didn’t work. So Let’s Web Now and PR, Folks.

Frederic Vidal:I have no regret. I understand these people are pretty busy and it was a fantastic School for Me, a Hard one, a tough one, one of the Best in My life and Now… I deserve a Degree. With the Web and my Networks I will get it this Year, on the Same Hollywood Sets by Beginning my Speaking Role Career.

 I suppose, I Hope. Who can Be against That? 

Certainly not my Friends on MySpace and FaceBook who will Receive My Letter today, called “LET’S CONTINUE ACTING“.

Thank you So much to My Fantastic Team on TWITTER and The Reality Show, I mean the Show of The Reality too, a Show is a reality and Reality without Shows is not.

It will prevent any Kind of New or Old MISCOMMUNICATION or Confusion Regarding Who I am.”

Fred Vidal is also Involved in the Career of his Rock Band BRAMSTOCKER and it’s gonna Be a busy Year!

Thanks Everybody (final words).



Photo Wave Second Step. Sound is Music, Colors are Waves. The FRENCH COP UNIVERSE on the Web, deeper, larger, sweeter, with Fred Vidal, PhD and a lot of Friends.





NEW SCREENPLAY BY FRED VIDAL written Today, Sunday, January 4, 2009 is IN DIFFUSION ONLY ON


Screenwriters Guild Of America, West Registration Number : #1322597, January 4th, 2009.

(Jay Leno, Friend #1 of the Band).

Fred Vidal or Vince Sauvan?

Fred Vidal or Vince Sauvan?

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