All that Studies about Films Financement are Possible because of The Quality Of The Cinema Teams you Can hire in The Hollywood boulevard Large area, from Burbank To LAX. Consequently, you Conceive Your Project ACCESS HOLLYWOOD In Your Midwest or East Coast Headquarters and You Come To Holly To Shoot it Made In and You get The Financial Deal Because It’s Quality Guaranteed. For other Projects, stay in Your State and Develop another kind Of deal, It’s A choice But we Need you For The next generation of Holly-Makers!

Information: I have Now almost 7,000 views as a Result of My online Catalogue of short Videos on Youtube, 2-5 minutes monologues or Interviews making sense in A Transition from Duo-Media TV-Cinema to Multimedia TV-Theaters-CellPhones-Computers & More Soon like GRAPHIC WALLS.

30 More Views For the 50th Video Signed Fred Vidal, PhD: A Micro-Marketing That creates Huge Macro-Results on The Web!

Meetup Meetings Can Be Useful For Theory more Than for Networking, Sometimes! It’s Today That The FRED VIDAL CLUB Realized the Best Explanation of The HOLLYWOOD Of The New Century:

A Mix Between BANKS, PARTNERS And Financial DEALS, for Movies To Be released ON TIME and Goers To pay The PRICE Of a Ticket to Make it A Success:

– for The Banks,
– The Partners and
– The Investment DEAL & TEAM To Access Hollywood… For Next Step, UPCOMING Next Film!

Read The TEXT of This MEETUP and Relax for The Weekend, It’s Gonna be a Classic Next month, If you are Sure of It!

BANK-FILMS = The Bank Finances The Film meaning The Film Is Financed by The Bank or , it’s more difficult but possible, by Several banks, with their specialized Subsidiaries. This is Possibly for Some Commentators a Revolution in America, I don’t Think so, But it is a monthly business In Europe, only for That part of The PRODUCTION-GENERAL-DEAL,

CASH-DEALS: The Most Important! = With Your Co-Investors, You decide, in order to start the MOTION PICTURE, Of The Amount of Money you Want to Put Together as a Cash-DEPOSIT/CAPITAL For The security of The Movie Process and First, To show to The banks that You have a Team-‘TREASURE’ You don’t Use except for Networking Expenses Of CREDIT-SUPPORT like Public Relations and Marketing Studies,

PARTNERS-FLOW: After the Release, Movie-Going Results and MULTIMEDIA Success, You Receive  with The other MEMBERS of The CASH-DEAL, A good Amount of Cash, the BenefitsTHE PARTNERS-FLOW, that You Invest in the Next movie because what you Want is The Cash Flow of The Movie Copyrights to Increase for the Next few years, this Flow of Cash is distributed to the Partners, so you Prefer Not to take the cash of the first Movie Result and Develop Your general CASH-DEALS with The Partners on Other movies and Promotion of the 1st One ReRuns. You’re Co-Owner of An Intellectual Rights Company/Partners Commercial Career, like the co-owners Of A Condominium share The property Of an Appartment Building.

BUT FIRST The Bank is Good, with deal, satisfied By The Result of ZERO Lost that is Guarantedd by TV/DVD/Foreign Markets Distribution, Organized previously Thanks to Its Support.

With More Received Than Spent, THE BANK-FILM is PROGRESS  and your Partners, Satisfied, HAVE CASH FLOW To Invest For The Next HOLLYWOOD DEAL… Hollywood Not Anymore For Sale, BUT SOLD to Freelance Promoters of This NEW ECONOMY OF BUSINESS-WOOD!!!

Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Cafes: The Best place To Be For a MEETUP Meeting, Or a Talk-Work For HOLLYWOOD 3, The Sequel Century!

Hard Rock Hotels, Hard Rock Cafes: The Best place To Be For a MEETUP Meeting, Or a Talk-Work For HOLLYWOOD 3, The Sequel Century!


First It’s Necessary to Understand what does it mean HOLLYWOOD, It’s A System with a Key: YOUR TALENT.

If you Don’t have The key, It means you Need To find your Talent Somewhere, Something else Than yours: So find the Right one, An Actress, a Screenwriter, A Cinematographer, YOURS don’t give you The key, It must be not enough but Everybody has some Talent to find something. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

So: You Find your Talent, yours, if you don’t find It all at Once, is not ENOUGH, find it Next year Maybe It will be at The Right Level. We don’t speak about Genius But TALENT, Talent to do Something In The ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

You Have The Talent Now? Ok, so Secondly You already Have the Key, You looking For The HOUSE, the HollyHouse, Right? You want To build Something with Your Life, Not a Career, a Type Of Business, a Special Type, Ready For fun but First for Diffusion Of Your Teammate, The One with THE TALENT, If it’s Not you, Otherwise Yourself If YOU ARE THE KEY Of The House, don’t try Several Keys, It must work with Only ONE.

So the HOUSE, according To Us, IT”S A CONDOMINIUM, You Cannot Buy It TOGETHER with Your Star Talent or You Banker Mentor!! You HAVE THE KEY, It’s The Biggest NEWS, But The KEY Opens to The Patio with so Many Corridors with NO DOORS. It’s A Strange Building, You come With Your Own Kit-Door!! But Where Are You Going to locate That door? You Opened The BUILDING one, It’s a Skyscraper, Nothing to Do with THE Hollywood SIGN, You have probably a Lot Of floors to Visit but Stay Downstairs and Show The place On the Wall to Find your Door, Ok?

Just Wait and THINK about Your Family, If you’re still waiting For the right One, Go back To the First Step about The talent Issues, So Now You have Your Family In mind, A girl If you’re a Man, a Kid Or a Potential one and the Parents, leave them Alone, They have their Own life, we’re Speaking about YOUR GENERATION. You’re WEB ADDICTED Maybe But You’re Also a City-Being, An Usual CUSTOMER of The Local NETWORK That is Global Outside the U.S. but For us, a Shiny Routine, Called DAILY LIFE. So, YOU’RE INSPIRED By Your Small Personal NICHE, made Of LOVE and human tenderness. You Gonna DO the same, guy, TO BUILD OUR HOLLYWOOD, The Sequel! The Episode 2, because THE CRISIS: SO LONG! Turn The Page, and GO BACK To Chapter One, Silent First, Featured with The Sound before Cinescope and Color, Back next Year for The Second Generation.

You need Not A Team But A PLAN For the OTHER SIDE Of The Door, When you Will Open it and It will BE ‘The Miracle Of THE FLAT’, THE HOLLYWOOD Blvd. of your 3-5 Rooms Project, You have the Key for The Building, The Plan for the Condominium, you inside The Flat, Let’s Talk about The Neighbors! Who are They??

Basically They are Folks, not Like you, pieces of a Bigger Piece of Community, Called People with A Key, They were There?? NO. They Are different but They studied This MEETUP Lesson, And They Have their OWN KEY, Probably More than You, Their Personal Inner TALENT Or an Outsider One, Somebody else who is a Part Of themselves. Don’t Try to Know more, they Are only neighbors.

IN THIS HOLLY-SKYSCRAPER, You here For PRODUCING, Right?? You Don’t Want To Sleep all day long and Broadcast Your DREAM ON TV?! You want To Feature a SCRIPT, Some Nice Stuff You wrote with friends Or Roommates Previously. You have the Talent, You have The Team: TEH NEIGHBORS. They Are Yours: Because CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATED.

NO Mistake: It’s Not the Present Hollywood That is Studied, It’s The PRESENT NEXT YEAR, Try To Begin IN MARCH BEFORE, It’s Better For WALL STREET! It’s A Model, Men, Women, Not an EXAMLE AT ALL, But According To A Lot Of Students & Professors/Researchers, The REFORM We Ned For HOLLYWOOD, It’s the Other Side Of the One that Is The Consequencie of The Crisis on The Industries that dont work well These days. Movie Business is Still Kind Of Wonderful success, So Let’s build a Protection of It with This Condominium Theory/Reality.

Your Neighbors, they know, they can’t manage The condominium Without the Other neighbors. they have To be Organized with you to schedule Who do What and It’ll work. Before Hollywood was A Sign, After that It’s A PROPERTY OF OWNERS, Organized To make Their BUILDING WORK.

Thank YOU!!

Meetup Meeting HARD ROCK CAFE

Saturday, February 28, Year Nine, Twenty-First Century.

Fred Vidal Prepares in New York The Next Generation Of Hollywood, The Best Star Careers are Synchronized with The Solution To Their Country Crisis!!

Yes, It appears Something new but In The 30’s, It was a Bad time For our Economy and They did It because They Mean It: LET’S STOP THE CRISIS, Let’s Support The Economy, Let’s Enjoy The Crowd, let’s make them Dream! With The Hollywood Legend Of a Better Land like ISRAEL, Like a Cloud with Some Fun, better Than On Earth. THE PROMISED LAND, You can Get it if You got To Watch It, Theater Works for That, Your DVDs too… But for The TV, it’s Different, Do that On the Web, HOLLYWOOD IS FOR SALE And Your Future Talk with Destiny Can buy It!

FRED VIDAL CLUB TODAY: They will speak about Changing Hollywood, But it’s still Hollywood!!! If you don’t Want to change What you like, you don’t Want to like What you change and You Don’t like to change What you Want!

Claudette Colbert, She was A star, Once Upon a Time, On The Cover Of The MOVIE MIRROR, December 36, She came From New York to wake Up HOLLYWOOD!

Claudette Colbert, She was A star, Once Upon a Time, On The Cover Of The MOVIE MIRROR, December 36, She came From New York to wake Up HOLLYWOOD!

BE ZEN AND FEEL THE SAME, New Article Signed Fred Vidal, Phd On NBC Social Web, Because Of WALL STREET Bad Day and New York STAY.

Today, February 28, 2009, last day of the second Month of The new Year, 3 weeks Before the Spring, Fred Vidal Develops his Blog ZEN message on NBC Web with a study regarding Private Public relations:

Your best Credit card is Your business Card, Print your Name On it and, Obviously a Motto that Rocks, first idea,

Your Cultural Passport is Your project (professional, social, entrepreneurship, sentimental), Put your Picture on The main Page and Smile if You want to Travel fast to Your next Job.

It will be online before FRED VIDAL CLUB Main MEETUP Meeting at 3PM, HARD ROCK CAFE, Time Square, Manhattan.

Federico (Garcia-Lorca and Luis) Bunuel: A Family Called ART with Poems and Films as Masterpieces For a Century (Last Century, Next Century).

Federico (Garcia-Lorca and Luis) Bunuel: A Family Called ART with Poems and Films as Masterpieces For a Century (Last Century, Next Century).

This article NBC/WORDPRESS Is Dedicated To Federico Garcia-Lorca who was an Artist in New York For a Long Short stay before to Publish the Poems he Wrote there.

Is Life a Movie or a Reality Dream? Probably a Mix of The Two. But more Certainly, Our Urban Mix Between Work and Entertainment Gives us a chance to Organize better the Balance that we Need in our Families. For a HOLLYWOOD MEMBER, a Really Closed Club but A real one, It’s Time to build a Permanent Communication on The Internet to make the Life of Everybody better, smaller network, lighter strategy of soft and Smart environment. It’s Time to think and also to talk about what they Think, the Ones who Think and don’t talk.

Before His First New York Meetup about Hollywood For Sale, Fred Vidal,l PhD Writes To The Film Industry To Rent His House For Shootings!

This is The Letter Sent By Email This Morning From New York To 15 Location Agencies In Los Angeles:


I Am The Proud Owner of A Beautiful House. My Home was Always Connected to The movie Industry and is A Splendid location to Shoot some Nice Scenes Below the Hollywood Sign.

Built in the 30’s by Architect Ray J Kieffer, UMA TURMAN and GARY OLDMAN were the Most famous Names of The Industry to Live in This Original 3 Floors Spanish/Italian Inspired House, 6218 Rockcliff Drive in the Historic and Wonderful Hollywoodland, in The Heart of Hollywood History and Future Too.

I’m a Screenwriter and more and more scheduling Travels to Develop my Partnership with Others For My Projects. So, The House can Be a Beautiful and Useful Set for your Clients and I ainviting You to Register it On the List of the Shooting Locations That You Propose .

You can Call me For a Visit or send me an Email:



Thank you and Have a Great DAY!

Fred Vidal, PhD

Fred Vidal, PhD willparticipate In the First MEETUP WALL STREET 10005 This Friday at 1PM, on John Street, near WALL STREET:

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