Before His First New York Meetup about Hollywood For Sale, Fred Vidal Writes To The Film Industry To Confirm He Rents His House For Shootings!

February 27, 2009

Is Life a Movie or a Reality Dream? Probably a Mix of The Two. But more Certainly, Our Urban Mix Between Work and Entertainment Gives us a chance to Organize better the Balance that we Need in our Families. For a HOLLYWOOD MEMBER, a Really Closed Club but A real one, It’s Time to build a Permanent Communication on The Internet to make the Life of Everybody better, smaller network, lighter strategy of soft and Smart environment. It’s Time to think and also to talk about what they Think, the Ones who Think and don’t talk.

Before His First New York Meetup about Hollywood For Sale, Fred Vidal,l PhD Writes To The Film Industry To Rent His House For Shootings!

This is The Letter Sent By Email This Morning From New York To 15 Location Agencies In Los Angeles:


I Am The Proud Owner of A Beautiful House. My Home was Always Connected to The movie Industry and is A Splendid location to Shoot some Nice Scenes Below the Hollywood Sign.

Built in the 30’s by Architect Ray J Kieffer, UMA TURMAN and GARY OLDMAN were the Most famous Names of The Industry to Live in This Original 3 Floors Spanish/Italian Inspired House, 6218 Rockcliff Drive in the Historic and Wonderful Hollywoodland, in The Heart of Hollywood History and Future Too.

I’m a Screenwriter and more and more scheduling Travels to Develop my Partnership with Others For My Projects. So, The House can Be a Beautiful and Useful Set for your Clients and I ainviting You to Register it On the List of the Shooting Locations That You Propose .

You can Call me For a Visit or send me an Email:



Thank you and Have a Great DAY!

Fred Vidal, PhD

Fred Vidal, PhD willparticipate In the First MEETUP WALL STREET 10005 This Friday at 1PM, on John Street, near WALL STREET:

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