After Her Photoshoot Scandal, Fred Vidal, PhD Offers To Blake Lively a Chance to Reorganize her Life and Career with The Man With The Velvet Eyes!

May 24, 2009

Blake Lively seen with another actor of  GOSSIP GIRL for a French Kiss Photoshoot that looks like a simulacre probably organized by the management of the 2. A Screen Actors Guild scandal that shows how the actress is organizing her career in a bad way, according to the Hollywood Buzz.

Fred Vidal invites Blake to be in the cast of The Man With The Velvet Eyes, his next Movie project, and will call CAA next week for a first touch with her agent.

Fred gives an advice to Penn Badgley, on the picture with Blake: next time, find your girlfriend outside the cast of the TV Show you shoot, you are a looser to mix privacy and fiction! And you sabotage the success of Gossip Girl by your lack of professionalism. The Americans won’t forget that you broke their dream.

Blake Lively disappointing all the fans of GOSSIP GIRL with her professional boyfriend and colleague actor. This is a crisis for the Production Team of the TV Show that made them sign obviously the standard agreement not to have personal relationships.

According to law specialists, when you sign a contract as an actor for shooting and promotion of a TV show, you have not the right to have private relationships with another actor of the show, except if you are marrried: this is the rule that must be respected in Hollywood. Consequently, we hope that the producers of GOSSIP GIRL will control that better in the future and ask Penn Badgley to quit the show immediately to give the right example to Hollywood and satisfy the population.


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