The Man With The Velvet Eyes!!! The Best Registration is WordPress!! The Online Writing Now, Now!!

May 26, 2009

Fred’s new Youtube about the movie.

‘Man With The Velvet Eyes’ Story:

2 diplomats meet each other in Prague in 1920, they were in their 20’s, Americans and proud of it. They used to be young students hired by the government to stay one year at the US Embassy to learn their career’s rules.

They decided from the first day to get married after a drink in front of Prague’s City Hall because at that time there was a lot of competitition for the new civil servants. It was a deal and more than a deal, it was a business love story!!

Once married, they would be in a better position and the Secretary of State would invite them in DC to celebrate their couple. Sweet dreams of a young couple that decided to wait until the next day before to make love!

Unfortunately for the couple, another man at the Embassy had the same idea but he proposed the project to a woman who did not work for the United States. He was about to be arrested by the Police and sent back to America where he lost his mother after one week.

The story of the couple just began, it’s what they explained to a US Army General in 1967 on a base of the US Air Force in Vietnam where they were sent for a secret Peacemaker mission.

Fred Vidal, PhD
May 26, 2009
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Waaaooouuu! And it’s not finished. Rendezvous tomorrow.

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