Hollywood City: Solidarity Is and Was Sometimes The Choice Of A Life Day In The Traffic Without Red Lights!

July 6, 2009


Scientific American Supplement: TORPEDO BOATS FOR THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT. On page 9948 of a famous XIXe issue, illustrations of two torpedo boats, the Azor and Halcon, which have lately been constructed by Messrs Yarrow & Co., of Poplar, for the Spanish government. http://chestofbooks.com/crafts/scientific-american/sup5/Torpedo-Boats-For-Spain.html

Hollywood City: Solidarity Is and Was Sometimes The Choice Of A Life Day In The Traffic Without Red Lights!

All around the City that was conceived One Day on A One Time Basis, We Read The Bible print by A Consortium created By Thinkers, Screenwriters, Cinematographers and Their Environment developing the Feedback for the words and the Scenes recorded as Unique Icons of The Archeology of Hollywood. Who remember what this Name Meant before the Change of Management of The City-Powerline?

My own purpose, said the Man who was The Spokesman of The Consortium, is to invent a few things to make them more important than they are and I’m good for that, so are you. Below The Water, there is the Ground under tons of liquid with salt and powder of fishes, living animals of the Sea who are Happy to feel better everyday without men and women to kill them when they are sleeping quietly. The Fish Empire is an Union of Beings able to have fun and breath inside the Water World, as a confederation of citizens of the Earth C, speaking the same language: the Fish-Talk.

The Fishes are not alone because they think collective and they are friends with the Boats and The Submarines, not with the Airplanes that prefer the Eagles and The Birds. In Hollywood City, The Population is not the same since 1995 when A Giant arrived from The Forest to propose a Conference about The Trees and Their Brothers and Sisters: the Living Nature and the Smiling Opera of non-Human’s Empires, unknown by the Sciences and the Arts of The Continent where you were born before to forget it.

Dune is a mistake when you don’t read well The Novel and when You read it too fast, it’s a mess, no words can express that, so you have to wait for a smaller brain than yours to help thinking slower and synchronizing the stories, sentence by sentence, chapter after chapter, like a Fantasy Comedy, like a Movie with no title, you can swear that you will do it and we will check thanks To The Space-Time Devices we have that change everything when it is wrong and nobody remembers the previous scenario, except The Fools on The Hills and some Other Terrorists of The Culture Lies and Wrong ideas from the South of The World. Solidarity Is and Was Sometimes The Choice Of A Life Day, A Daily Life, In The Traffic Without Red Lights!

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