THE FIRST TALKING MOVIE: The Story, A Film For Time Frames Under Construction!

August 19, 2009


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A man and a woman don’t know each other but they are connected by a strange feeling called love. It’s Belgium, the Summer and nobody else knows about that. There is something in the air and it is a hot month of July, July like in the old schools books when there is a time for action.

She is 20 years old or maybe a little more, nobody knows because she lost her mother and she is not speaking anymore, except to herself, inside her mind, with a brain strategy of suffering and knowledge of the past. This is a fact. She is thinking about the people who can help her and she decides to send a message that the newspapers call ad for love, a wedding, a couple matter, something like a murder of her sad present time, alone with her father.

A man in the south who felt too much alone replied to the letter of 2 sentences, one to find, the second one to share. He invited her to visit his village where he had a job at the police station, a place where he feels secure and busy enough to think about the future.

She arrived by the train and he was at the right place with some flowers in the hand to welcome her to his life. He did not know about her decision not to speak before to decide so, when it will be the time to build something looking like Hollywood.

She wanted to be a star but it was not possible, her parents did not want the child to be a slave of the movie industry and she learned English before to speak German, the language of her dad, a tall man who never lied but did not understand her daughter.

The man and the girl arrived at the house of his parents where he lived and he was obliged to explain to the family that his future wife probably did not speak, never spoke even if he did not know that before. It was the silence surprise and the 2 old people appreciated it as a gift of god, offering to the young lady a drink mixed with champagne.

During the diner there was no crisis at all and the young couple shared this night of victory with the parents who enjoyed the event. 2 bedrooms were organized for the 2 young fellows in order to help them to sleep and dream separately about our happiness.

But the silent girl had a better plan and she wanted to tell it but it was not possible. She did not feel comfortable enough in the family who want to adopt her. Her project was to go to Hollywood in order to find another man named Fame. She found a taxi for the airport and with the money she kept after her mother’s death she bought a ticket for Los Angeles where she arrived in the 1930’s thanks to a miracle called ANOTHER COUNTRY.


The First Talking Film: The last of Hollywood or the first of Time Frames. Fred Vidal knows the reply!

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