Never Published: Seven Stories About Women And Their Reality Life. Mike Fuller Stories Online This Weekend and Developed For The Screenplay, September 14.

September 5, 2009

Seven Stories About Women And Their Reality Life. Mike Fuller Stories Online This Weekend and Developed For The Screenplay, September 14, 2009.




By Mike Fuller, PhD (Frederic I Vidal)
All rights reserved.

Written, Sunday, August 30, 2009
In Los Angeles.

Mike Fuller Wrote That Film For Blake Lively Who Inspired Him The Character Of Noemi, A Woman Writing Stories About Women.

Mike Fuller Wrote That Film For Blake Lively Who Inspired Him The Character Of Noemi, A Woman Writing Stories About Women.

Noemi Peters is a Writer recording herself in her house of Lake Isabella. She is preparing a Novel and gives her ideas of story-telling to the camera while her husband, Martin, is having some quality time.

In a 7 floors building located on Main Avenue, Number 4900, in an imaginary town called Counterpoint, in the State of Michigan, some events are about to change 7 women’s life in a period of time of one week, from Monday to Sunday 2008, Month: January.

  • First Narrator Scene: For breakfast, Noemi prepares some eggs and begins the day with Martin by announcing she starts her recordings with enthusiasm and a lot of fun because she enjoys so much preparing the writing of this 7 parts novel that her publisher wants ready on his desk next month. But she writes fast and it’s a short book for lovers or travelers. The video is ready and she begins to talk, then the first story is:



    (alternate titles: I don’t want to marry this man: The fiancé will be a girl)

    Shannon’s family is a conservative one with a sister who is a bank’s employee and a brother having the project to become a priest. The Summerton’s live at the fourth floor of the 4900 Main Avenue. Shannon is in touch with the son of her parents’ best friends, the Formosa. Eddy Formosa is dating her every week since one year and everything looks fine in the family because she is 20 and studying in an Art School to become a designer and leave for New York in a couple of years. The parents think that Eddy will follow her to continue his career on the East Coast as a Car Dealer. But they are not satisfied by this situation. They understand that something is missing and for them this is a wedding that could be scheduled in the next several months, even if the man is not officially Shannon’s boyfriend but a possible serious relationship. But something’s wrong in this family deal and the girl, during a meeting with her dad and mom after diner, on Monday, is obliged to acknowledge that she is Lesbian and that she will never marry Eddy who is only a friend and a confident who knew about her feelings for Deborah, a student like her. She wants to leave for New York with her girlfriend Renee at the end of this school year to finish her studies there without her parents. The end.

    • Second Narrator Scene:

    At the laundry at 10, Noemi calls Martin on his cell, he is in the cellar and they decide a walk before lunch, as they do sometimes during these working vacations. He is a mechanic, owner of a garage in San Rafael, on the California Coast. She is telling him some more love words before to hang out and go back to the video place where she begins to improvise the second story:


    (Alternate titles: How to be a crucial witness. The scene was not the same)

    Patricia is a 25 years old Florist with her shop at the first floor of the 4900 Main Avenue. Once a week, she goes to the market where she finds the best flower in town. It is located in the suburb of Counterpoint and she goes there by herself with a little van, blue and grey, that she drives carefully because she has not a good sight. Unfortunately, this Tuesday, she forgot her glasses and decided to go anyway. No accident in the traffic but when she went back to her store, at a red light close to the Bank THE WINS, she is the witness of a strange event before the Police arrives. A man is running in the street before to ask her for a ride. She opens the door, he seats down then changed his mind as there is too much traffic for the van to rush. He is arrested 2 minutes later by the Police and she must testify to the judge, 2 weeks later. She didn’t see him very well but she doesn’t want to tell it to the officers because she is normally obliged to have glasses when driving. She succeeded to identify him at the police station anyway. But she was about to have lentils and arrived at the Court with them, proud to be without glasses. At the audition, the judge asks her if Melvin Schandler is the right person who talked with her that day in the car. She cannot confirm all at once, stays silent then she makes the surprise by telling the truth to the angry judge: she cannot be sure, she forgot her glasses that day but regarding Mr. Schandler, she is sure that he is one of the clients of her Florist Store, located 2 blocks away of the Bank where he came every week for about 6 months. Is the client the guilty person for the Justice? Probably according to other witnesses but not Patricia who is only sure of the coincidental event: she met him as a customer. The end.

    • Third Narrator Scene:

    Noemi explains to her husband the surprise to have already two so good stories that, she believes, will be appreciated by her publisher and the readers. The walk that they do today is a romantic one because the couple wants a baby and Noemi thinks about being pregnant before the Summer. But she must continue to work before lunch to find the main ideas of her short novels as she has only two weeks to write the book before to correct it and finish the writing when back home from the Mountain, on the Pacific Ocean.

    3) A START-UP

    (Alternate titles: No more miscommunication. I love you but I’m too shy)

    At the seventh floor of the building on Main Avenue, there is a Company, QUALITY DREAM LLC specialized in Public Relation for young married couples who want to improve their business and network. The founders are Martha and John, they met each other in a previous job where they worked together. They explain their story to a couple from Chicago this Wednesday. He was one of the Top Executive of the company and she was her employee, not her assistant but a coordinator for his daily program with the other top executive. Busy man, John was never conscious that Martha had a fragile attitude in front of him because she was obsessed by the idea that she would be a perfect wife for John. This Wednesday, 3 days after her 30th birthday, she decided to ask him for a personal meeting, officially for her promotion as he was her supervisor. During the meeting, he was almost the only one to speak, she didn’t find words to say and he did a lot of compliments regarding her work. Then she found something to say: “I know you’re divorced. I’d like to resign to begin a relationship with you!“. John was so surprised and proud to be inspiring so much somebody else but he couldn’t accept this proposition all at once and decided to leave immediately for another meeting scheduled in another location of the Company, he was shocked. The following day, he didn’t come to work, called Martha and invited her for a drink after work. There, he was eloquent and spoke about his awful experience when he was separated then divorced of his previous wife and his kid. She proposed him to have a new start and he suddenly accepted with one condition: to work together, to create a Start-Up to reinforce their Love that he never understood before. The following day: the both of them resigned and it worked! The end.

    • Fourth Narrator Scene:

    For lunch, Peters prepared some fish and potatoes with mayonnaise and a cold tea that they drank in front of the TV set for some CNN News and a break of tenderness and quiet time. They were sleepy when she wake up to resume her work with the video recorder and her always smiling face talking to the camera for a next story telling moment that will organize her following days of writing.


    (Alternate titles: You’re my child, you’re my gift. Never a Single Mother)

    The 4900 Main Avenue’s fifth Floor is occupied by residents: Mr. & Mrs. Summerton. Mary Summerton is 40 and she lives with her young son, Steven, a boy who always listens to her mom when she’s talking about his Dad who will not come back. On Thursday, they had, as usual, a conversation about him, his goals in life, his tenderness and passion for the family. Steven is sad and tired but he will listen to her mother telling him again and again probably what he already knows but this time Mary has more to say than usual, she wants her kid to know everything about the man who changed her life and became a proud and great father before to leave. Art is a college student when she met Mary and they stayed friends only for 2 years before to meet each other again at the University where they got their degree in Education and Pedagogy as brilliant people committed to build a career and possibly a family as Art and Mary became closer and closer, going to the theater twice a week then to the restaurant, the place he chose to ask her to marry him. Even if their families did not agree immediately because Mary’s one was factory workers and Art’s one accountants for VIPs. Steven did not know all of that and appreciated the details that Mary gave him to remember his dad, killed in Iraq during the War, 3 years before when he was 4. Then the Flag, commemoration of his heroic duty done, was touched by the two of them before she took him in his arms, sharing some tears in front of the big picture of him standing in the living-room. 5 minutes after, in the silence of the dark place, the mother and her son were still dreaming about Art as he could be back one day from the Army. Then somebody rang at the door and they thought about a miracle for one second, looking at each other and smiling by surprise. She opened the door, it was the postman, apologizing to be so late today, who had a certified mail for Mrs. Summerton, she almost never received certified mail.

    • Fifth Narrator Scene:

    When she wake up after a little nap, Noemi found Martin reading again her previous book about Lost & Found Locations in The United States, a work that she did and made her better known as an essayist and a novelist, all about literary places where famous people lived in the 19th and 20thCentury and that were forgotten, all over the Country. They visited the locations together two years ago and they remembered that good old times on the coach before a new taped session for her and her imagination.


    (Alternate titles: I miss you forever. My Dad was the perfect man)

    My Dad was perfect man: she repeated that to almost everybody reunited with family for the mourning of Humphrey Sachs this Friday, a famous attorney of Counterpoint, at the Law Firm, family owned, sixth floor of the 4900 Main Avenue. Rose was about to celebrate 40 when Humphrey passed away and she could prevent herself to drink some vodka during this event that was organized also to commemorate a man who created a legend in his profession and who appeared to be still with the guests thanks to Rose stories and anecdotes about her duet with Dad who learned her how to become a good lawyer and the defender of all victims in town for justice to be done, every time, in any case. He was sometimes a nasty father, she said, remembering their talks when she was a teen and not satisfied with her family organization that prevent her to go out after 10 before she was 21. But she studied the law and never married until now, investing her time in more and more cases, day and night, under his supervision. He was the one and the other sisters and brothers who were not lawyers met them on the weekend at the family house, on the hills of Counterpoint for the weekend break and have news of the Law Firm while Prudence, the mother, prepared so many foods for everybody. They hired two other attorneys to complete all the work that was increasing with Humphrey reputation being more and more popular and attractive. Rose was now a senior specialist in her business and her father was so proud of her, continuing to give her daily advice and practice recommendations in an evening meeting of the 2 to finish the business day. Now, it was over and she had a decision to make in front of the family and friends: to continue the Law and the Firm and to get married one day soon with probably a man with will not be a lawyer! The End.

    • Sixth Narrator Scene:

    In the middle of the afternoon, Martin liked, this day, to inspect one of his 2 cars on location, in the garage. Being a mechanic is a gift and a personal passion. Noemi’s secret pleasure is to watch him working on the engine while she thinks about something else, the eyes somewhere between the vision of her man busy and her next novelist creation. From reality to fiction, she has a new perfect time to record.


    (Alternate titles: A FBI Interview. Who is this guy?)

    Strange Saturday for Norma, a 45 lady looking like a 30 one with her John Lennon’s sunglasses and her patched jeans, living normally with Walter, her roommate-boyfriend, at 4900 Avenue, third floor. He was not there since Thursday and she had no news. She knew little about him even if they were together all the time since the beginning of the year. He said he was making his living with royalties of songs written a decade ago and it appeared to be true, they received checks every week and she stopped working at the supermarket. Bu this weekend, the surprise came from a couple of men knocking at the door to ask for him and interview her at their office immediately. They were FBI and she didn’t take her pierce in a kind of panic with no rush anyway. In front of them, she couldn’t find the words to reply to the questions at the beginning and asked for a glass of water. “Am I arrested and what do you want from him?” “I have no idea about who he is, as a matter of fact“, she said and “I don’t want to know to much about the people I love, because it is something that can kill love and happiness“. “Listen, Madam, your Walter has some problems with the justice. First his last name is not the one he told you” She continued to listen to like in a kind of hypnosis. “So we want you to help us to know more about what he is doing and what he is preparing. You won’t be paid for that but it is your duty of citizen”. “Ok”, she replied, “Ok“. “He’s living everyday about 5, for a 2 hours walk, he told me. I will try to follow him, if you want“. “It won’t be necessary, lady, we know that he has some bad relations and they prepare something weird. We just want you to be informed and to call us every time you have some information about that, try to make him speak“. She cried then asked for being back home. “We know he’s out of town because one of his colleagues was arrested by the police and he couldn’t stay quiet. Hopefully, he will call you tomorrow“. “Ok” She said, “I’m going to begin to work again at the supermarket because I feel devastated by all of this!” Back home, she could meditate about the lost of her love story, her soul mate was a liar and she couldn’t accept it. But on the other hand, she still checked that she was in love by reading some of his letters to her that she kept in the bedroom. She was like after a nightmare day and decided to take a shower. Then the phone ringed and it was him. He would be back tomorrow, for how long? The End.

    • Seventh Narrator Scene:

    Before Diner, the couple when in Lake Isabella need to relax in the living-room area where the chalet has its balcony with a view on the mountain and a sunset almost there to say hello to the night time, upcoming for the two lovers and lovers of the nature. It is the Spring and the season is wonderful for a fresh new start: Martin is proposing to buy her a new house closer to the Lake that could replaced this rented one. She is laughing because she doesn’t want to change, then ask him to wait until diner because she must finish her work’s day. Back on track for the book, she is creating more.


    (Alternate titles: It could be worse. My heart is not so well)

    Rebecca at 50 was an active woman, divorced, with two children already parents and living on the West Coast. She had this fantasy in the air that belongs to writers, novelists or pop stars even if she was not somebody speaking a lot. But on this Sunday, she needed a call, an emergency one as her heart was hurting and making her a lot of pain in her chest. Fortunately, she found the address and the phone number of her doctor and kind of friend who she met once a month since 10 years in another part of the City. She lived 4900 Main Avenue and she didn’t have the chance to drive because of her pain that day. The phone was in the other room of her second floor loft that she was about to quit next month. She called, nobody replied then she called again, thinking maybe she did a wrong number. Then, Dr. Hart replied, Albert Hart, a man that usually is visiting his parents out-of-state every weekend but this time he arrived on location for a possible emergency visit in Counterpoint like if it was his destiny. Her destiny was to survive and when he arrived, she was a lot better and he gave her a 2 weeks obligation to stay home with no alcohol, no cigarettes and no visits. She didn’t smoke too much and drank only a bottle of wine once in a week but she had to stop that definitely if she wanted not to be ill again. She knew that she had a risk of stroke when Dr. Hart, 6 months ago asked her to do analysis then informed her that her heart was not so good even if not sick. She didn’t take it seriously at the beginning and she was wrong. So she apologized and offered him a Soda that he accepted with a lot of pleasure, joking about this lost Sunday that was not too bad but not sunny enough, it was raining outside and she had to call her job’s office tomorrow in the morning to cancel her appointments and inform the secretary she will not be there for 15 days. She invited the doctor to stay for diner, he accepted the project as they were continuing to talk about so many subjects, movies, art, politics, and didn’t see it was always already 6. The doctor was single, probably gay but did not speak about his private life. She laughed a lot and felt better and better. That’s all!!

    • Eighth Narrator Scene:

    Noemi and Martin, sharing a smart diner with Champaign and hamburgers! That’s the masterpiece he prepared for her in the old house made of wood and stone with an European style and large unforgettable rooms. She is still there inside her stories but not for a long time, Martin has a surprise: a letter from her publisher that arrived later this afternoon and that he forgot to give her. Good news: a flight ticket for New York is inside with a message she read: “Waiting for you and the book finished next month. I will schedule the meeting with the publication team when you’re ready but I already send you your ticket for one week with us, beginning the 28 of May. Life likes deadlines, right? Signed: Irma Leroux, publisher”. “A woman who knows what she wants!” commented Martin and they laughed.

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