Labor Day’s Previews: The German Spy Story Line, Scene-By-Scene. A Piece Of Art By Mike Fuller, PhD, To Be Released September 12.

September 5, 2009


Introduction scene: In a Military Camp in the North of France.

Thomas Spears was a pilot in the German Air Force during World War 1. During one air fight at the end of the war in 1917, his plane is attacked and he is obliged to use his parachute. He is made prisoner by the French and stays several months in a camp for German soldiers. Some French ask him: “What do you want to do, Thomas, when the War will be over?” He replies: “I will be a movie maker.” They laugh!

2. On Hollywood Boulevard, 5 years later (1922).

With a suitcase in his hand, Thomas Spears arrives for the first time in the City of his dreams. He looks at the street like if it is a palace then kisses the macadam. He meets a young boy selling Newspapers and asks him for the movie theaters. The kid shows him the Hollywood Sign and Gives him an advice: “make your own movies, Thomas, and you will find the best theaters in town with your name in big letters. You are in the center of the world here.”

 3. Audition for a Douglas Fairbanks film (1923).

In a busy building where everybody is preparing his own movies, a lot of actresses are waiting for an audition for a role in the corridor. Next door is the one for Thomas who has an appointment for a part in a Douglas Fairbanks movie. The star is in the room with the director and they appreciate the art of pantomime of Thomas Spears even if he is not chosen. Waiting for Fairbanks who wants to know more about the German actor, Thomas is drinking a beer when the star arrives with friends to have some fun with Thomas explaining his projects: La Traviata and Caligula. Fairbanks proposes to find a producer.

4. On the set of Caligula: An Antiquity drama (1924).

Spears, Roman Emperor, the shooting is in progress several months later and the director is organizing his next scene with Roman soldiers arriving to inform Caligula that enemies are close to Roma now. That stops a private party of the Emperor with many dancers and courtesans. During a pause, Thomas explains his life to a young man: “I was an autodidact and I failed to study acting, so I chose Hollywood to make my beginning… and it worked thanks to the confidence of some investors for my work.”

5. The Premiere of The Traviata in 1926 is a triumph.

Hollywood celebration for the first Screening of the second super production of Thomas Spears. The greatest stars of their time are in the theaters. Tuxedos and eccentric wardrobe for the ladies create an atmosphere of very important event. Spears drinks some alcohol before to be on stage to introduce the film. “Next year, they promise talking movies! (laughs). We’ll see! (applause) For my film, I wanted to show the music with our cameras. It is a homage to a great classical opera and you will appreciate it with your eyes, this large screen and our piano!! And now let me introduce the director!

6. At The Biltmore Hotel, there is a crowd of fans and journalists (1927)

Thomas Spears creates a scandal because of his love affair with a well-known African-American Dancer, Lady Chocolate. Chocolate and him are at the Hotel for the night to celebrate their happiness and they attract a crowd of fans and angry people. Photographs and journalists are there too, asking Spears to confirm his new couple. “Yes, it is true! She loves me and I love her!” Then in their hotel room, the crowd in the streets call there. “Silence!!!” (his nickname) “Chocolate!!!”. Then, they appear at the window and send kisses and hand signs to the people below.

7. Dream or spiritual visit: Chocolate and Spears are sent in the Berlin of 1937.

Cold wind and big Nazi flags, Thomas and his girlfriend arrive from an inter-dimensional trip for a visit of a Palace in Berlin ten years later. The woman is scared, “Is it your Country Thomas, what does that means?” Impressive men in uniforms are speaking about the preparation of the War, show their adoration for Adolph Hitler and their hate for the Jews. Spears does not feel well: “It is not my Country! I apologize. It is not my Country!” Then the couple wake up in the morning.

8. A last Party Drama: A Hollywood Hill famous street fire and Spears decision to leave (1927).

Thomas is invited to a night party in an area of the Hollywood Hills where movie producers organize almost every night huge events in more than a dozen of houses located in the same street, creating a crazy style of life with future stars and look-a-like, men and women, excited by the music and alcohol. Chocolate is on stage this night for a Musical on Hollywood Boulevard. Thomas arrives and meets his friend Douglas Fairbanks, he is speaking about stopping his career because of the beginning of the talking movies: “They don’t want me anymore, Douglas, because I have an accent!! What can I do?” The party is going on until midnight then a fire creates a panic and will destroy almost everything in the street. Nobody die but for Thomas Spears, it is the sign to leave and return in Germany.

9. At the Airport: “Bon Voyage Thomas!” Chocolate is crying! (October 1927)

A crowd of supporters and his girlfriend Chocolate are invited to say goodbye to the German star of Hollywood who go back in Germany and interrupt his career. Some people cry as he says: “It was a dream that I shared with you and now the dream is over because we wake up for another style of movies that is not mine. I want another career, industrial maybe, but I won’t forget!!”

10. Ten years later: A Dark Airplane tries to land on the West Coast, part of a secret mission (1937)

Thomas Spears in military uniform looks like a secret officer of a mission we don’t know. In the plane of the German Air Force, he is serious and committed for his return to America that was scheduled by his nation authorities without publicity. The plane arrived on the American territory by Canada after a long flight from Berlin and across the Atlantic Ocean. Almost arrived, the Nazi Pilot asks for help: “They refused the authorization to land at the Los Angeles Airport.” “Go to the Burbank Airport and tell them we have no more fuel” replies Spears.

11. A black limousine of the German consulate arrives for Thomas Spears.

No words, no smiles, the limousine with consul drives Thomas Spears to an apartment, Downtown Los Angeles, where his German wife, Mata, who arrived previously is waiting for him. The Consul welcomes him to Hollywood: ” You are the one, Thomas. I’m sad you stopped your Cinema but I am happy that you are one of ours now. Your mission is important and I will help you as far as I can“. Then he left and Silence can have a break, and reply to Mata’s question. “What do they want exactly? Do you have news of your family?” Thomas is stressed: “I will call them tomorrow.

12. Meeting with the Los Angeles German Consulate Team in Los Angeles.

The Ambassador of Germany is present with some important officers of the German army. The consul is speaking: “We asked you to come here because you know very well the city and the United States. You were trained by our secret service Abwher for this special mission that you don’t know yet. But officially, I am appointing you Reich counselor with a status of diplomat. It was necessary that you arrived in secret because of the Press but now it is Ok. Just stay careful, we don’t want articles in the newspapers about you. It is for you and your wife a 6 months mission. Next week will be organized in Los Angeles, A scientific Symposium about The Atom and the development of the atomic energy. You know that there are studies and preparation about bombs conceived with this source of energy. We want to know what the Americans are doing about these questions and have contacts with their researchers. We appreciate your imagination as a movie maker, it is the reason why we ask you to be in touch with these scientific specialists and to offer them to work for Germany.” Spears was devastated by this ambitious program but he could not refuse. He showed his respect for the military discipline then left.

13. The phone call to Germany from The Post Office

Thomas Spears obviously does not agree with his mission. He changed his life, back in Germany in 1927, and became the owner of a factory specialized in the construction of bicycles, near Munich. Unfortunately, after 1933, the new Regime created problems for his family because one of his brothers was a member of the socialist party and was arrested the same year. His parents were retired and controlled by the Gestapo because of their son political opinion. The harassment continued but not for Thomas, certainly because he still had the notoriety of his Hollywood fame from the 1920’s. He was invited to be part of the German secret service and this offer was accepted by him because of the improvement of his family’s life that was promised. He married in 1934 a German actress Mata that was like him following a secret training for Abwher. From the Post Office of Los Angeles, Thomas Spears can speak with his mother who confirms that his brother is about to be free in two weeks and that the Gestapo is not anymore pressurizing them.

14. Thomas Spears Receives An Invitation for A Surprising diner with a movie star.

Nobody knew about the fact that Thomas Spears was back in Hollywood. It was just for several weeks and confidential. But somebody heard about it or found the information because Spears received a beautiful invitation for a diner in an upscale restaurant. It was written tomorrow evening at 8 and signed: your friend from Hollywood. Silence called the restaurant that confirmed the reservation then decided to go with Mata because there was no reason to refuse a minimum of socialization and he was still fascinated by the movie industry, his previous business that he missed sometimes. A long table was prepared for the guests invited by somebody that Spears did not know very well even if he was one of his favorite star: Mr. Errol Flynn, not in the entourage of the silent movies era. “I want to know more about you, Spears! I heard you are in town and I decided to organize this diner with some of my friends to celebrate you! What do you think? I have so many questions! Your art in the 20’s is something that can help me for my next roles! Be my coach! Be my teacher!” Everybody laughed but it was sincere. With The Traviata and Caligula, Silence Spears created his own style and nobody did that again, then the talking films changed the face of Hollywood with their own style of movies, completely different and sometimes disappointing. Spears looked sorry, sad, even shy but accepted to participate in the excitement and said yes to give a part of his experience to Mr. Flynn. “I am a member of the German delegation now, let me introduce my wife, Mata. I am so emotional because of what you said Errol, so let’s meet again before we leave, it will be a pleasure!! You are the new generation of Hollywood and I will be honored to help!” Everybody was enjoying a splendid time and Spears accepted to follow Errol Flynn on the Terrace.

15. An inter-dimensional dream send them back to the 1920’s for a film that was no shot.

This kind of experience did not happen all the time. Spears and Errol Flynn were traveling back to the 1920’s from the Terrace and crossed the street to a studio where a busy Douglas Fairbanks was working on a scene with a director speaking to the actors and the camera man. On another stage, there was written on a panel some words like: THE BOMB, ATOMS CAN KILL. And actors looking like engineers arrived, Spears and Flynn looking at them like in a kind of strange meeting that you cannot imagine before. “I don’t know where we are, probably back before, but I don’t know this film!” acknowledged Silence. “It must be a personal memory of the two of us that we remember together or something that does not exist! replied Flynn. Then it finished and the two men were at the terrace drinking a last glass of wine, enjoying the warm night in Hollywood.

16. The scientific congress began with many speeches from international specialists.

It could have been some kind of routine but it was not as the researches about nuclear weapons were more and more known to be the next step of an operational war. This was not ready to work yet but it will and at that time, mankind could be the victim of massive destruction.. Thomas Spears was not registered at the Symposium but he saw that a special coffee-bar was located close to the conferences building and many Scientifics were there in the morning and after work to relax and prepare their documents for the day. Spears introduced himself to one of them who began to explain him who were the most famous specialists of theses researches and why there was a real danger for the human beings if theses bombs were built. His name was Tony Mondane and he was from Pittsburgh. Thomas Spears followed him, discretely, to his hotel, to know more about him and its colleagues, members of this science congress. Inside the hotel, a man in his 40’s spoke to Spears: “I know that you are the German specialist who is looking for contacts. I am an insider and I know an independent researcher from Spain living in the States who could be ready to sale his work about Atom if he can immigrate to South America. I will organize a meeting for you, let’s say tomorrow evening. Come with your car and wait in front of the hotel. What’s the color? “It’s a Ford, a black Ford” replied Spears.

 17. The meeting in the car is a success for the Germans but not for Spears.

The Spanish researcher was waiting for him and saw immediately the Black Ford in front of the Hotel. Inside the car, he said to Spears: “Drive, Sir, Drive, I’m going to show you the documents“. There was no reason to do something else even if it looked organized but Thomas checked with the Consulate and it seems to be the right connection to have and the contact that they were looking for. “I am a specialist Sir and I was thinking about you Germans to help me because I am not selected by the government for theses researches. I am freelance in my university but I know everything and I have a collection of works of the best researchers about this subject of the new bomb projects with the atom. I am hostile to this and I think it could kill hundreds of thousands of people in one time. I cannot accept it and I think that if your Hitler had this weapon, it could prevent the United States to use it because the 2 countries would threatened each other and nobody would attack.” “This is a strange reasoning but I appreciate your offer and I can give you my reply right now: It’s Ok for us. You will have a German Passport to South America to continue your research for Germany and an account with 1 million dollars in one of our best German banks.” Emilio, it was his name, did not agree with that: “No Sir, you are my only contact, I want the money and the passport but once there I will do something else, I don’t want to continue this work about destruction. You will have the best American researches, mine and the ones of the others, then Bye, Bye! Take it or leave it! That’s my offer!” Spears was confused and not in a good mood anymore: “Ok, I’ll take it. See you tomorrow, same location, same time. Be there with the documents and a picture of you for the passport.” Emilio replied: “I will be there with a little suitcase“. Silence parked the car in front of the hotel after a 20 minutes drive with the man.

 18. The exchange was done in the car where a German expert was verifying the documents.

The next day after all the possible controls of the German services, it was decided to conclude the deal in the evening but Spears was not alone, an expert of the Embassy went with him to check the documents. It took one hour to verify the importance of everything. Spears’ car stayed parked in a public parking and Emilio went outside to smoke cigarettes. Everything had to be discreet. The specialist told Spears about the great result of his mission and to keep the documents at home then left. Emilio back in the car received from Spears the bank account number, a bag with $200,000 cash and the key of a safe at the bank. He gave him also his business card with his phone number, just in case. Everything worked but Thomas Spears was not ready to give the Suitcase to The Germans.

 19. Back to the Post Office the following day, Thomas Spears decides to betray the Third Reich.

It was really too much and he had his plan about what to do. He said to his family to try to go to Belgium when his brother would be free and normally this week. After a fight with Mata, she agreed that Thomas could not give these papers to Hitler that would mean a chance for his Country to destroy one entire city with one bomb. They did not know exactly about German studies regarding atomics but they were probably not so sophisticated. So, according to Spears, the solution was to send the documents at the White House and to stay in Hollywood with no more relationship with the Germans. It was a difficult choice but Thomas was secretly working on a new project of film and he believed now in a new career. So he did it, was at the Post Office and sent everything to the White House then went to the German Consulate to resign. They were astonished and let him leave.

 20. Spears organizes a press conference in emergency to ask for political asylum.

Thomas Spears invited all the journalists of Los Angeles and his friends of the movie industry for a press conference that he organized at the Biltmore Hotel. Even Lady Chocolate was there and he spoke with his wife Mata about the dangers of the Nazism in Germany before to inform that he was asking for political asylum. Douglas Fairbanks was there and asked: “Why did you wait so long? You’re welcome, you’re one of us!” Then Spears spoke about his first talking film project: The story of Dracula, a horror movie that he would shoot next year thanks to the help of new supporters, friends of his new friend Errol Flynn. Mata will be i n the cast.  The scientist Emilio did not arrived in South America, his plane disappeared during the flight. Thomas and Mata adopted a kid actor, a boy speaking a lot and nicknamed him: Noisy Spears.

Labor Day’s Previews: The German Spy Story Line, Scene-By-Scene. A Piece Of Art By Mike Fuller, PhD, To Be Released September 12. All rights reserved.

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