BreakinG NewS (02/01/2010):

Plant A Tree Against Al-Qaeda In Your Hometown!! This Is The New Program Advised By Mike Fuller, Candidate 2 The Presidential Election 2012!

Happy New Year, From Mike Fuller! 2010 Will Be The RighT Year To Finish Terrorism And Celebrate The United States And The American Recovery!

See You This Year!

Mike Fuller,
January 1st, 2010

The DARKPOL Counter-TerrorisT Military GANG: Operation MARILYN MONROE Begins On The NeWsPaPeR Today With A NeW Episode Of F-CoP: AFTERMATH!

On Twitter FV:

This Is A New Year That Is Important For Our Country Because There Is Not Anymore The 2000’s To Remember Us The 20th Century And Its Chaos!!

It’s The 2010’s And We Have 2 Be Organized 2 Build A New Country, A Larger One, Closer 2 The Values Of George Washington & Ready To Fight!!

WE ARE IN A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Because Of 9/11/2001 & This Awful Image Of Our World Trade Center But Thanks 2 The WorlD WidE WeB, WE Survive!

PRESS, PRE$$ Is A SolutioN 2 FinisH This Collective NeRvOuS BrEaKdOwN On The OtheR SidE, On The Prime Time Side, On Every Side Of Our Life!

The Only Solution Is To Win And This Solution Will Be Ours, In The United States Of America And Worldwide, Against Terrorism & Bad People!!

SOLUTION: The method or process of solving a problem. The answer to or disposition of a problem. Payment or satisfaction of a claim or debt!

Next SteP: Orthodox Christmas, Jan. 7!

The ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS Is CelebrateD WorldWidE & It Will Be The TimE To BegiN To OrganizE The Anti-World Trade Center Media Attack PrograM!!

2010 Is 2001 Another Way, The 1 Before 0 And Not The 0 Before 1! Like In Vegas, When You Are A Client And You Choose The 4 WinninG Numbers!

2001 Is A Movie & A Year That Was The 1st Of A Century-Millennium That Al-Qaeda Didn’t Destroy At All Even If They Broke Our Dream 4 8 Years

The Attack Against Our Brothers Of The CIA Was The 2009 Worst News & There Will Be A REVENGE, A COUNTER-TERRORIST One Versus The Criminals!

WoRdPrEsS BloG: DARKPOL Is Organizing The MARYLIN MONROE Operation In Mike Fuller’s DVD-NoveL F-CoP: AftermatH! A MilitarY DP-GANG Vs TeRroRiSts!

TIMEFRAMES LLC Prepares FIRST LADY, A Bio-Film About Grace KELLY And Her Success Story In Hollywood Then Monaco With Mike Fuller As Promoter Of The Project!

Mike Fuller, President Of TIMEFRAMES LLC Is Preparing The Screenplay Of The Feature Film FIRST LADY, And Negotiating The Cast With The Film Industry In Los Angeles And The Distribution Worldwide!

Call TIMEFRAMES LLC To Participate In The Project: 323-519-8889

Grace Kelly, A Star Who Was More Than A Star, A Princess Before To Be A Princess, Then The First Lady Of The State Of Monaco, The Great Principality!

TIMEFRAMES News: The Dr. Strange Convention In Las Vegas Is Scheduled To Be Synchronized With The 2010 ARA (Awards And Recognization Association) International Awards Market, February 24, February 25, February 26, 2010.

HeRe CoMeS ThE NiGhT On YoutubE: 1,200 Views!

InDiAn SuMmeR ToUr: Mike FULLER Back In Time To Finish 2009 WitH A SonG At The Art House BLISS Cafe, 1249 ViNe StreeT, LA, 7pm.

Breaking NewS: Woody Allen Is A Possible Director Of FIRST LADY, According To TIMEFRAMES LLC That Will Contact The Director In January!

WORLD WAR 3: Battle In Afghanistan, Al Qaeda Fighters Versus DARKPOL Cyborgs! A Mike Fuller Mini-Story Included In F-Cop: AfTeRmAtH! When The Reality Is Beyond The Fiction!

This Is A Double Crossover Double Spinoff For The Success Of The Franchise FRENCH COP, Illegally Copied In Hollywood Before The TIMEFRAMES Era (A Lawsuit Soon Against TAKEN, AVATAR, The Quentin Tarantino Movie That Broke The German Spy FRANCHISE and More)!

Vince Sauvan And Valentine Douglas Attack  The Terrorists In The Mountains Of Afghanistan With A Brigade Of American Cyborgs Built By DARKPOL And US Corp, The Corporation Of The FRENCH COP Franchise Universe!

Scene 1: Cyborgs Are Military Robots Looking Like Men And Women But They Have The Power To Neutralize Their Enemies Because  They Hate Terrorism That A Mix Of ex-Soviet Union KGB Supported By Russia, Arabian Fanatics Against The United States And People Versus A Democratic Islam!

Scene 2: In Afghanistan, UFOs Of DARKPOL Destroy Al-Qaeda Troops. Vince Sauvan is the Pilot Of The Prototype US-SSB-03, The same UFO r=than Fred Vidal but Conceived For Fighting Only. Al-QAaida has UFos stolen To The Galaxy Of Andromeda One, somewhere In space, Why? Nobody Knows. Terrorists Are criminals.

Scene 3: In a Village Of Afghanistan, Sauvan Organizes a Meeting With Valentine To Organize The Resistance Of the Populatioon Against The Taliban And Al-Qaida As The Mountains Are synchronized With Earth To change The Size Of the Country When Necessary.

Scene 4: A Military Team From Arizona Arrives At The Airport Of The Main City Of the Country To reinforce The Army on Location That has Only one Mission: To Finish The War And be Back Home Before The end Of The Year After a Definitive Fight that will mMake the Victory!

  • Outside The Novel: The News About World War 3

Yemen raids Al Qaeda hideout

Al-Qaeda Like Adolph Hitler Had Kids To Train To Fight Against Democracy! These People Are Victims Because Underage And Dangerous Criminals Who Don't Understand That The United States Will Neutralize Their Movement With President Barack Obama And Our Troops. Kids Must Go To School Not Have Guns To Kill. Shame On You Islamic Fanatics!


1. Mike Fuller Will Call The New York Times Today 2 Criticize Them Regarding The Terror Alert Management Of The Information!

2. TIMEFRAMES: The Newspapers And Media In America Are Wrong To Diffuse The Biography Of The Terrorist Who Appears Connected To Other Networks!

3. TIMEFRAMES Synchronicity: This Terrorist Who Succeeded To Become A Bad SuperstaR In The Media Worldwide Is A Mass Murderer & A Manipulator!!

4. TIMEFRAMES hollywood: To Manipulate = To Influence or Manage Shrewdly or Deviously. In F-CoP: Aftermath, Mike Fuller Explains The SWINDLE!

5. F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH! Mike Fuller Explains Today The SWINDLE, ThE SCAM! Is This Terrorist ConnecteD 2 BIN LADEN Or A Member Of Another Network?

6. In F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH, Vince Sauvan & Velvet Gloves Are Doing Counter-Terrorism Against 2 Evil & Old Organizations PYRAMID And KGB Next Gen!!

7. CHRISTMAS TERROR ATTACK: US Media Were Were WronG 2 Publish & Diffuse The IdentitY Of The CriminaL. TERRORISM Is AN ICONIC WAR! A Lost One!

8. F-COP: Aftermath BOOK-DVD Will Include ScEnE With Vince And PatriciA HunTer, CIA AgenT, HavinG A TalK AbouT The FuturE! TimeFrames LLC Star!

9. TimeFrames LLC Is Preparing The CasT Of The DVD TitleD DARKPOL 2013 (A Space Time Distorsion). Bridget FONDA Could Be A Perfect PAT HUNTER!!

10. The Actress BRIDGET FONDA Will Be ContacteD In January 2 Be The Wife Of Vince SAUVAN, The FRENCH COP, Now The F-CoP, In A DVD SpeciaL SceNe!

11. BRIDGET FONDA Is SelecteD 2 Be TIMEFRAMES YounG CelebritY Number One Of The ToP Actresses Of The DECADE Beginning! ThiS Is Today’s DECISION!

Bridget FONDA Was Already In 2007 The Lady With A Possible Part In FRENCH COP: 1st Installment Before A Postponement Of The Production In A Hollywood In Crisis And Strikes. Now For The DVD Of F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH! Mike FULLER And TIMEFRAMES LLC Are About To Call Her Agent For A First Touch!

12. Counter-terrorism is the practices, tactics, techniques, & strategies that governments, militaries, police & corporations adopt in response

13. Counter-terrorism is the techniques & strategies that governments adopt in response to terrorist threats and/or acts, both real and imputed!

14. F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH! Will IncludE A LovE ScenE BetweeN Patricia And Vincent On The ALTERNATE EARTH SiRiUS-5, In The GalaxY Of OREGON! Then Bye!

15. F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH! Then Bye Bye 4 2 Light-YeArS Due To A Special MiSSION ThaT YoU KnoW On EARTH-1 2 Rescue ThE PlaneT AttackeD By Al-Qaeda!!

16. AL-QAEDA Is A NaZi Network 4 HistorianS Of 3rd Reich Secret Services Including ABWEHR, Studied In GERMAN SPY ScreenPlaY!


Alert: Boycott Against The New York Times! F-CoP Vs TerrorisM! How To Destroy Al-Qaeda Definitely After The Present Crisis Connected To Other Terrorists Too!

As Al-Qaeda Is The Target Of F-CoP: Aftermath That Will Be Back Online On Our Web Television This Week With A New Episode About e-Cyborgs Vs DARKPOL Warriors, The Country Is In The Middle Of A Terror Alert That Will Be The Last One, Acccording To TIMEFRAMES And Mike Fuller!

Mike Fuller Explains: In The New York Times, A Newspaper That Is Supporting The Lies Of The Propaganda Against The United States Ansd Deserve A Boycott Beginning Now, They Don’t Understand That There Is Another Network Behind Al-Qaeda. Wich One? The Americans And The Government Are Beginning The Investigation And The Responsibles Will Be Arrested When Ossama Bin Ladin Will Be Found Dead Or When He Will Speak To The Military Court That We Must Organize Soon Even Without Him (There Was Already, According To Specialists, A .George W. Bush Project About A Trial Of The Terrorist Organization’s Founder With Or Without Him On Location)! The African Who Was Arrested Is Lying, He’s Protecting Bin Ladin But He’s A Member Of An African Terrorist Gang And Terror Network, Probably Connected To An International System Of Entourage Against Democracy!

In The New York Times, They Don't Understand That There Is Another Network Behind Al-Qaeda. Wich One? The Americans And The Government Are Beginning The Investigation And The Responsibles Will Be Arrested When Ossama Bin Ladin Will Be Found Dead Or When He Will Speak To The Military Court That We Must Organize Soon Even Without Him (George W. Bush Project About A Trial Of The Terrorist Organization's Founder With Or Without Him On Location)! The African Who Was Arrested Is Lying, He's Protecting Bin Ladin But He's A Member Of An African Terrorist Gang And Terror Network, Probably Connected To An International System Of Entourage Against Democracy!

TIMEFRAMES Informs That TIMEFRAMES LLC Is The New Name Of FRENCH COP Limited Liability Company!


With Its New ROBOTICS Department, TIMEFRAMES LLC Becomes The First Company In Hollywood To Be A Post-Indusrtrial One!

TOPIO, a robot developed by TOSY that can play ping-pong. Robots Will Replace Men One Day If Men Don't Respect Women Anymore, According To The Bible And The Rotary Rules! TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Be An Inisider In Robotics And Web Television This Year For A First Production Of Robots This Spring, In Los Angeles And San Rafael, California!

Read This Great Article About Robotics:


Spider Robots, The New Department Of ROBOTICS Of TIMEFRAMES LLC Will Specialize Its Researches In Spider Robots With A Headquarters In SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS On The French California.

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2008

RoboT Picture Info: BAE Systems is getting $38 million from the US Army Research Lab to fund the Micro Autonomous Systems and Technology (MAST) consortium.

Location: SAN RAFAEL, The City Chosen By Mike Fuller To Develop The Research And Development Of Its TIMEFRAMES Department Specialized In Robotics Dedicated To Laurel Mooney, from San Rafael and Karin Remeikis from Germany then in America, two friends Of Frederic Vidal, PhD in the 1980’s and Forever!

San Rafael, The City Of Robotics According To The Experts Of TIMEFRAMES industry. Mike Fuller Will Be There Before March To Prepare The First Research Unit In The City Of Laurel!

San Rafael, The City Of Laurel Mooney, The Best Memory Of Fred Vidal In The 1980's, A Woman Who Was With Him In Monaco Before To Back In Her City, On The California Cooast, But not close To San Francisco Only, PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) Is A Route That Goes From San Diego To Oregon!

The Rock Star Fred Vidal, thanks to Youtube, Will Contact NBC UNIVERSAL Also For An Agreemenregarding The Production Of Robots For The Park.

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