Blake, I Love You! This Message From Fred Vidal, From Monaco, Who Is Mike Fuller To Confirm To Lively, Blake His Absolute Love And Passion To Promote With Her A Project Of Wedding And A Film To Be Chosen In The Collection Of Mike’s Treatments For The Big Screen And A Show For TV As The President of TIMEFRAMES LLC Is The Candidate For A Role And A Part In The TV Production Gossip Girl!
Update (2/1/2010):
Fred Kelly (SAG-AFTRA): Blake, I Will Love You All Life Long! And I Will Never Leave You, As I Am On Earth For You!

She is Her Top #1 Girl  Friend On MySpace And A Lady Who Means Progresss And Intuition For Him As An Actor, A Producer And A Rock Star, So A Call To Her Management Of Minday Will Will Be A Firstonversttion between the 2 Young People Cast For The Hollywood Of the 2010’s: A Timeframes One that organizes SUCCCESS STORIES Only!

Fred Vidal Loves Blake Because He Knows That She Has A Destiny Compatible With Him In And Out The Cinema Show!

Blake Lively, We Want Her Free, More Than Ever, Because Love Gives A Sense To Life And Freedom Is All We Need In Our Life Of Cinema And Privacy!

Velvet Eyes: I Was In Cannes To Meet France But I Had A Dream Of French Cuisine Afterwards! An Episode By Mike Fuller!

Founders arrived in Cannes in 1937 for a nice trip regarding a contact with a beautiful woman who was not his wife but the wife of another diplomat who passed away before he arrived. He had the picture of the woman, not her name because she was French and did not want a communication with an American Man who would have known his name. She had information about the Guy who killed her Husband and wanted a Phone Call with Valentine Douglas to have a Female dialogue to be Helped more than she Was by the French Men and Women who were There the Day his married Partner passed away.

Her name was France and her Husband was from Germany before to get the French Citizenship as He did not want to go Back In Francfort where The Nazis organized a System of Terror that He Hated so much. But Velvet Eyes was In Cannes to understand The murder More than to find Who killed the Agent of a Group of Networking That was against Hitler.

In a restaurant located Close To the Hotel CARLTON, The Man With The Velvet EYES SPOKE with a Witness of the Crime who knew The real Name of his Wife, meaning the name of her Dad. The address Where she was Living was written in The sky: It was 50, Sun Place In Cannes (not existing anymore because of a new name after the 1950’s). On the Phone. she Called Leather Gloves before to Meet her Husband and Told her that Her Own husband Was killed by An American Actor close To the Nazism after the Film Festival In May 1937. Then The Inquiry Began But It’s a Part Of The GERMAN SPY FRANCHISE, Soon On The WeB! The Restaurant was the Most famous in Cannes in the 1930’s.

The New Episode That Means Gastronomie!

Iconic On Indian Reservation, Fred Vidal With His New Signature Mike Fuller Reaches 600,000 Total Views Today, January 30, 2010 As He Is Preparing For His First Official Speaking Role In A TV-Show In February! 5000 Views For His Videos On Youtube!

Fred Vidal, PhD Invites Yvonne Strahovsky To Play Grace Kelly In The Feature FIRST LADY Or Another One! The Press Release By Mike Fuller, On This Blog, January 29 (Total Views: 600,000)!

HERE COMES THE NIGHT, Fred Vidal Fuller Hit On Youtube Is Taking Off With 3,000 Views in the next Few Days As The WeB Is SaD Without Real Ambition to Be A Competitor Vs Television But The Concept Of WeB Television Is The Right Solution To Connect The 2 With the Goal To Stop The Old Screens Before 2020!!

Yvonne Strahovsky, contacted by Mike Fuller in January, did not reply until now to the The Movie Deal proposition! Let’s hope there will be a Communication in February Between TIMEFRAMES LLC And The Great Actress Of CHUCK For The BioFilm Of GRACE KELLY Life To Be Produced By Mike Fuller LLC, As Agents and Managers In Hollywood-Timeframes are more and more Doing their Best To prevent Contacts With their Clients, Developing their Own Boycott!

Yvonne Strahovsky Is A Talent That Is A Value For The American Film Industry, According To Mike Fuller Ready To Shoot FIRST LADY With Her, ASAP!!


Reaching More Than 170,000 Views In January 2010, Mike Fuller Quits WordPress In February To Promote His Own Blog-Community And Search Engine On The Internet With A French Site Provider!

Thank you, will stay active as the history of My Years 2008-2009. For 10, I have a Project to Build On The Cyber-Space Mixing TV, Community And International Web!


With SILLY (Composed by Him) and HERE COMES THE NIGHT (Composed by Van MORRISON), Fred VIDAL Reaches 3,000 Views This Weekend On Youtube, another Site That Is Doing No Promotion At All about his Work: That could not Continue As The French Web is More and More High-Tech And Available for New Deals.

The Internet Is The Medium of A Social Pornography and Violence That Must Stop… (Article By Mike Fuller, PhD Continues Today, Friday And This Weekend).

Mike Fuller Invites John McCain And All The Actresses Featured In This Blog To The George Washington Birthday TIMEFRAMES LLC Party The 3rd Monday Of February!

As The Development Of The Features NEBRASKA And FLAG YEAR starring Fred Kelly and the Pre-Production Of The TV-Show NSA SUV are in Progress In Hollywoodland, Mike Fuller, President Of TIMEFRAMES LLC (previously FRENCH COP LLC), organizes February 15, A Party in his Historic Home located 6218 Rockcliff Drive In Los Angeles, just below the Hollywood Sign to Celebrate The Victory of Scott Brown In Massachusetts. Among The Persons Invited: Scott Brown, John McCain, Sarah Palin, The Actresses Featured On This Blog And TIMEFRAMES Personalities.

John Trumbull's painting of George Washington Expresses The Talent Of A Military Man Who Was Able To Say NO The United Kingdom In Order To Build A Country Wide As A Continent And Wise Enough To Declare Peace To The World, The Human One, Continents Are Stronger Than Powers, The USA Are Beginning Their History After Just a little more Than 2 Centuries Of Development!

About Scott Brown:

About The Founder Of Our Country, George Washington:

Even If he Was born February 22, 1732, The Birthday Of George Washington Is Celebrated As A Federal Holiday THE THIRD MONDAY Of The Month Of FEBRUARY, This Year, 2010, The 15!!

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