Fred Vidal Is Beginning A Communication Campaign Against The Defamation Buzz Diffused In The Music And Movie Industries That He Is Facing Or Considering Bankruptcy Or Have Been Made Bankrupt! He Accuses The Democratic Party And The Republicans Who Are Against His Political Career!

Bankruptcy:  it is a strange word and a good rule for the people who are with or without their company obliged to stop fighting the crisis because they have not enough to pay their debts. MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The City Of Los Angeles, Are Preparing a Possible Bankruptcy. What about NBC-Universal, Warner Bros., Disney-Buena Vista?

Let’s hope that the New Decade will never stop our Dreams and Businesses And Now it’s time to Prepare the Business Plan Of TIMEFRAMES, a better name than the old one Hollywood, that is a dangerous one because connected to a Boulevard that means nothing anymore.

There is a bad buzz in town and some people criticize others saying that they are bankrupted! This is not a good thing for the future of the Show Business as everybody is having troubles and Competition does not mean defamation.

Let’s be careful about what we hear and read and let’s prevent the liars to lie whent the Truth is Obvious: Optimism and Professionalism are The 2 Keywords Of The Work Of Fred Vidal, PhD who Begins the Year with The Preparation Of A Budget for the Decade and No Debts to be Unpaid. The Banks Are The Best Friends Of Smart Business Men and Clever Citizens!! This is The Deal That makes Sense!

Welcome To The Republicans And The Democrats That Follow Our Work and Bye, Bye To The Ones Who Diffuse Wrong News About Us: Try to Find A Job In Another Industry To Help Not To Destroy the Solidarity We Need In America to be successful together!

As An Immigrant, I was not born in America and it is the reason why you don’t respect my U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles by refusing my screenplays and my acting work!

For my new Country,  as a leader of the Republican Party that refuses until now to support my action for reforms, I propose a nationwide University of Citizenship, a program of 2 years after the naturalization in order to prepare the new citizens to make their rights respected!

If the immigrants are refused by the population as real partners, it is because there is a nationality segregation (if you are not born on location, you are excluded) like the racial one organized by individuals and groups that don’t respect the rules and want the crisis as the background of their success against newcomers.

The Constitution is wrong to prevent the immigrants to be candidates to the Presidential Election and I  will write to the President of The Supreme Court, The Judge John G.  Roberts, to tell him that it is the reason why we are harassed by insiders of the destablization in order to make us believe WE ARE NOT AMERICANS! I Am, And I Will Be Candidate In 2012 As I Am Sure The Congress Will Vote Before The Amendment That We Need To Make The United States Respected Worlwide And Coast To Coast!

Mike Fuller, March 30, 2010″

Tom Cruise Must Stop His Membership To The Church Of Scientology That Is A Dangerous Sect!

An article By Mike Fuller ASAP!

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Mike Fuller Accuses Hollywood Of Social & Cultural PORNOGRAPHY Organized By The Movie/TV Industry Majors To Prevent Us To Stop The Crisis!!

Scientology = Mental And Probably Sometimes Physical Kidnapping (according to families victims). Mike Fuller Dedicates His Week To Fight It!

Anti-Decadence In The US: The Movie/TV Actors Are Diffusing With The Scientology A System Of Government Against Democracy And Egalitarism!!

Scientology Organizes Fake Couples, Harass Actresses, Screenwriters & Producers! George Clooney, US Star #1 Is Doing Nothing Against That!

TIMEFRAMES historicity: John Travolta Succeeded To Diffuse In LA The Dangerous Ideology Of The Sect That Stopped The Career Of Tom Cruise!!

Scientology: Mike Fuller Accuses The Sect To Be The Headquarters Of Hollywood With Members Like Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Matt Damon!!

George Clooney, E! Entertainment, The Obama Channel That Disturbs The Americans with The Red Carpets Of The Past, Variety And Hollywood Reporter, Democrats Only, Are Responsible Of The Decadence Of Our American Culture, According To Mike Fuller, Candidate To The Presidential Election 2012!

Fred Vidal Loves E! Entertainment But The Channel Policy And Strategy Is 100% Against TIMEFRAMES LLC And His Owner Fred Vidal, PhD!

It Could Change In April As The Probable Next President Of The United States Of America, Candidate As A Republican, with no help of his Party until now, will be in touch of the Red Carpets Channel that never invited him for an interview, even if he is the Actor-Producer that The Country Wants to see on the small and big screen.

Mike Fuller, (the new name of Fred Vidal that will be official this year), is inviting George Clooney, The Number Oner Actor in Hollywood, for a Meeting, ASAP, To Speak about the Evil Pressure Of Scientology In California and how to stop it!

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Article in progress!!

Watergate 2: Villaraigosa Stopped By The Water Price Issue By The City Council! Mike Fuller Wants Him To Resign Before November 2010 Like Richard Nixon Did In The 1970’s!

The Daily News, local Los Angeles Newspaper Informs:

03/23/2010 – Saying they felt strong-armed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s threat of imminent bankruptcy, angry City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to seize jurisdiction over proposed DWP rate hikes set to take effect next week.

  • DWP (Department Of Water And Power) Search Results by The Daily News:

Impeachment, this is the word that makes the buzz about Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles since His Romance Scandal a few time ago as he never thought about resigning and informs now of a probable bankruptcy of the City after a reelection organized without real opponent, thanks to a Republican Party sleeping in LA, before the DWP Crisis in progress. (Mike Fuller Communique)

According to Wikipedia: “State legislatures can impeach state officials, including governors. The court for the trial of impeachments may differ somewhat from the federal model.

The procedure for impeachment, or removal, of local officials varies widely. For instance, in New York a mayor is removed directly by the governor “upon being heard” on charges — the law makes no further specification of what charges are necessary or what the governor must find in order to remove a mayor.”

Antonio, A Married Man At That Time, Mayor of The Second City Of The Country, With The Journalist Who Broke His Heart And Made The LA We Know Before The Democracy Sanction: Villaraigosa Not Anymore At His City Hall Office! The New Watergate Is About The Water Problem In The Town And A Political System That Prevent Critics And Change Because Of A Mayor Who Couldn't Stop His Bad Reputation!

On March 23, 2010, Villaraigosa warned the Los Angeles City Council that their failure to support a rate increase approved by the city’s Department of Water and Power would be “the most immediate and direct route to bankruptcy the city could pursue”.

  • Los Angeles Times: Villaraigosa Warns Of Bankruptcy If L.A. City Council Blocks Electricity Rate Hike!

  • More Press Articles:

The Republicans unable to choose the right candidate against Villaraigosa in 2009 are now managing the problem of the Healthcare as loosers of the Bill Vote and  victims of a violent campaign decentralized by anti-Obama activists!,0,7237792.story

About The Bankruptcy Risk For MGM, another victim of the Villaraigosa years in  LA:

He's The Right Man To Begin A New Era In France Before The Candidacy Of A Friend Of Mine: The Secret Name, In 2012!

After The Historical Defeat Of The President’s Party, Mike Fuller, PhD Supports The French Socialist Party To Get The Government Leadership Now And Invites The French Senator David Assouline To Be The New Prime Minister Of The Country!

Translation In French: Apres la defaite historique du Parti de Nicolas Sarkosy, l’UMP, aux Elections Regionales, Mike Fuller, PhD soutient le Parti Socialiste pour qu’il forme un nouveau Gouvernement and invite le Senateur David Assouline a etre le nouveau Premier Ministre, si le President de la Republique le decide!

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In France After The Defeat Of Nicolas Sarkosy’s Party, Frederic Vidal Proposes David Assouline, French Senator To Be The Next Prime Minister!

About The Senator David Assouline:

Mathieu Kassovitz, A Director-Actor That Is Necessary For FLAG YEAR And The Future Of TIMEFRAMES!

For FLAG YEAR, The New SuperProduction Of Mike Fuller’s Company TIMEFRAMES LLC, This is the Letter To Mathieu Kassovitz, A French Director That could be the Possible Director Of The Feature:

Hello Mr. Kassovitz:
I am a Movie Producer located in California and I’m inviting you to direct my first Feature Film, FLAG YEAR, that we will shoot next summer outisde of Palm Springs, in the desert. It is a movie about the Iraq War and the story is about a soldier falling in love with another one, a woman. At the same time, the brother of the man is about to loose his life because of the Army against the U.S. The format of the Film will be The Panavision 35 mm G-Flex. We could shout the Feature in four weeks and the financing and Seed Money maybe will be able to invite your production head and you could earn the production rights after negotitations.
We admire your work and and we are sure that the United States are the best place for you to develop your audience.
I am beginning the business plan of the commercialization of the movie with the project to get your agreement, as fast as possible.
Check this Website: to see the quality of the independent team that is scheduled to work for the Film, as a TIMEFRAMES LLC Production Project.
Sincerely Yours.
Fred Vidal, PhD

La Haine (Hate), A Movie By Mathieu Kassovitz that changed the Social Mood in France When Released In Theaters. Now For FLAG YEAR, Fred Vidal, PhD Thinks He Can Change The American Mood About The Iraq War And The Afghanistan Problem!

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