On MEETUP, Fred Vidal, PhD Is Back For A Network Of REPUBLICAN Groups In California And The Promotion Of Mike FULLER Everywhere On The West Coast, Before The U.S. Senate In January 2011 Thanks To The Lake ISABELLA (california’s best kept secret)!

  • In November 2010, we will decide of the next Congress: Will it be Republican or Democrat? We need a change in the politics of This Country and, probably, A Secretary for CULTURE. It would be the Best Opportunity to improve Our Democracy and our Style of Economy that must be more and more Arts oriented in order to Stop the Crisis!
  • Let’s slow down with the Stress of this Political Life and the tough Competition of the Candidates featured by the Mass Media and the Press: We need to focus more on the content of the Projects and Programs That Can help us to Win and to Improve our Great California that Deserves a Better economy.
  • A Luncheon, A Diner, A Breakfast or a Coffee with always A Smile is the best way to find the time to speak and think about the future and the alternative candidacy of an insider, PhD in Communication Science, Fred Vidal, PhD, who runs for the U.S. Senate because he doesn’t believe in the failure of the Republican candidacy!


Fred Vidal, PhD Back To MEETUP Like A Locomotive Because We Deserve More Than A Blah Blah Blah of Professional Politicians born to be A Cliche That Deserve To Be Forgotten!!

  • Los Angeles: Daily Meetup at 10AM beginning May Day (The 1st, This Saturday) for the guests of The BOURGEOIS PIG!


  • Sacramento:  Daily Meetup, beginning May 10, Monday 8AM for Fred’s Capital Friends Of The BUTCH N NELLIE’S COFFEE COMPANY!


  • San Francisco: BUCK TAVERN A GO-GO For The Entourage Of A Lucky Candidate, Mr. PhD! (beginning Friday May 14 at 5PM and Weekly!!)


  • San Diego: A FUNDRAISING Diner Weekly, beginning Saturday, May 22 at 7PM For The Leaders Of Mike Fuller’s National Campaign Invited to The Prestigious COURTYARD MARRIOTT, Located DOWNTOWN On Broadway!!


  • Bakersfield: Friday, 7PM, May 28, and every following Friday, A Music Event And A Political Celebration Of A Candidate Who Can Also Play The Guitar (and will invite a famous Bassist maybe!) for A Meetup Diner & Concert hosted by The FISHLIPS!


  • Oakland: 2 days before The Primary Vote, June 6, Beginning of a Weekly MEETUP, Every Sunday, 2PM, Cafe Van Kleef For The Last Minute Guests and The All-Time Candidate Fuller The Great!


For The Future Of California:
VOTE FRED VIDAL, PhD For The US Senate!!

I Was There To Meet The Lake In 2004 And The Lake Told Me That He Loved Me, I Replied That He Was My Great Surprise To Be A So Beautiful One And So Quiet With A Sun And A Rainbow! Mike Fuller, April 29, 2010. To my Friend ISABELLA!

Fred Vidal, PhD Is A Great Supporter Of LAKE ISABELLA since 2004, the best Location to be in California (I will be there this Summer to Prepare His LA Super-Primary Convention!!): “Welcome to Lake Isabella, heart of the Kern River Valley, California’s best kept secret. With many activities, including fishing, hiking, camping, windsurfing, skiing, or just relaxing, the lake itself has much to offer.  Don’t miss one of California’s largest wild west celebrations, Whiskey Flat Days, four days of fun for the entire family. ”



Mike Fuller, Nickname of Fred Vidal, PhD, Is Inviting The Freemasons of California to Think about Joining His Campaign For more Progress In The United States With the Gratitude Of The American U.S. Senate!


Masons of California are the best friends of those who want to improve their environment by preparing the next step of their life in a project or in a dream that can become True! Welcome to my CAMPAIGN: The Country!!

More Info IN MAY!

Fake Supermarket Couples Give To Ralphs Clients A Wrong Image Of Our U.S. Country WEEKLY, According To Fred Vidal, PhD!

Breaking News:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor Of California, was there, this morning (4/26/2010) close To the Hollywood Sign, To Inform oF The Success of The Cahuenga Peak Operation, Thanks to A Gift of $900,000 by PLAYBOY's founder Hugh HEFNER, a Generous One! On the Picture: The Governor With the great Councilmember of Los Angeles Tom Labonge (photo by Fred Vidal, PhD).

HUGH HEFNER IS FINAL DONOR AS CAHUENGA PEAK, THE LAND AROUND HOLLYWOOD SIGN  IS SAVED. The Trust For Public Land (TPL) announced this morning, Monday the 26th of April, it has raised enough money to buy and protect the 138 acres behind the World-famous Hollywood Sign, as PLAYBOY magazine founder Hugh HEFNER stepped forward to close the gap with a $900,000 donation to the $12.5 million needed! The May 2 (8-10PM) RAINBOW (9015 Sunset, West Hollywood) Rock Concert (KIM D. & The Killer Bees/BRAMSTOCKER) to Support The Famous Cahuenga Peak Is confirmed, in order to celebrate the great victory of our population, companies and leaders, including our Timeframes team that organized yesterday, Sunday the 25th, its first successful Rock RAINBOW Meeting and Concert to promote and Save Cahuenga Peak! The second part this Sunday will be organized to support the Trust for Public Land (TPL) and promote Donations to this great nationwide nonprofit organization that helps CONSERVING LAND FOR PEOPLE! http://www.tpl.org
More Info: https://fredvidal.wordpress.com (Diffusion: Fred Vidal, PhD).

Timeframes May 2 (Sunday) RAINBOW ROCK SHOW For CONSERVING LAND FOR PEOPLE and Support TPL In California Information On Yahoo!



Join Us This Sunday, April 25, from 8 to 10PM At RAINBOW Bar & Grill, 9015 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069, For A TIMEFRAMES Music Live Show (8PM: IZZI Nevermind, 8:45PM: BRAMSTOCKER, 9PM: KIM D. And The Killer Bees) To Raise The $12.5 million needed to protect Cahuenga Peak – home to Hollywood Sign – from Real Estate Development! Donations: Text the word LAND to the number 50555! When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your $5 gift To Save Cahuenga Peak with The Trust For Public Land and Its Partners (donations online: www.savehollywoodland.org)! After protection, the land (138 acres behind and to the left of the Hollywood Sign) would be added to Griffith Park and open to hikers and joggers as public open space. We have until April 30, 2010 to raise about $1.5 million more in a very short time. After protection, the land will be added to Griffith Park and open to hikers and joggers! (Contact: Fred Vidal, PhD, 323-519-8889). Fred Vidal is the Leadsinger of BRAMSTOCKER.
Links to the Band: www.myspace.com/bramstocker


We Got 2 Weeks More To Save Cahuenga Peak Thanks To The Action Of Everybody In LA Including This Article That We Posted On April 10 With Nelson Piquet Jr. Invited To Promote The Operation Of Fundraising!


Here Comes The Night Watched by more than 6,400 People on Youtube! Meanwhile Fake Couples are Still Disturbing Our Ralphs Markets! The candidate for The U.S. Senate Explains Why!

The Article:
Fake Supermarket Couples Give To Ralphs Clients A Wrong Image Of Our U.S. Country WEEKLY, According To Fred Vidal, PhD!

The pictures of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz on the cover of a Paparazzi magazine are the ones of a Fake Couple according to the family of the Film Industry. This manipulation has a reason for the insiders-readers of Variety and The Hollywood Reporter: to Sabotage the new movie by Tom Cruise, Knight and Day.

It’s not too late to send a letter to the White House for a better control of that Tabloid Publications in our Country, The United States. This Propaganda for Supermarkets, promoting a dozen of Clique members of The Sets, must stop to Brainwash us with Their Fame, fake or not, Their Media planning, obviously Real, and the Money Speculation of These LAST CENTURY Stars of The Screen, No Longer Welcomed By The TV Watchers and The Moviegoers of the XXIst Century.

Mike Fuller, May, 20, 2010

Nowadays, It’s better To Listen to The Radio And KTLA Than To read The Newspapers And magazines! In The LA Area, Connect To:

KFI 640 AM

KABC 790 AM Talk Radio



KUCR 88.3 FM (University of California, Riverside)

KCSN 88.5 FM The Music You Want

KPCC 89.3 FM Southern California Public Radio
KUOR 89.1 FM
KPCV 90.3 FM

KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica Radio Los Angeles

KJLH 102.3 FM

103.1 Indie LA/OC One-o-Three-1

KOST 103.5 FM

KLOS 95.5 FM

KROQ 106.7 FM

JACK FM 93.1

For Earth Day, Mike Fuller Organizes An Eco-System For The Future Of Our Environment With A Meeting On Rockcliff Drive And The Support Of The Cahuenga Peak!


This Thursday, at 6:30PM, At 6218 Rockcliff Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068!

Dogs Are Men’s Best Friends But Also Advisers About The Nature And What Is Happening In Our Country When Environment Is Not Synchronized With Development. They Know The Truth About The Keys To Have To Be The Owner Of A Real Built Life Looking Like A House With Windows, Doors And A Yard Organized To Be The Garden We Need For The 2010’s! Dogs Deserve To Be Better Understood!


Press Interviews With Lively, Strahovski, Cassidy, Preparation Of FLAG YEAR (working title: WaR GoLd) For A September California Shooting: Motion Picture Pre-Production And Interactive Journalism Begin Now With The M1 Abrams, Best Friend Of Mike Fuller And Symbol Of The Mythic Movie (With The Sherman Tank Too)!!

Breaking News: http://twitter.com/fredvidal

On https://fredvidal.wordpress.com Fred Vidal Confirms He’s In Love With Blake Lively & Proposes To Rolling Stone An Interview Of The Actress

Fred Vidal PhD Better Known As Mike Fuller Invites All The TEA PARTY members, All Over The Country, For A Summer Convention In Los Angeles!!

How To Make It In A Jungle Of Stress? Mike Fuller Asks For A New Date 4 The REPUBLICAN PRIMARY In California!

A Famous Ad For The M1 Abrams And The Colin Powell Famous Prediction: Perpetual Optimism Is A Force Multiplier The Abrams Will Be The Star Of FLAG YEAR, The Great First Fred Kelly (my SAG-AFTRA aka) Movie and a Part Of The French Cop Saga as a Spin-Off oF F-Cop: AfTeRmAtH, The Web-Episodes Written Movie That continues on WordPress!

Buy The Poster:

The M1 Abrams Was The Number One Of The U.S. Army In Iraq To Attack Against Saddam Hussein And Al Qaeda! The Victory was not Easy But The Feature FLAG YEAR Will Be The Evidence That There Was A Victory And Nothing Else Matters, Like The METALLICA SonG!

The WalK Of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. Will Celebrate in July its 50th Birthday (1960-2010) and we commemorate also this year The 51st Anniversary Of Cecil B Demille Death Day In 1959, the Year of My Birth. I dedicate FLAG YEAR To this Great Gentleman Of The Industry Who is a Permanet Inspiration For tHe Preparation Of My FLAG YEAR! 


Cecil B Demille Will Be The Independent Spirit who Will do The Supervision Of The Shooting Of The War Scenes with The Abrams And The Sherman Tanks. A Location must Be Find In California For These Days of Filming The War 7 Years After! It Will Be Done Before June 25!

Fred Vidal PhD Is About to Propose The Magazine ROLLING STONE (that will have soon a new Store In The Mall located On Highland and Hollywood A Series of Articles and Interviews Of The 2010’s Starlettes Who Makes Sense In The Culture Of our COuntry (The United States). Fred is back to The Roots for this Work for Hire Because He began His Career After The BRAMSTOCKER first lineup As A Journalist For Radio And Magazines (including Newspapers)!

Blake Lively Was Already Featured In Rolling Stone For GOSSIP GIRL, And I Want TO Interview Her Before FLAG YEAR To Be Sure That She Will Be My Wife On The Reality Screen That We Call Life On Earth, I Still Want To Marry Her ASAP ANd I Will Be A Lucky Guy With A RinG Called LoVe!!!

Blake Lively Was Already Featured In Rolling Stone For GOSSIP GIRL, And I Want TO Interview Her Before FLAG YEAR To Be Sure That She Will Be My Wife On The Reality Screen That We Call Life On Earth, I Still Want To Marry Her ASAP ANd I Will Be A Lucky Guy With A RinG Called LoVe!!!

For Blake I want To Give A Sign Of Happiness With This Great Tank Of The US Army: The SHERMAN, Symbol Of Liberty Against The Totalitarism And Solid Values To Defend Our Land Of The Free Abroad When It’s Necessary, Before To Celebrate Our Definitive Economy Success: Let’s Rock And Let’s Roll!

Fred Vidal, PhD Demands To Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger To Postpone The Republican Primary For The U.S. Senate To August 24, 2010!

Sunday TWP Article:

Like An Episode Of The Man With The Velvet Eyes, Reality Is Beyond The Fiction For An Awful Disaster For The Airlines Companies and The Whole European Continent That Is The Victim Of A New Natural Crisis, Unique In The History Of The World! We're Lucky To Live In The United States and Our Local Evenets Are Less Important Than That. Read In The Washington Post, The New Daily Press Of Mike Fuller Because DC Means Communication Nationwide!! Article: "Volcanic ash cloud forces Obama to cancel trip to Polish leader's funeral, leaves millions of travelers stranded by bottleneck that could last for weeks."

Villaraigosa Impeachement: Fred Vidal PhD aka Mike Fuller Will Call The City Hall On Monday To Have An Interview With The Los Angeles Mayor!

Benjamin Franklin is the One who Advices and Inspires Fred Vidal, PhD to Have a Clear Project of What is Necessary to Do In California To Stop The Bankruptcy Tendency Organized by The Absence Of AMBITION of our local Leaders In Sacramento And Los Angeles!

More News In a Few Moment!

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