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    When: Sat, June 5, 8:30am
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Description: Speaker Damon Dunn, candidate for Secretary of State Info:

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My candidacy as a write-in candidate for the Primary Run for The Republican Party United States Senate NOMINATION is a good example of a Political involvement in a succesfull project for our Country.
Call me: 818-863-0523
Visit me:
Email me:

And VOTE: FREDERIC I VIDAL, June 8 Meaning Fred Vidal, PhD!

Thank You Republican Party Of The Los Angeles County, Victory Blvd. Located For your Support!

Mike Fuller, PhD Communicates That Important Information On The Web regarding The Republican Party in California: The Los Angeles SCANDAL!!

  • All The Details About The necessary DISSOLUTION of The Los Angeles County Republican Party for The BUILDING OF A FREE PARTY In LA And Its AREA!!

Trial Court Error Injures the Republican Party of Los Angeles County

May 28, 2010

By Rick Williams
There’s an important case working its way through the California courts right now, and the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (“RPLAC”) suffered a setback in the action on May 26, 2010. I always speak respectfully about our courts and judges– they have a tough job to do– but the recent ruling by a Los Angeles trial judge is so mistaken in law that it calls out for comment. Here are some thoughts.

The trial court order dismissing the case entitled Republican Party of Los Angeles County; Robert W. Vaughn, et al v. Jane Barnett, et al (LASC No. BC 427334) raises core questions about proper and legitimate governance of a political party in California, and the case itself has generated widespread public interest and controversy throughout the state of California and around the country. In analyzing the dismissal ruling, let’s start with the obvious questions– did the trial court reach the right outcome, and was the dismissal order premised on supportable grounds? Respectfully to the trial court (and unfortunately for the Republican Party), the order contains fundamental error, and the answers about “right outcome” and “supportable grounds” are no and no.

First a bit of background. Every two years, Republican Party voters in Los Angeles County elect individual members to serve as their RPLAC representatives in the county Central Committee. RPLAC itself is entirely a creation of California law, and its internal operations and affairs are specifically governed and defined by legislative enactments set forth in the California Elections Code. During the bi–annual June primary elections, seven Central Committee members are elected to represent each Assembly District in Los Angeles county, a total of 26 Assembly Districts in all. The freshly elected RPLAC members– approximately 182 in number– hold their “organizational first meeting” in December of the bi–annual election year (or the following January), and the members then serve their two year terms commencing on the date of the first meeting. All of this is set forth by statute in California Elections Code sections 7440– 7444.

Elections Code section 7441 specifically provides that the freshly elected members are to select their Chairman and Executive Board officers at the organizational first meeting. This time and place for selection of officers is not optional or subject to whim and change by the members– the law requires that officer selection occur at the first meeting. As a result, all members know and understand from the Elections Code itself that selection of officers at the first meeting is the initial step to be taken when they come forward to fulfill their duties and responsibilities on behalf of RPLAC.

The most recent “first meeting” of RPLAC took place on December 6, 2008, and the selection of valid officers for the 2009–2010 term of office occurred on that date. A sizable number of brand new members were present at the December 6 meeting, and a slate of relative newcomers stepped forward as candidates for Executive Board positions. The “newcomer” slate was headed by Glen Forsch, running for Chairman, and the group included candidates Lydia Gutierrez as First Vice Chair; Robert Vaughn as Second Vice Chair; Gary Aminoff as Treasurer; Roger Eshleman as Secretary; Constance Ruffley as Assistant Secretary; and Gwen Patrick as Assistant Treasurer. There was a competing officer slate on December 6, 2008– headed by “old guard” candidates Linda Boyd (seeking her third consecutive term as Chairman) and Jane Barnett (running as a candidate for First Vice Chair). So far so good– the presence of multiple officer slates is a healthy sign for the organization itself.

For awhile, everything seemed to be going along normally at the December 6, 2008 meeting. The two officer slates put forth their names for consideration, and the meeting was moving forward to the officer selection process itself. But the “old guard” slate headed by Linda Boyd and Jane Barnett was soon to receive a major surprise. The fresh membership, it turned out, didn’t want the same RPLAC leaders to serve yet another term, and the “old guard” officers were destined to be replaced. The “newcomer” slate was favored by the majority of voters at the statutory first meeting, and change was in the air.

The vote for change came when outgoing Chairman Linda Boyd turned the meeting to the business of electing a Temporary Chairman. Ms. Boyd nominated Bob Huff for the role, and Glen Forsch nominated Al Han. The election of a Temporary Chairman was a face off between Ms. Boyd and Mr. Forsch, and here is the verbatim report from the minutes of the December 6, 2008 meeting about how the Temporary Chairman election process actually occurred that day:

“Linda Boyd [in her role as outgoing Chairman] asked for a voice vote. The vote was close and Linda Boyd declared Bob Huff the Temporary Chairperson. Glen Forsch objected and requested a standing vote; a standing vote was conducted and the results were Bob Huff (39 votes), Al Han (65 votes). Al Han was elected Temporary Chairperson.”

Uh oh. All of a sudden those pesky newcomers were standing up and making their votes count at the statutory first meeting– so what did Linda Boyd and Jane Barnett do in response? Well . . . once the election for a Temporary Chairman showed that the “old guard” slate wasn’t going to win, Ms. Boyd withdrew her name as a candidate for Chair and Jane Barnett withdrew her name as a candidate for First Vice Chair. These two then walked out of the December 6, 2008 meeting, with their supporters in tow. Sour grapes anyone? It was a blatant attempt to deprive the newcomers of a quorum at the statutory meeting; but the effort failed and the Forsch slate was elected to office. Selection of officers at the organizational first meeting– this is precisely what California law calls for in Elections Code section 7441. Here are the exact words of the statute, for ready reference:

“Elections Code 7441. (a) At the first meeting, a committee [RPLAC] shall organize by selecting a chairperson, a secretary, and any other officers and committees as it deems necessary for carrying on the affairs of this party. (b) The members of the central committee shall assume office and hold their first meeting during the month of December or January following a general election. A member shall hold office for a two year term commencing with that first meeting held in December or January following a general election.”

The mandate of California law couldn’t be clearer. Mr. Forsch and his newcomer slate (including Robert Vaughn, Roger Eshleman and Constance Ruffley, all of whom are individual plaintiffs in the RPLAC v. Barnett lawsuit) were the validly and legitimately elected RPLAC officers for the 2009–2010 term.

The newly elected officers took up their positions and began the process of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities in January, 2009. Gary Aminoff, a defendant in RPLAC v. Barnett, was the elected Treasurer on the new Executive Board, and he initially tried to assure the disgruntled old guarders that the new team wanted to work with them for the good of the Republican Party. But the old guarders stood apart, they stayed on the sidelines; and little did Glen Forsch and his Executive Board know that Mr. Aminoff and Jane Barnett would soon be organizing an illegitimate and invalid coup of the duly elected RPLAC officers in conjunction with a group of interlopers from the highest levels of California state Republican Party.

A few words are in order about coup involvement on the part of the state Republican Party. The Elections Code is entirely clear that the state Republican Party is to be structured, organized and managed separate and apart from county party entities such as RPLAC. The Elections Code calls for RPLAC and the other local parties to be autonomous, and the state Republican Party has no right, power or jurisdiction to interfere in any way in the internal affairs and organization of RPLAC. Indeed, it’s a violation of the Elections Code if the state Republican Party attempts to supercede local control, and the involvement of the state Republican Party in the coup of RPLAC officers is every bit as wrongful as the activities of Jane Barnett and her LA county colleagues themselves. The defendants in RPLAC v. Barnett have trumpeted the backing of the state Republican Party as a core grounding for their claim of legitimacy as RPLAC officers, but under applicable law any purported “authority” of the state Party over RPLAC is a destructive myth that turns the “local autonomy” framework of the Elections Code entirely on its head.

The coup of RPLAC officers occurred on May 14, 2009, and the actions of the coup plotters were invalid and illegitimate every step of the way. There was no notice given to members that officers would be displaced that night; there was no bringing of charges against the “newcomer” Board; no statement of “cause” for removal; no opportunity to be heard; no valid vote of the full membership; there was . . . nothing. The wrongful acts in this case all arise from the undisputed fact that a group of old guarders walked unannounced into a county meeting (with active state Party support) and unilaterally declared themselves to be the new RPLAC officers. None of the provisions of the RPLAC Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order for removal of officers were complied with by the coup plotters, and indeed Ms. Barnett, Mr. Aminoff and their fellows have never even made a pretense of acting within the established rules of RPLAC governance. As a result, the conduct of the plotters violates the longstanding common law doctrine of fair procedure, as well as the requirements of Elections Code section 7442, which provides:

“A committee may make rules and regulations providing for any of the following:
(a) How officers of the committee may be removed.
(b) How meetings may be called . . .”

The simple issue before the trial court on May 26, 2010 was how the Court should properly respond when the “rules and regulations” adopted by RPLAC which govern removal of officers and meeting notice are trampled upon by a disgruntled sect of the membership. Would the Court stand up and protect the rights of wrongfully displaced officers (and RPLAC itself)? Would the Court enter a preliminary injunction against the coup participants to restrain them from holding themselves out as RPLAC officers in the future? Unfortunately, the trial court on May 26, 2010 did neither of those things. It sided with the wrongdoers– and the Republican Party suffers the consequence. This also sets bad precedence for fairness, order, and violations of election code involving other political organizations.

The good news is that an appellate remedy is immediately available. The individual plaintiffs in RPLAC v. Jane Barnett, et al have stood up heroically in the face of a steady stream of abuse and harassment from the wrongful coup actors, and they’ll continue to do so. The plaintiffs will abide by the trial court ruling of May 26, 2010, but we might all do well to remember that this erroneous ruling is only one early step in the overall process. Republicans who believe in the rule of law and proper governance support the plaintiffs’ cause with dedication, firmness and commitment– justice will prevail.

Rick Williams is a partner in the law firm of Kelly Lytton & Williams LLP located in Los Angeles, California. He is counsel for plaintiffs in Republican Party of Los Angeles County; Robert W. Vaughn, et al v. Jane Barnett, et al. The case is presently pending in the California courts.

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Q & A:

Q: Don, What’s new in your Campaign to Be nominated By The REPUBLICAN PARTY For The U.S. Senate Race To defeat The Present Senator, and great FRIEND of Yours – MYSPACE – Mrs. Barbara BOXER??

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The MAFIA is a Danger for Hollywood, The Mafia of Any Kind but Especialy The Mafia from Italy, if It still Exists in The States. I feel a Mafia Type of Environment Sometimes and I’m not confortable with People who Speak Too much because they Are in danger to Be manipulated By Mafia Style of Managers and Agents who Threaten Their Clients and Their Contacts when You refuse the be Their HOSTAGES!!

The Mafia, It’s a System That is The contrary Of a Tea PArty, It’s Organized without Decentralization, With A Boos who Manages The VIOLENCE To Make himself Respected and Give Orders That Are In Fact DISORDER! TEA PARTY, It’s The Contrary And It’s POLITICS TOO!! Robert Is Againsit All of That too, Hes ANTI-MAFIAS!!

Q: What About This Project of AMENDMENT Of The United States CONSTITUTION TO Empower The IMMIGRANTS, Meaning The Citizens Not Born In The USA?? Is it In Progress Donald??

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A: The Amendment That we Need Is A Citizenship Special One Improving The Rights of The Immigrants in  order To Make Them more Respected on The US Territory With A System of Control to prevent SEGREGATION And Selection of American sons and Daughters more than selection of New Citizens who Must be Sponsored more because They didn’t get their Degrees and Parents on location but abroad, So they have a handicap that must need a PLUS From The Federation And The tates for an EQUAL TREATMENT all along Their Career and For Their Family Project Too!! The CITIZENSHIP-AMENDMENT has to be the Next Step for a Possible Election Of A New American To The Presidency AND FOR EVERY ELECTION Beginning the Day Following The One Of His/Her NATURALIZATION. I Believe It is Fair And We can work on That At The REPUBLICAN PARTY With People Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Beginning 2011, He won’t Be anymore Governor In California, And can be developing Full-Time this Campaign of Yours To Have more Ambition for Our Country Regarding Its IMMIGRATION DESTINY!!

  • Meanwhile On WordPress:

1,103,781 Views Of Fred, Mike, Don, Tom’s Blog In Almost One Year and everyday online for the pleasure OF OUR DEMOCRACY!!

Q: What about the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY June 8?

A: I’m gonna do A Complaint. Because I CAN CHECK That Nobody Called me Back When I called In Every Californian County The Leaders Of Local Republican Parties And I was ISOLATED Since January by The Republican Party Of The County of Los Angeles That Created a Manipulation against me for my CANDIDACY NOT TO BE REGISTERED ON TIME!! I Registered it This Tuesday In NORWALK thanks to my personal and Republican Supporters plus The elite of The TEA PARTY And I am sure That It will be The Winning One Next Month As I Am Scheduling To Have My Rights Respected, Thanks To The Justice And The Nationwide Party, For This Election that is not an Election But a Nomination: THE PRIMARY FOR THE UNITED STATES SENATE, We need A Candidate Not A Public Servant! To my point of View.

Q: Thank you!

A: Ok, I’ll see you later This weekend for a second Touch because I like my new Fictitious Wolrd as DON McKENZIE, On The Web not Only!

Before San Francisco And His Press Breakthrough, Mike Fuller, PhD Introduces His New Novel Written For The Internet: ‘THE SECRET NAME’, The Life Of Don McKenzie, Member Of The Secret Service Before To Be A Senior Advisor At The White House and On Location For The President, Worldwide, Thanks To The High-Tech Universe Of The 2010’s!

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Fred Vidal, PhD is proud to Inform you That His Company Is Now Officially Named TIMEFRAMES, A LLC that Will Continue To Work For FILMS In LA

FRENCH COP LLC created by me in 2005 Is Now TIMEFRAMES LLC, a change Executed By Debra BOWEN, California Secretary of State, May 17. Thanks!

Journalist, Entrepreneur, Novelist, Actor & Screenwriter, Mike Fuller, FV, is Also a Politician, TEA Party Supporter and a G.O.P. Insider!!

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Frustration grows as oil spill invades Louisiana

“Louisiana’s oil spill came at the worst time”’s-oil-spill-came-at-the-worst-time/

In this photo released by Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, A bird covered in fuel oil from the spill from a Hong-Kong-registered oil tanker sits on the beach near Mallipo, South Korea, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2007. South Korea's largest oil spill reached part of the country's scenic and environmentally sensitive western shore Saturday as the Coast Guard struggled in high waves and strong winds to keep more oil from washing up on beaches. (AP Photo/ Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, HO)

In this photo released by Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, A bird covered in fuel oil from the spill from a Hong-Kong-registered oil tanker sits on the beach near Mallipo, South Korea, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2007. South Korea's largest oil spill reached part of the country's scenic and environmentally sensitive western shore Saturday as the Coast Guard struggled in high waves and strong winds to keep more oil from washing up on beaches. (AP Photo/ Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, HO). In Louisiana in 2010, the disaster could be worse as the Louisiana and the nationwide population are not understanding that this crisis needs more Communication to Be Stopped!

Crossover of The MAN WITH THE VELVET EYES, F-COP and PARALLEL PEOPLE, 3 Franchises by Fred Vidal, PhD, THE SECRET NAME Is An Action Movie Screenwritten Webbed Novelism Creation That Begins Today on WordPress, For The Star-Blog Of Mike Fuller Scoring 1,050,000 views after one year of Diffusion!

New Episodes of The Man With The Velvet Eyes and F-CoP: AfTeRmAtH to be Scheduled On The Internet in JUNE 2010, After ElEcTiOn DaY, June 8, 8 Like Infinity!

For Security Reasons, The Press Conference Of Fred VIDAL, PhD Is Rescheduled At The W Hotel In San Fancisco May 22, 2010 At 2pm As The Candidate Who Signs His Messages Mike FULLER Joins The George W. BUSH Presidential Center And GOPAC!!

Young Republicans From All Over The American Country Will Support The Press Conference Of Mike 'Fred Vidal, PhD' FULLER, May 20, This Thursday, at 2PM, From the W Hotel, In San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, In The Bay Area! NBC, ABC, CBS & FOX Are The mai Channels that will be Invited To Broadcast The event, Live Or Not! The Press Event Is Dedicated To The VENTURA County That Is The Choice Of FULLER FoR His State Headquarters during The UNITED STATES SENATE RACE From July To October!!

2 Invitations That Mean More Than 2 ENDORSEMENTS For Fred Vidal, PhD: The George W Bush Presidential Center And INSTITUTE and The GOPAC – Training & ELECTING The Next Generation Of REPUBLICAN LEADERS! Mike Fuller Accepts That Great 2 Memberships and Share This Honor with The Population Of CALIFORNIA. NEW CAMPAIGN WEBSITE Made In Mike Fuller!

The Historic Picture Of George W Bush Is A Symbol of Communication And Partnership Showing A Man Who Has really Been One Of The Best Presidents Of The United States Of Our Beloved America! Fred Vidal, PhD is Proud To Be One Of His Strongest Supporter Since the beginning of His first Mandate and Now Likes a Lot The Support of the President that Is known to be Crucial for The success Of his Political Career! Thank you George W Bush!


MORE NEWS ON: with Barack Obama as First Friend Of Fred And Blake LIVELY, Vidal’s SOULMATE!


Antonio Villaraigosa Recall Is Now A Probable Procedure in Los Angeles as The State Of Arizona is about to Stop its Partnership With The DWP, a decision that could create Power and Water problems in LA, creating a situation of crisis for the population that could be without power/water even with paid bills.

This California Chaos regarding budget issues is caused by a Hollywood style of two men, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Antonio Villaraigosa, who caused a Financial Disaster in the Gold Rush State.

to be continued on Friday.

As An Iron Man 2, Mike Fuller Will Be In Frisco Friday With His Deputy To Diffuse His Public Statement For The Elections In November – He Is Candidate For The US Senate, Republican And Hollywood Tea Party Supporter!

IRON MAN 2, The Great Picture From MARVEL Hero & Super Avenger Of The Stan Lee Universe Is Now The Film Chosen By Fuller Campaign Team To Diffuse The Message Of A WINNING NOVEMBER For The Republicans Allied With The Tea Movement Members, T.E.A. For True Elections in America, We Need It, We Want It, We'll Get It! Let's Say: Ready, Steady, Go, This Friday In Frisco Begins The RACE FOR WASHINGTON 2010, District of Columbia!!!

Breaking News – May 14, 2010, 6:07PM: From The BORDERS On Sunset & Vine, Mike Fuller AKA Fred Vidal, PhD Is Beginning with His Political Adviser and Deputy Luke Vincent, candidate for the Hollywood Studio Neighborhood Council, Tomorrow Thursday, May 15, The very First Meeting, a MEETUP One, of The HOLLYWOOD TEA PARTY – From the Boulevard To The Sign, Motto. On Myspace, Robert Downer Jr. and 30 other Webbers including the Gorgeous Lindsay Lohan Are now Connected With the Tea And The Party for More Communication Between Politics ANd Show Business beginning Today And for A while!! NEW CAMPAIGN WEBSITE Made In Mike Fuller!

The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council Is The Best Committee To Organize The Right Meetings about The People who Live And work For the Movie Industry: HOLLYWOOD is Not A Lost Name But Not anymore The Name Of The RED CARPETS That is Now TIMEFRAMES!!

  • FRED VIDAL PHD also know as Mike Fuller STATEMENT

To Be Continued After The IRON MAN 2 Ad! Writing in Progress

War Machine Against All The Enemies Of The Democracy - including Terrorists, Sons of The Third Reich, People from The Fascism Ideology - Is A True Hero Too, Except sometimes When He is Too Much Upset and Can Overreact Strongly If Pressurized. A Production Of A Fiction Who is A Reality In IRON MAN 2 and Another Kind Of Dimension That we Call a PARALLEL PLANET looking Like Earth. For Mike Fuller, Featured In The Movie For A Scene With WM - War Machine -, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johanson and a Crowd Of Spectators, The DUET Iron Man - War Machine Is A Symbol of Freedom And Inter-Galactic Friendshi because their Combat is A Piece of ART! Like in Politics, To be Competitors Is To Be In A Permanent Dialogue, with Words for Us, With Strenght and Speed for Them, Super-Heroes, Never Villains, Always Fighting Criminals and Bad Outsiders dedicated To destroy The Status Quo necessary for Us to Leave In Peace, Free and Rich of Hopes and Money, if We can!

Table of Contents


The Party Of The Brokers Will Not Destroy Our Land Of The Free

The Miracle Of Politics: The Choice To Propose A New Deal

A Decision To Stop Bankruptcy In Order To Produce A First Feature Film: AMERICA’s BACK!

The Obligation To Prevent Foreclosure Is A Way To Support Obama Plans Positively

The Scandal Of Hollywood Is A Mix Of Scientology, Illegal Drugs And Human Slavery


1) International:

To Reduce Importations

To Stop The War By A Victory

To Promote The US Legacy

2) Institutions

To Work On A Reform

To Develop The Dialogue

To Fix A Broken State

3) Economy

To Hire The Unemployed

To Manage The Failure

To Celebrate Wall Street

4) Culture

To Change  The Use Of The Computers

To Give A New Name To Our Education

To Create A Status For The Artists

5) Social

6) Environment

  • Mike Fuller will visit the Headquarters of the Republican Party on location In San Francisco during his Public Relations and Press Trip:

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