Tomorrow I Will Be The First Novelist To Send You My Message Of Summer Action-Time! Mike Fuller Communicates With Ozzy Osborne and Oliver Stone All Summer Long!

THOMAS SPEARS, F-COP, VELVET EYES, Vincent SAUVAN Spin-Off Online On Wednesday 06/30/2010!

Ozzy Osborne New Album!!

Ozzy Is William Heinrich, Another Mike Fuller AKA For Rock And Rock Critic Work, A Must That We Must Share With The People Of The Music Universe As His New Album Is On Sale Since This Week In America!

Oliver Stone New Film!!,0,4274843.story

Hugo Chavez And Oliver Stone Together For A Movie Pro Or Against Communism?? Let's Check In A Few Days As We Are Sure Stone Is Still Stone And Not Rolling Anymore Against The United States!

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We need a Poll that will be Today, June 8, A Democratic one, Meaning a Vote without the Pressure of The Mass media or the Dream industry of Entertainment, Fashion or TV. Journalists during This campaign Refused to Interview directly Fred Vidal, Phd but Only his spokespersons, They preferred to Write Articles about him, All over The country, Including In California. This is A situation That is Not perfectly Understandable. The Republican candidate Who supports a Policy supporting Barack Obama for his Post-Midterm Presidency With A Bipartisan System giving The management of the Government To A Republican Congress Is deeply criticized By his Party that Prefers A Fight going to the CHAOS in America. The PhD strategy is the only Solution for Fred Vidal and the Republicans all over the country are Invited to a Negotiation with The Fullerism Team that is a Part of Our political Reality beginning Now. If we Want to Win in 2012, we Need to Be not only Republican Party supporters and Members But Also Smart Patriots who Accept the Rules, including the Tea Party, of a Change inside The Obama Change for another change, possible only in 12 regarding the agenda of The Presidential Election. In California, people are voting today and giving their feedbacks for the Congress primaries inside each parties registered with the State of California. Not only Republicans are voting, voting is not the right word for a Primary, everybody is invited to give his choice for the Parties nominations. After that, there will be the confirmation of the choice of the population by the GOP and the other parties. It’s a process, everybody believes in it and our Candidate, Fred Vidal, PhD is the favorite until now, let’s hope he will be the WINNER TONIGHT!!!

According To A Poll That Is Not The Last One, The PhD Candidacy Is Winning On Tuesday With 46 % Of The Republicans Voting Fred Vidal As The Republican Candidate For The US Senate!

Fred Vidal, PhD aka Mike Fuller will be the First to Be elected For The US Senate primary On Tuesday with 46% because The Polls are most of the time coordinated against Him by People who Want his Republican Pro-Bush Tendency Loose Permanently!

Chuck DeVore Would Arrive Second With 32% of the Republican Vote as He is The Specialist Of The Internet Waves outside The Web. Tom Campbell And Carli Fiorani are together scoring 11% Of the people belonging to The Survey.

These Results are diffused by a Private marketing Team, Not connected To The Republican Party in California, after a One Week Study organized from New York on The Phone and calling 10,000 US Voters Registered as Republicans according To Them and Their Family (a witness must Confirm On the Phone That He/She is Member of The Party or on file With Its COUNTY as GOP supporter/partisan/voter, At least one Of the Three).

From The Midwest To The East Coast, The Wave Pro-PhD Organizes The Synchronization That The Campaign Needs To Celebrate The Victory Of Mike Fuller Ideas And Constitution Improvement As His BBQ Amendement Is Now Diffused To The US Senate Meaning A Project Of Future Results!!

When The Dow Jones is back to 10,024.02 points because of an international crisis that has no end in the States before a change in January of before, connectetd or not to the elections in progress, Fred Vidal, PhD Confirms his support to President Barack Obama: “Crisis in Wall Street and somewhere else in our consciousness cannot be solved at The White House but IN OUR FACTORIES not only!!”

SUPPORT doesn’t express political work to develop the success of some party not expressing Republican Messages diffused by The Senatorial candidate, The Presidency is a SACRED LOCATION And the Power Place for Fuller Who Wants Now more CONGRESS Involvement With The STUDY of An All-Time Historic Amendement. We Need the STOCK EXCHANGE To do Better NOW even If the Crisis is Deep in Europe And Around The World in A Country that Builds Its New Deal Of progress and Progressive America, NO IMPORTATION OF FEARS but Exportation of HOPES for the Economy And The Politics All Around the Globe That is A Part of Our SUCCESS STORY, Let’s Cooperate With them, The Poor And The Rich of All That Foreign States only Known on The cards To be Our Brother-Countries.

The United States Of America are The BUZZ-LEADER Of our PLANET And we You hear Everything’s Allright, you Believe in it. Right now, It is true but not On the Paper for the Unemployed who Loose their Jobs, BUT NOT FOR LONG, And The Sick Victims of God’s choice to let illness break bodies Who Are CURED With HEALTHCARE Law Program And System of Life Treatment.

The Amendment We Need Is A 2-Parts One: ThE CITIZENSHIP-AMENDMENT! a. Every Citizen Can be Candidate For Every election And Every Candidate Must be a Citizen in Order to Be elected. NO TIME TO LOOSE rule: Immigrants vote and decide if they want to run From the Day they Are Americans. A CITIZENSHIP INSTITUTE organizes For them a Yearly formation of Several part-time Weeks in Order to Improve Their knowledge and prepare With Them The Next generation Of our PATRIOTS With The Obligation To have a One Year long Life-Training In the Army if before 30 years old.

Regarding the Immigrants who are not Registered before in The Files of Our beloved Federation ADMINISTRATION, It is understandable That a System of RELOCATION Must be Organized Even if There is The opportunity For Them To Choose The EILLIS ISLAND Program: When Back In Mexico, Central or South America, our future Legal residents or probable Citizens Must FILE A FORM to Come back for An EMPLOYMENT Invitation If hired by The States Where they were Found! They Are ILLEGAL At The Beginning, Obliged By Us To Leave The US In a Delay of ONE MONTH or Helped To do So, Then They Are Invited To Send A Letter TO the GOVERNOR of Their STATE In The US territory To EXPRESS THEIR CHOICE To ComE Back For The ISLAND IMMIGRATION OFFER and Invitation With A Sure New Citizenship Compatible With The MEXICAN ONE In Less Than 10 Weeks.

TIMEFRAMES, The TV-Show And News INDUSTRY, On Big Or Small Screen Like Computers Or Flat Sets, Is Necessary For This EMERGENCY REFORM, The Constitutional One NO VOTE WITHOUT POSSIBLE CANDIDACY / EILLIS ISLAND IMMIGRATION OFFER / THE CITIZENSHIP INSTITUTION PROGRAM OF CIVISM IMPROVEMENT and The Federal One regarding a Control in Every State of The Real NUMBER OF Illegal Foreigners to Manage as Certain ROUND=TRIP Users Of The Measure of Develpment Of our FriendshiP WitH MEXICO AnD LaTin America!


Frederic I Vidal, PhD

Los Angeles, May 31, 2010

Candidate for the Republican Party United States Senate Primary, registered in the Los Angeles County as a Write-In Candidate, I am inviting you for a Press conference in order to propose to the other candidates a debate this week before the Nomination Day scheduled June 8, next week.

This debate can be organized in Los Angeles by the main networks NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX this weekend after Memorial Day because we need to know who is really Republican in this party, as it is obvious on the Internet and in the Press that the Los Angeles County Republican Party is in the middle of a chaos and a division of its members that destabilizes the whole State with two opposed headquarters in Burbank, one supporting me and one other doing defamation against me, because I am the leader of the Tea Party in California.

I filed a complaint against the California Republican Party because they did not accept to sign the forms giving me the support of the Party in order to be endorsed officially by The GOP.

Let us organize a political Telethon to finance the budget of our campaign against the Democratic Party Senator Barbara Boxer for Election Day, November 2. It can happen next week on Monday the day before the vote by the voters registered as Republicans in the State of California.

I invite you to a Press Conference at the W Hotel in San Francisco and Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday for more comments and a first touch with your journalists in order to inform your readers, listeners and watchers about what is happening and necessary to defeat Mrs. Boxer thanks to a successful Primary for us who want a change in DC beginning in January after a Republican Wave in November nationwide thanks to the Tea Party and The Republicans united in a Party that needs reforms against the Democrats in 2012 in order to have a new President of the United States of America.

Fred Vidal, PhD
Tel. 818-863-0523

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010, 6pm
181 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010, 6pm
6250 Hollywood Boulevard,
Hollywood, CA 90028

I invite you to a Press Conference at the W Hotel in San Francisco and Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday for more comments and a first touch with your journalists. Because he wants to respect one day of mourning after Memorial Day as Dennis Hopper and a young man passed away this weekend in The West Coast Area, I am rescheduling for tomorrow my Press Conference in San Francisco.
See you there!

  • Second Press Release! MIKE FULLER EXPLAINS…

I am the Founder and President of The Hollywood Tea Party Located In Los Angeles. Our Objective Is to:

1. Share our attitude for a new platform of the old parties with a third one: THE PEOPLE!

2. Show solidarity with the Foreclosed Victims of their debts and the Bankrupted Persons who lost their destiny because of the U.S. Crisis.

3. The Scandal Of Hollywood Is A Mix Of Scientology, Illegal Drugs And Human Slavery and we must be careful concerning the future of our youth that could be disturbed by that community in crisis because we have to change the world in New York now with a better mode of production for a time of definition in order to promote the media of Today: the Web, The Cell phone, the Camcorder, the Comics, the new publishing, the television and the 3D.

3. Prepare the Midterm elections thanks to our nationwide media support that means a public broadcast of our ideas to change politics for a closer Government.

  • Our Meetup Meetings are organized at BORDERS as we want:

a. A Hollywood headquarters of a Tea Project for California.

b. A network for progress in the diffusion of the reform map, the Constitution One, the Legislative One.

c. The key to find a solution in America to change us in Our Mood, Civism, Patriotic Action, Economy Support.

d. A way to better understand our goals for 2012, For Republicans To Be Welcomed and Democrats To Feel free To Think about It!

e. My personal gift to Democracy in a local place As I am A candidate Write-In For PRIMARY Lead on June 8 in The Republican Party United State Senate race versus candidates Fiorina, Campbell, DeVore!


– The Party Of The Brokers in The Hollywood Hills and State Wide in Residential areas Is surely The Cause of The collapse Of our Economy recovery and previously Winning Machine.

– The Miracle of Politics is a gift of God and The People because We want a Model of Democracy In This Yankee Country with all Ethnicities And the same Result: A Federal System of Republics with Liberty and Equal rights For all.

– A Decision to Stop Bankruptcy Is something important We want to Advise To Everybody Who express a Feeling of failure for things about services or industry.

– The Obligation to Prevent Foreclosure must be The rule With A LAW-NEVER LOOSE!! Foreclosures are the worst decisions on The continent Of Abraham LINCOLN And John Fitzgerald KENNEDY, They are the Way to Suicide Families Who Deserve a Special Improvement At the Time they Are without Money!

. INTERNATIONAL: I Want As An Elected US Senator In January,

– to reduce importations

– to stop the war by a victory

– to promote the US legacy

. INSTITUTIONS: I propose for my post-election program

– to work on a reform of DC

– to develop the dialogue with the Minorities

– to fix a broken State, California

. ECONOMY: I am committed to be in the Team We will Organize

– to hire the unemployed

– to manage the failure of the 2000’s

– to celebrate Wall Street ONCE AGAIN!!

. CULTURE: As A Leader Of Rock Songs Tribes and Journalism Web-Wide, I invite you

– to change the use of the computers, friends of the kids, advisers of the old people, more for us,

– to give a new name to our education, SPIRITUALITY, Fighting all kind of mental lack of Ambition,

– to create a status for the artists, A Federal one, a possibly Inter-States License for a Life of Creation.

Running For The U.S. Senate, I am a

Member Of The G.O.P. And The TEA PARTY! A Task Force insider Inside The Congressional Committee of The National REPUBLICAN PARTY!

June 8, Write My Name For THE PRIMARY:

Frederic I Vidal!

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