Mike Fuller Gives His Feedback Regarding The Midterm Election!

I don’t want to do too much Politics now because it is a drug that can be dangerous when you are overdosing. I am just a regular fellow, a good citizen fighting for the future of my life and my Country, a great and nice one that everybody knows on Earth because it is the symbol of freedom and friendship: the United States! It’s located in America as we needed a new location in an old continent we didn’t know before Christopher Columbus discovered it. Then so many immigrants arrived to organize towns and cities from the South to the North of This land named by a lot of us: THE LAND OF THE FREE!

The United States MIDTERM ELECTION Is November 2, 2010!!!!


Christopher Columbus Is Probably better Know As Mr. AMERICA, The One who Gave An Ambition and an Identity To our Continent, a 2-Parts one, a Huge and Utopic Part of EARTH that Gives a Senses to The word-concepts LIBERTY And FREEDOM, Then Equality Came!


FOR CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS is The title of my Program for the US Senate 2010. Before to be candidate for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012, I want to Meet the Citizens of Our Country, Here in California in Order to share the Basics of my Strategy for a NEW AMERICA! Patriots We are And Patriots We’ll Stay But It’s Not enough: it’s time to go forward and to imagine the new World we Need, a HIGH-TECH One, A Democracy Universe With more JOBS, CASH, CARS For Everybody, Really Everybody, Even You, My Friend!! This Is The Rule, Once Elected, I will Propose To the Congress a PROJECT FOR THE FEDERATION!! In January 2011

Fred Vidal, PhD also know and loved as PHD

August 16, 2010

I Am Patricia Hunter And I Want To Invite You To The Theater Next Year For My Movie Premiere! An Article Signed Mike Fuller!

This Is The First Interview Of Patricia Hunter By Mike Fuller: Fiction Becomes Reality!!

Mike Fuller: So You are The star Of The FRENCH COP and The Future Wife Of Vincent, A French-Born Citizen And founder With You Of DARKPOL, Right??

Patricia Hunter: Yes, I am not sure If I am A Star but You Will be President in 2013 And, at that Time We will be Ready To Offer You, With Vince, The WIN-WIN episode Of your Life! Believe in Me and Follow That Rule: Hearts Belong To Heroes’ Work.

Mike Fuller: Interesting! I Believe In you To ENTERTAIN tHe Country Before 2012 As I Plan To Interview Your future Husband, Sauvan, pretty Soon, For the preparation of the definitive Screenplay!

Franchises: James Bond Down, French Cop High, The Summer is the Preview of a Fall That Will Give Us A New Message: WORK for BETTER With NBC Universal Timeframes, according To Mike Fuller And His Strategic Team!

Mike Fuller, PhD Is Now Proposing To NBC UNIVERSAL A Wedding With TIMEFRAMES LLC As COMCAST Is Invited To Marry MGM, Its’ Not Politics But Reality In A Mass Media Industry Waiting For A New Start Before the Midterms Elections Synchronized By Fred Vidal, PhD Candidacy To The US Senate In California After His Nomination By The Republican Party! Fred Kelly is ready to help the 2 sick companies NBC-U and MGM that need a solution before the end of the year. As a Screen Actors Guild Actor, His Reply is his Better Line: GODSPEED… MIKE FULLER! Also title of the Prequel short film of the FRENCH COP saga, to be shot in 2010, probably in San Diego and other Locations of the California Riviera in a James Bond way but a personal style (James Bond Franchise is stopped now by the MGM crisis and Mike will try to help for that resurrection too with some international connections because Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels was British).

NBC UNIVERSAL is a Magnifique company that is now ready for a new Step of Its activity Without COMCAST, If possible. The COMCAST offer is wrong and something against TIMEFRAMES, The real Movie Industry name, something that cannot be a subject of speculation. My company TIMEFRAMES LLC is ready to participate in another Offer, a Public One, thanks to the Stock Market, Wall Street means a lot for everybody focusing on the success of a Company even if specialized in Media Production and diffusion.

NBC UNIVERSAL TIMEFRAMES could be the best name for the new Leader of the American Audiovisual Media while COMCAST best idea would be to purchase MGM, another leader of the American Cinema, now about to file for bankruptcy after the failure of a project of ownership change. But COMCAST with its channel E! Entertainment is not a popular diffuser because people want something else than red carpets on their small screen and COMCAST don’t invest enough in movie development and production.

So let’s think about all of that and repeat that NBC UNIVERSAL must stay NBC UNIVERSAL after the reorganization of its company for more production and success, more synergies between TV and Movie diffusion, more efficiency of its management in a new  Era: the 2010’s! The veterans, the legends, the professionals of the previous decades can be proud of us if we think better, work better, network better for an only goal: to make the Americans feel better after the last step of this awful economy crisis, worse than the 1929 one, that destroyed our hopes since 2007.

We are ready to prepare with my team the Partnership with NBC-U and will, in September, contact the owners of the Giant in its Headquarters: UNIVERSAL CITY. These 2 companies that are famous ones are interested now by another deal with COMCAST, but this deal is studied by the public authority and can be refused for several reasons that we will explain in a second article. Their names are GE for GENERAL ELECTRIC and VIVENDI, a French Enterprise specialized in Water supplies and Media investment.

The project of TIMEFRAMES LLC is to be back to the real TIMEFRAMES work, the one that created the myth and the glory of the twentieth century New Miracle, after the Invention of the Electricity, the Real Power of the new world, in the 1800’s. Thank you Charles Chaplin, actors like Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and many others including the ones who were not famous for this great surprise: The 7th Art for many after the creation of this concept by a theory maker, the real pleasure and happiness of families, kids, teenagers, old people, grandparents, couples and deciders, the feature film in the 20’s and before, one century ago.

UNITED ARTISTS was the name of the company imagined by the actors working in TIMEFRAMES and their story is still in the History of our business even if the disappointment of MGM is that it was not possible to recreate this wonderful idea until now, but it’s never too late and COMCAST is invited to help now or never because the fantastic METRO GOLDWYN MEYER is ready for a new Ticket with a good diffuser criticized for its strategy in the Industry. MGM COMCAST: this is the best solution and the couple can be happy with a new UNITED ARTISTS, a small entity that still belongs to MGM.

The television future is obviously the Internet with a progress: the Mix with Satellites, audiovisual and interactivity. We will soon watch our movies and TV shows on our now generation of Laptops, a change that is written since the commercialization of the new Apple Mobile Screens that must be upgrade for that use if Steve Jobs succeeds to deal with the TV companies that don’t want enough the Internet diffusion. Then, we Will Have the INTERVISION we need, even on our Cell Phone in an easier way than now, thanks to the experience in progress for the young users of the mobile telephones that can connect to the Web on their micro-screens.

So many projects are prepared to give us the opportunity to feel better, closer, winners in a Democracy of the Information that we need to be first American because we are the best in this present world to have the responsibility to offer to the other Countries a System of Communication that will stay strong, protected, powerful and smart. We are a New Country and we give the example of what is the best for the new generation, the one of a new Century that we deserve to become higher with our Civilization, speaking English and Spanish for a multi-cultural Culture offered to our Federation of 50 States but Also to South America, Mexico, Canada and Central America as America Rocks If One concept, Nature, Universe of bodies and Minds, A Spiritual Entity ready to develop Exportations and Importations to Fight the Crisis and Terrorism, the Two Enemies Of Our Liberty: to Live together and Be ready to Express our Love for Liberty!!

Mike Fuller, PhD
Candidate for the 2012 US Presidential Election
August 8, 2010

6218 Rockcliff Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90068

A Novel That Explains The Life Of Somebody Who Came From France To Get A New Chance To Win In The US: THE BOOKLET (Le Livret A) By Mike Fuller!

A man, immigrant in the United States Thinks about his past as he is struggling for the future of his life with all the memories of his career in Europe, the previous land where he built the beginning of his success.

He was an executive in a French company known as the bank of the government.  He forgot that he was also a musician and an action hero as he was married with a painter who was American. She was and she’s still a kind of secret agent working for the US Air Force.

At this time, he was not a movie actor and screenwriter but a Rock composer and a singer of a Punk band that got success in the 70’s and after. He was appreciated but not enough to get the success he deserved. So, he thought it was time to leave and to realize its dream: AMERICA!

But the people that he met in France during his years in the old continent, decided to prevent him to have a good time in the United States. France was occupied by the awful Third Reich in the 40’s and the trauma created a permanent stress until the end of the Century then the 2nd Holocaust organized by Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic gang called Al-Qaida in 2001, just after the birthday of Arthur  Larousse, had a new consequence of popular misery and political sickness.

In the 1950’s, France was a Regime with a lot of American influence like Rock’n Roll with the popularity of Eddie Cochran and still the nostalgia of the Americans that succeeded to prevent the Germans to continue to harass the Country after the Suicide of Adolph Hitler, the first Dictator to rule a State and Invade others.

The General De Gaulle who wrote his own Constitution with a group of law specialists one year before the birth of Larousse was not a Hitler but a soft Mussolini with more democracy than in Italy in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Chapter  1 – A Weekend In Nice

Born In Monaco, Larousse Is A Gifted Man But First A Kid Ready To Walk In A Garden With Plenty Of Flowers.

Chapter  2 – After A First Rock Show

Rocker like The ‘Blousons Noirs’ Of The 60’s, Arthur Has A Band With School Brothers Who Were Not In The Industry Before.

Chapter 3 – This Is The Right Time For Public Work

Student At Sciences-Po, The French West Point For Civil And Not Military Servants, Our Hero Is Preparing his Future Thinking About Financing His First Country.

Chapter 4 – My Life With A Bank Job

After A Great Experience In Corsica For One Year, Larousse Is Ready To Move To Paris For 15 Years Of Special Events In A Communication Department.

Chapter 5 – Is Paris The Center Of The World?

Yes And For Arthur And Philippe, It’s A Ready, Steady, Go For A Marvelous Series Of Nights Without A Dream But With Ladies meaning Ideas.

Chapter 6 – Are Movies And Comics American First?

Comic Books Are so much Appreciated By Everybody In The United States But The Entourage Of The Manager Of The Seine Most Unknown Building Prefer Belgium Books.

Chapter  7 – Money To Save Is An Important Goal

The French LIVRET A Is From The Beginning Of This Story The Right Saving Account Managed By The State To Build A Future With Money And A Lot Of Projects.

Chapter 8 – Art And Music Are Not Connected Together

Specialist Of Contemporary Art, Friend Of Andy Warhol In His Secret Life, Arthur Larousse Is Not Appreciated By Artists Because He’s A Musician.

Chapter 9 – I Am The One Who Write

Self-Biography Is A Style Of Writing That Is A Special Choice In A Career To Express What Somebody Feels About His Past Regarding His Present.

Chapter 10 – New York, Diamond Of The New Earth

In New York In The 1990’s and Before, There Is A Magic Touch Of International Networking Organized By The United Nations And The Host, The Mayor Plus Embassies.

Chapter  11 – Phoenix, Arizona And Beyond

A Special Landing In The Great City Of Arizona Is The Right Time To Show That Everything’s Possible When A Plan Works And People Are Committed.

Chapter  12 – Hollywood Carpets Are Red Like Blood

In Los Angeles, There Is A Special Rule That Authorize People To Work As Actors And Producers But Sometimes It’s Not Respected.

Chapter  13 – The System Of Work Without The French

Not Anymore In Touch With France, Arthur Understands Too Late That The French Are Trying To Get Information About Him In Order To Sabotage.

Yvonne STRAHOVSKI and Fred KELLY In French Cop: A Duet To Organize Before The End Of This Month For A Movie That Creates The Event Of The Web Since 2007!

She is the actress we need for the Cast Of FRENCH COP, The Hot Upcoming Blockbuster, Legend Of The Internet with a Myspace Friendship of thousands of Moviegoers. Studies realized by TIMEFRAMES LLC confirm that The Fred Vidal Studios Movie Project is after 50 Months of Web and Street marketing Promotion a Huge Hope and an Attractive Upcoming Show!

Fashionable, exciting like no one, FRENCH COP, A Saga in 3 Feature Films (First Fight, White House, Win Win) is now waiting for the Definitive Cast after a first Trip in San Diego. Yvonne STRAHOVSKI and Fred KELLY (aka Fuller, McKenzie, Vidal), are the Couple to play Patricia HUNTER and Vince SAUVAN, the FRENCH COP Duet, CIA TEAM and DARKPOL Founders, according to the Movie Community Specialists.

The Producers have already decided to have the real Presidents of the United States characters and names in the 3 movies, Bush, Obama, for the 2 first parts of the Trilogy and Fuller for the third one as we are not already after 2012 and note sure that the present President will stay in office, so let’s be optimistic for our first Promoter, the Candidate Mike Fuller.

FRENCH COP is the product that the Movie Companies and the Mass Diffusers need to reinforce their Power on the Main Market in The United States and Worldwide: AUDIOVISUAL. Spinoffs and crossovers are also scheduled to be a part of the Business Party with a lot of Comic and Novel development.

The videogame FRENCH COP will be the right tool to build a Marketing Strategy because people know about it for a while and the specialized companies are now waiting for a phone call more than ever: Probably pretty soon, they will receive a first one. REPUTATION, FAME, the 2 words that create Fascination and Ambition for the Universe behind FRENCH COP, Moviegoers and Media Fanatics, Business Peole and American Families.

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