A Novel That Explains The Life Of Somebody Who Came From France To Get A New Chance To Win In The US: THE BOOKLET (Le Livret A) By Mike Fuller!

August 8, 2010

A Novel That Explains The Life Of Somebody Who Came From France To Get A New Chance To Win In The US: THE BOOKLET (Le Livret A) By Mike Fuller!

A man, immigrant in the United States Thinks about his past as he is struggling for the future of his life with all the memories of his career in Europe, the previous land where he built the beginning of his success.

He was an executive in a French company known as the bank of the government.  He forgot that he was also a musician and an action hero as he was married with a painter who was American. She was and she’s still a kind of secret agent working for the US Air Force.

At this time, he was not a movie actor and screenwriter but a Rock composer and a singer of a Punk band that got success in the 70’s and after. He was appreciated but not enough to get the success he deserved. So, he thought it was time to leave and to realize its dream: AMERICA!

But the people that he met in France during his years in the old continent, decided to prevent him to have a good time in the United States. France was occupied by the awful Third Reich in the 40’s and the trauma created a permanent stress until the end of the Century then the 2nd Holocaust organized by Osama Bin Laden and his Islamic gang called Al-Qaida in 2001, just after the birthday of Arthur  Larousse, had a new consequence of popular misery and political sickness.

In the 1950’s, France was a Regime with a lot of American influence like Rock’n Roll with the popularity of Eddie Cochran and still the nostalgia of the Americans that succeeded to prevent the Germans to continue to harass the Country after the Suicide of Adolph Hitler, the first Dictator to rule a State and Invade others.

The General De Gaulle who wrote his own Constitution with a group of law specialists one year before the birth of Larousse was not a Hitler but a soft Mussolini with more democracy than in Italy in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Chapter  1 – A Weekend In Nice

Born In Monaco, Larousse Is A Gifted Man But First A Kid Ready To Walk In A Garden With Plenty Of Flowers.

Chapter  2 – After A First Rock Show

Rocker like The ‘Blousons Noirs’ Of The 60’s, Arthur Has A Band With School Brothers Who Were Not In The Industry Before.

Chapter 3 – This Is The Right Time For Public Work

Student At Sciences-Po, The French West Point For Civil And Not Military Servants, Our Hero Is Preparing his Future Thinking About Financing His First Country.

Chapter 4 – My Life With A Bank Job

After A Great Experience In Corsica For One Year, Larousse Is Ready To Move To Paris For 15 Years Of Special Events In A Communication Department.

Chapter 5 – Is Paris The Center Of The World?

Yes And For Arthur And Philippe, It’s A Ready, Steady, Go For A Marvelous Series Of Nights Without A Dream But With Ladies meaning Ideas.

Chapter 6 – Are Movies And Comics American First?

Comic Books Are so much Appreciated By Everybody In The United States But The Entourage Of The Manager Of The Seine Most Unknown Building Prefer Belgium Books.

Chapter  7 – Money To Save Is An Important Goal

The French LIVRET A Is From The Beginning Of This Story The Right Saving Account Managed By The State To Build A Future With Money And A Lot Of Projects.

Chapter 8 – Art And Music Are Not Connected Together

Specialist Of Contemporary Art, Friend Of Andy Warhol In His Secret Life, Arthur Larousse Is Not Appreciated By Artists Because He’s A Musician.

Chapter 9 – I Am The One Who Write

Self-Biography Is A Style Of Writing That Is A Special Choice In A Career To Express What Somebody Feels About His Past Regarding His Present.

Chapter 10 – New York, Diamond Of The New Earth

In New York In The 1990’s and Before, There Is A Magic Touch Of International Networking Organized By The United Nations And The Host, The Mayor Plus Embassies.

Chapter  11 – Phoenix, Arizona And Beyond

A Special Landing In The Great City Of Arizona Is The Right Time To Show That Everything’s Possible When A Plan Works And People Are Committed.

Chapter  12 – Hollywood Carpets Are Red Like Blood

In Los Angeles, There Is A Special Rule That Authorize People To Work As Actors And Producers But Sometimes It’s Not Respected.

Chapter  13 – The System Of Work Without The French

Not Anymore In Touch With France, Arthur Understands Too Late That The French Are Trying To Get Information About Him In Order To Sabotage.

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