Before The Release Of A New Film Worse Than The Others, Fred Vidal, PhD Gives Up Regarding Blake Lively, According To Mike Fuller Who Gives Up Too!

September 16, 2010

Breaking News (9/19/2010, 9/23/2010):


A Media War against Warren Buffett and Its Prudential Real Estate Company, The Hollywood Chamber Leron Gubler invited to resign, Fred Vidal, PhD stops his movie and music Career!! It’s on Twitter today!

Blake Lively and her manager Justin Stone never called back the candidate for the US Senate in California since September 2009: Why? She is a bad actress who deserves something worse, to call back directors ready to shoot more dangeruous movies than her latest disaster, about violence and illegality. The love story is over, Fred will never marry Blake Lively!! Thank you God! What a shame for the Film industry community that organized the silence and the sabotage around the writer of FRENCH COP and VELVET EYES, before he began his political career definitely, September 9, by recording offically his candidacy in the Los Angeles County: Write-In Candidate, Independent because he stopped his Republican membership, Frederic Vidal is now ready to attract enough voters to get the seat of Democrat Barabara Boxer, a Barack Obama sponsored old Senator of California. The Motto of Mile Fuller, CONNECTED TO THE SEA, Is Now The Program Of a First Meeting With His New Diva, Rachel McAdams, The Sea Join California To Canada, 2 parts of our Great Continent: America!!

Rachel McAdams Inspired Mike Fuller, future President of The United States according to politics Specialists, for Several Texts that created the World success of A Blog That Reaches now 1.5 Million views! The Hollywood Routine did not understand Enough that A possible Change of Mind Of The US Senatorial candidate with the Name of Fred Vidal, PhD Would create a Wave of News Regarding His program For November 2, Dedicated to the People Who are Fascinated by The Young Actress. Lively is the Past, McAdams the Future Of The East and West Coast Communication Industry, Connected to The Sea!

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