December 25, 2010 Exclusive Facebook! The Document #2 of the French Cop Saga Chronology has a lot to tell us about the Republican victory of 2010 that is scheduled for 2 years only before the Space-Time Distorsion of 2013 that will oblige us to change our Style of Politics, Culture, Economy! It’s written in the Sky, planets by planets! The Sun is the witness of it, our Galaxy’s star! Internet is a Religion to write a Bible for us (the French Cop Universe, FCU, all the messages we share are a part of it as a context of the main text) with only one screen for everybody, God’s Screen: only one eye! The Pyramid is the Social Media, not the social medium! ALERT/Brealing News: The Villain in FRENCH COP 2, first Sequel, French Cop: White House, has a name: CATHEDRAL, a group organized to stop the US Presidency with a religious oriented plan of political crime!


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