December 25, 2010 This is a piece of cake for the Holidays. CHRONOLOGY page 3 is the latest reminder we need a French Cop movie in 2000 and 11 more years, next year, let’s finish the 2010 12 months and prepare a big HURRAH that the Characters of the Cop will appreciate not only in our 50 States but also in France, the native Country of Vincent Sauvan (a previous French officer working for the White House and American by Union (Jack) Wedding, a system of dichotomy of today’s routine Hero-Villain confrontation oriented! With DARKPOL, a team of UFOS investigators located at Georgetown University, then CIA sponsored for terrestrial objectives of International Security, Sauvan and Patricia, Teammate and sexual partner (even if the movie is for kids and won’t be released in theaters with the DVD director’s cut), are special US agents specialized in military programs (sponsored by the US Air Force) and Cyber-Anti Julian Assange fans attacks) tied to other galaxies presence on the Internet (the religion of regular human beings in the 2010’s)! Frenc Cop Saga is a Fantasy Universe that I will propose to MARVEL Comics in January for a Comic Books publishing of the Franchise! All the WEBGRAMS about FRENCH COP and FACEBOOK texts are registered at the SCREENWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST!


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