December 25, 2010 Exclusive Facebook! CHARACTERS are always characters in the movies, not in French Cop, they are a second cast in this film with a complete psychological profile and novels ready to be written and published about all of them, spinoffs means independent stories about a part of a general storyline! Characters Definition, page one is a Timeframes LLC document that is released today for Day 1 of the TIMEFRAMES offensive for the commercialization of its cultural products: FCU items, for supermarkets, malls and bookstores, Merchandising wave FOR CHRISTMAS 2011, after the Screening of the first installment of the original Frederic Vidal’s screenplay written in February and March 2006, one year after the creation of VIDAL & PARTNERS LLC, the first name of TIMEFRAMES, the LLC that leads Hollywood (according to the whole business from the red carpets to the shiny sets) No more competition, the industry will follow its new leader, even majors are smaller than us (new motto for my LLC)!


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