December 25, 2010 Exclusive Facebook! Characters List page 2! Screenplay Intervision Live writing: The BLACK COMET in ‘FRENCH COP: WIN-WIN’ is the Reply of Barack Obama and a spatial reality (studied after the space-time distorision of 2013) in 14 and 15, after his defeat against Mike Fuller and 3 Presidential Debates, lost according to the high-tech polls, released in DVD as the most important Anthology of the all times American History! Obama-Fuller with a syndicated Bodyguard, Vince Sauvan, Darkpol, lead of a Secret Service organization that shot for the TV networks these elections TV shows in a Country, changed by the after-crisis comeback launched as a business plan by some huge companies, richest than the foreign competition, richest not richer because America One is a NASA program for Mars’ first man on this new UN land (a Mike Fuller’s official target of his Presidency)! Science Fiction and Futurology plugged with political science are the keys of the French Cop style of movie novelism and story boarding!


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