January 2, 2011

http://ping.fm/ZYfN9 PROGRAM: The French Cop FIRSTQUEL (before 2 sequels and many spinoffs, German Spy, a crossover, Velvet Eyes, and a prequel: 7 stories about women, plus a postquel: the Past Machine-Parallel People, a 2 parts film) will have this year the following agenda: – January: end of development, – February: PRE-PRODUCTION, a definitive one, – March: 8 months of filming on location in Texas (6 weeks) and LA (2 weeks), continuing in April. “I have a voice with an accent that is not French but I will have a first speaking role, as a producer, co-director and Screen Actors Guild Celebrity thanks to you guys on the WebGram (Web 2) in this movie FRENCH COP as the Lead of the Leads, VINCE SAUVAN, the greatest secret agent of all times, a KGB Next Gen Spy who was CIA before to be in the secret French service! Bye Past, Welcome Glam and Cameras!” US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, January 2, 2010 (regarding politics, my lawyer is doing a conplaint again st Barbara Boxer Unlawful Senator this Month for Corruption, harassment against me and Human Trafficking (I lost 44 signatures because of her, a dangerous old woman in love with Las Vegas and New York for Mafia deals, I suppose, Buzz!!!!!!!) http://ping.fm/K4oEW


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