January 2, 2011

http://ping.fm/thjJR http://ping.fm/sUTUa I am proud to know Nicole Kidman who is a Charming lady, a wonderful Man with a who that is well understood as a Must be One love in the history! This man is a WOMAN (Lennon/McCartney) SHE IS! Kidman is the richest woman Alive after Mike Fuller’s wife, a lady with a small name, a first open word to the Senate: BLAKE, 5 letters like VIDAL! Nicole K. will be a part of the German Spy saga TO BE SHOT in 11 with Jonathan Mariande too, he’s a professional! mariande@gmail.com Send him your feedback regarding a possible trip to Germany for the FRENCH COP saga Shooting in LA first, after TEXAS, concerning French Cop, a Cannes INTERVISION Film Festival obliged Guest! http://ping.fm/2HXW9 LET’S BE DIGITAL, 8 years after Lucas and his STAR WARS part II – Attack of the Clones! http://ping.fm/84BBR


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