January 4, 2011

http://ping.fm/Z8l8L 1/4/2011 US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal is diffusing you a brand new WEBGRAM of the President of the Hollywood Tea Party, Mr. Luke Vincent: “HTPty; CRIME? What2do. Reverse course. Now govt & courts Rvery lenient on REAL crime; Rob, Rape, Steal, Mrdr, Fraud, Assault, but bad nu laws Against WE THE normal PEOPLE are enacted daily.Outrageous fines & fees & licences & travel restrictions & all sorts of violations of our privacy and constitutional rights. But burglary and vandalism are now almost legal. Our rights are eroding and criminal rights are growing. Out of control situation on many fronts. LUKE” http://ping.fm/UdSxC HAVE A HAPPY NEW 2011! The Year is Now In Progress! Not dysfunctional anymore! Let’s be 10’s (9 +1), 7 is my number!


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