January 4, 2011

http://ping.fm/9AVQF Connected to the tea party platform that is a good example of a party’s project to be a possible 3rd Presidential Party in 2012 with a candidate competitor of Obama and Palin, there is the Luke Vincent’s project of a Monarchy in America with Provinces like in Canada and a Tea Movement deciding of the laws by referendum but not only, with the promotion of the Counties in our Country that would stay the most important State of the World, inspired by the Roman Empire of the ancient times! I am supporting this Hollywood Tea Party vision of the reform of the USA, like I support every upgrade of the economy that is more important than democracy according to the HTP, even if Democracy is the Motto of my PRESIDENTIAL PARTY, ready to be in Desmoines in January 2012, with me as the Presidential candidate, inviting the Tea party to be a part of my ticket’s coalition by giving me the opportunity to chose a vice-president in its population of activists for more American Glory! http://ping.fm/G1Ncp


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