January 5, 2011

http://ping.fm/lCrv6 BRAMSTOCKER Vs METALLICA: The right Combat on a Ring that will be a Stadium In Las Vegas if we find the promoters to organize this new Cassius Clay-Joe Frazier Music Boxing Event between 2 Bands that are hating each other (according to Metallica and Bramstocker, except the 2 leadsingers)! I am fully aware of the responsability to organize the show with the Tour management of my Competitors, I will play The Beatles, they will play The Rolling Stones, for a total KO of the other band after 15 rounds/songs LIVE on STAGE! Read their Intervision Site and believe that Death Metal (Brams.) and Death Magnetic (Metal.) cannot be friends In Concert or on the Radio! But we are Human Beings too, and, to a great extend (humor!), STARS (of the Rock’n Roll Show)! Metallica.com (signed: US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal, and Leadsinger of the Punk band)! http://ping.fm/9jISG


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