January 10, 2011

http://ping.fm/Gctrp Unique and perfect Example, the Most Uncanny One and A Diamond on its Own, Of The INTERVISION, the new MEDIUM of The Gates (Bill and Robert) Galaxy: THIS USA TODAY MultiMedia Article about a Political Murder! Congrats To USA T., a Press Site and Papergram that makes the United States proud of our Communication Network of Heroes (the journalists!)! ABOUT THE SHOT of Gabrielle Kelly (the married name of this nice Congresswoman with husband Kelly being a NASA Space Shutlle’s cosmonaut, believe it or not!), WE ARE STILL INVESTIGATING the reasons of the murder and more and more specialists think about Hillary Clinton and the MONICAGATE! The Democrats are in the middle of a crisis, Boehner is the Leader in the DC (District of Columbia) and Arizona is a State with a background connected to our Secretary of State and her Presidential Ambition to continue the tradition of her husband, Bill, who was President then almost impeached by the Congress. This time, Obama is accused by millions of Americans and the victim of the assassination plan was close to the environment of the competitive and conflictual Duet Barack-Hillary! The Police continues its work to prepare the massacre punishment by the Justice, in a second time ,AND WE WILL KNOW MORE LATER, this Week, let’s schedule on our Agenda! Thanks! Signed: Fred KELLY (SAG name of our Preferred US Senate candidate!) GABRIELLE WON’T NEVER DIE (meaning will never die in ancient English) before the end of her Congress mandate! Giffords+shooting+leaves+nation+stunned Giffords+shooting+leaves+nation+stunned/42804638001/40264770001/744094657001 Videos: News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology & More – USATODAY.com#/News/ http://ping.fm/iKyHu


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