January 20, 2011

http://ping.fm/PWqDk A new step for Google: it is what we need before the Presidential election! My competitors have no ambition for the Intervision, they are lost in a world that they don’t understand! Especially the Republicans who need a leader like me, a specialist of the Mass Media, a Theorician of the new Century, legacy of the Galaxies that lost their attractivity: Press and Television! More computers, it’s what the Americans need and first, MORE SCREENS with a permanent access to EVERY CHANNELS, even the foreign ones! As I will be elected and not Barack Obama, We will have together TV channels, Internet Channels (previously called Sites), Radio Channels, Press channels as the Newspapers are now MULTIMEDIA! THOUSANDS OF CHANNELS! Welcome to the new Google CEO! Google Co-Founder Larry Page Will Be CEO in Shake-Up! http://ping.fm/LK4C5


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