January 30, 2011

http://ping.fm/VQN4I Revolution or not, the Egyptians are about to forget their history if they accept to continue the dispute about social problems and government! General Colin Powell was a great Secretary of State and I suppose that he would be a perfect President of the United States! I will invite him for an evaluation of our Policy, not abroad but in DC with the American embassies on location! We can manage a reorganization of the Washington area networking with the Security and possibly the NSA that is a crucial institution to check the information and control the activities of the people who work for Foreign Countries! Peace is our Message and War is our Reply, only when Peace is not possible, it happens sometimes when there is a Miscommunication, like today between America and the Islamic World: we want everybody to understand that Innovation means Progress, INNOVATION MEANS PROGRESS! Egypt is the Friend of my Country, a State invited to be a Partner, but not in crime! I am pro-Negotiations between the opposition and the elected President of the Country: Hosni Mubarak! 2011 Egyptian protests – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://ping.fm/LfAEm


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