February 10, 2011

http://ping.fm/Shvdy AMENDMENT STORY, the explanation of a plot that creates a nationwide event around the true values of our Country: Citizenship and Government! TIMEFRAMES LLC presents AMENDMENT: A campaign is organized by a group of persons working for local governments in several States of the Union in the South of the Country, from Louisiana to New Mexico. In California, the leader of the movement is writing the content of a proposition of law that would change the future of the United States. His name is Frederic Vidal, he is promoting more human liberties and rights. The US Air Force is the main support of the famous social media celebrity who wants to develop his career by organizing a network all around the United States for an upgrade of our democracy: less violence and difficulties for candidates during the election process. During the US Senate competition for the November 2 election, Vidal was unable to stop the State of California objective to cancel his candidacy by refusing to validate his write-in petition of 77 signers. A second chance is to organize a second vote after the cancellation of the election of the California Senator corrupted and connected to the mafia. This is a possibility that is a first good news, it is time now to begin the promotion of a project of amendment to be proposed to the United States Congress, the text is: “Every American citizen can be candidate for every American election beginning the age of 18, naturalized or born on the territory of the United States”. The goal of the nationwide decentralized offensive to have the amendment vote is to nominate a delegation in Washington, DC to speak with the President about this popular improvement that has to be voted by the Congress. Frederic Vidal and the delegates are invited in Philadelphia for a press conference. There, they reply to the questions of the journalists when a person in the audience try to shoot with a gun the California leader nicknamed PhD. The Private security of the future Senator, according to the press, succeeds to neutralize the agressive criminal and the investigation begins after the confirmation that the nation is devastated by the news about the murder project of the amendment proposition’s author! The Congress creates a special commission to decide who is guilty after auditions of all the people suspected to be connected to the german activist, Wilfried Conrad who was killed by Vidal’s bodyguards when he threatened him with a revolver. The Rotary organization, the Republican and Democratic parties and members of the Congress are on the list of the possible sponsors of the stranger who was identified as the president of a terrorist international association, KGB Next Gen. 2 previous Presidents of the United States are also invited to testify but refuse. The amendment is postponed until the end of the commission hearings. The Supreme Court is monitoring everything. http://ping.fm/1Lvr8


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