February 12, 2011

http://ping.fm/5cooM US Senate candidate Frederic Vidal dedicates the Oscars (Academy Awards 2011) to his 2 worst Hollywood Shame Loosers (meaning personal enemies): the actor Ben Affleck (previously known as the girlfriend of Jennifer Lopez) and the unknown director (and not soldier), the ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy’s Mr. Korn who refused to offer a speaking role to Fred on the set of his last background’s TV show because of his Republican Party membership! Affleck refused to introduce Blake Lively to Mr. Vidal but it’s not a surprise, he already did wrong before on the set of Pearl Harbor (the most famous defeat of the USA during WW2)! Affleck and Korn: soon with an Oscar called Vade Retro Satana! The United States Senate candidate supports SOCIAL MEDIA for the February 27th celebration (even if the AA are an obsolete routine process to get more audience in theaters and more sales for DVDs)! http://ping.fm/VhME0


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