February 12, 2011

http://ping.fm/dhEhr BRIAN DE PALMA invited to be the Director of the movie AMENDMENT! Is he too busy this year for this deal? He’s already shooting a French copy of the FRENCH COP according to this Variety article! You never know, my assistant will call his voice mail to negotiate the deal: VIDAL-PALMA, 2 movies the same year, it’s better than no movie at all (De Palma was refused by Hollywood after MISSION IMPOSSIBLE because of the lead actor’s star name)! DE PALMA or nothing? No, De Palma and everything! He is pretty much the best to look at the story with the right camera eye of the MOMENT HISTORY! Amendment is also a detective film about the Camora! Pray for him (BDP) to accept! http://ping.fm/PJVwJ


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