February 12, 2011

http://ping.fm/2XmEx http://ping.fm/gzbvc US Presidential candidate Frederic Vidal decides to propose to Jeb Bush to be the second name of his Ticket for the White House! This is a surprising decision as Vidal is, 8 years later, a pro anti-Bush (George) legacy but, on the other hand, Bush’s brother is a possible historical politician of the decade because he is more than a Republican and a kind of Mike Fuller decidor (Vidal does not want to use this brand Mike Fuller anymore). The Ticket is now in campaign! Jeb will reply next year to this project after Des Moines, or before if he wants (on the Intervision or on the phone)! To beat Obama and his wife (the real vice-president?), it’s probable that Fred and Jeb will mean Win and Win all the time! Vidal who wants to get married soon criticizes the network of our Nation’s leader for isolating him illegally on a daily basis! http://ping.fm/VbsbG http://ping.fm/P7LDl


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