February 13, 2011

http://ping.fm/ilHJK Frederic Vidal confirms his opposition to Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano regarding the future of Immigration in our Country, the United States, for the preparation of the AMENDMENT that we need to end the economical, social and cultural crisis and the civilization depression! The feature film Amendment is about a reality, the candidate of the minorities, Frederic Vidal, is promoting a Constitution modification and improvement: to be candidate as a new citizen not born in the USA! The film is about the difficulties to vote the text as the US have the same Constitution since its creation but we are 10 years after September 11, 2001 and we are obliged to counter-attack to reinforce our Institutions! A Citizenship institute is necessary to give to the immigrants, after their naturalization, the background for a successful competition with the other Americans and a possible election even for the Presidency! George Washington was not American when he decided the Revolution against the Great Britain, our founder and his political partners, signers of the Declaration of Independence, are the best example of the style of victory we will have with one only community: the members of the Union of the 50 States: US! We are not a club but a dream made true, a Political Fraternity called a FEDERATION! Lafayette was French and did not accept to stay American but the hispanic population will create the wave to be the main network of US residents and citizens to support the change we want more than everything! http://ping.fm/kz2rU


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