February 17, 2011

http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com Frederic Vidal and Jeb Bush? A possible ticket for the White House? Yes, if we think that we are still the champions who can win in 2012 after the vote of the amendment we need to accept the candidacy of the most famous Political Man on the InterVision: the famous PhD competitor of Barbara Boxer of the Senate run in California: Frederic Vidal who was not born in the USA but in France, a State that he is not his homewtown anymore since 2006! Naturalized, immigrant and patriot, more than anyone else, the leader of the Presidential Party is looking for the right modification of the Constitution: New Americans can be Presidents and first candidates! Washington was wrong, Vidal is not anymore French at all, no risk of ingerence, his previous Country is 100% anti-him, so let’s go, run for us, US oriented 100%, 50 States, it’s enough to be happy together with a Federation that means an Union Vidal-Bush, a Pres and a Vice (Bush) preparing a plan to make better than the couple Obama-Boehner (2 losers and proud to be manipulating the population)! Past, go back to the past, future, be ready to open your door to Vidal-Bush: the duet of the year (according to students and teens, and the whole Nation!)! http://vidal4senate.blogspot.com


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