February 17, 2011

http://ping.fm/HhHcw I am really focusing on the project to shoot a movie this Spring that can be better than the French Cop itself, a movie ready to improve the debate with the people of California that doesn’t understand why I could not be elected Senator last November! I was boyccoted by a few politicians who wanted me as a newcomer unable to reach the campaign regular level (press, budget, networks, speeches) to get the result: the election of a Winner (the 1st in 50 States to have a permanent position in Washington, DC to promote the minorities – hispanic, jews, asian, european – like mine: the movie business people, an industry not an art at all)! I was ready enough but victim of my success: the petition of 77 signers required to have my write-in candidacy validation was refused, an unfair decision, because millions of dollars were atttracted by my strategy, not accepted by the bad Establishment, THE LOSER ONE! The winning game now is to support the Amendment proposition with a Coalition of citizens, suffragettes and social and industrial workers, ready to be at the Mall in Wash. for a brainstorming with the Capitol and the President who is not anymore the surprising icon he proposed to be but a ghost in a palace of the previous system of fame that he broke unfortunately for him not forever because we’re back in town, the Vidal-Bush networks of insiders preparing to finish Obama by the Film and the Votes! AMENDMENT is a reality, a space-time project about building the return of the splendid America, a professional team of liberty makers! We want that! We already have it in 2012! You won’t change this deal, I know you want it anyway, sorry for our enemies, they are LOSERS, after our defintive victory of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13! That’s it! http://ping.fm/E867T


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