February 17, 2011

http://ping.fm/HhHcw We are One and so the Governors and their State Congress are about to begin the debates for the amendment we need in order to have a REAL democracy in this Country, got it? A Liberty deal for the women, the minorities, the bankrupted people, the foreclosure victims, the unemployed too and so on: we don’t want crisis anymore in our families, companies, associations, universities, schools, coffee shops, streets, buildings, stadiums and supermarkets! Why? Because the sky is blue and the grass is green, drugs are illegals and it’s not a shame, too many people play a bad game with this! We want more DEA, less FBI, a lot of National Security Agency, some CIA inside the territory and, of course, the Army in the streets if the security cannot be handle enough by the Police that needs more credits for a huge offensive against criminality and poverty! FBI must be the institution to reform, in emergency, it’s a tradition only, not an operational organization in the 2010’s as the losers are corrupted and they do nothing to stop it! More investigation by the Army (Air Force, Navy, Marines, US Army), can be the best, let’s go in every town and check what is happening, with tanks and helicopters, if necessary, IF NECESSARY! But don’t be afraid, it’s not a routine alert but the end of the Terrorism era! http://ping.fm/HhHcw


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