February 17, 2011

http://ping.fm/nUNqC It is the Unrest in the Middle-East, we cannot change history and we must be ready to prevent it to be back in the States as Alqaida is still threateening our 50 States with the crazy Bin Laden who understands us only a the Evil Empire! He is wrong, needs a reply with the CIA and a sabotage of his organization with the media of our Country and worldwide, without the UN, with freelance institutions of espionage of the terrorists he leads, you won’t succeed loser, you don’t threaten us as a matter of fact, we have weapons to break your offensive and their names are the names of our NUCLEAR MISSILES: the freedom family of the USA ready to explode in Russia when we want (no joke)! No more Clod War but a Hot one with a final countdow: NOvember 2012! http://ping.fm/w5fm7


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