April 15, 2011

http://ping.fm/Uk7Z7 There is something wrong in Washington, that we must call now LAFAYETTE, DC: we are understanding that our Congressman and women are not in a good health! For the future of our Country I am asking for a control of their psychology and an investigation about their MEDICAL FILE! This is crucial to know what happened this week, and last week, about the Budget debate and the chaos of our Government that was about to SHUTDOWN! To vote is not to be crazy! There could be probably a treatment for our representatives and senators: A CURE! We must wait for this process to be organized by our Public Powers before the beginning of August, as the Army has another important mission: to stop the Revolution in the Middle-East! Thank you. Signed: US Senate Candidate Frederic Vidal, PhD, April 15, 2011. http://ping.fm/fmApm


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